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RHOLagos: Chioma Ikokwu Net Worth, Husband, Parents

Meet Chioma Ikokwu, one of the stars in the Nigerian version of The Real Housewives franchise.

The Real Housewives of Lagos (abbreviated as RHOLagos) premiered on 8 April 2022 on Showmax and now we are going to tell you all that you have been wondering about Chioma Ikokwu.

Chioma Ikokwu On RHOLagos

Chioma Ikokwu is a lawyer and co-founder (alongside sister Kika), and CEO of the luxury hair brand Good Hair Ltd. She also co-owns a restaurant and lounge called Brass and Copper. She also proudly operates the women and children-focused charity called the Goodway foundation and is quite known among her people for her fashion, luxury, lifestyle, and influence.

RHOLagos has been a really exciting opportunity for Chioma. She was a little bit shocked at the selection of women. She thought they would have absolutely nothing in common. But, looking back she is now pleased that she got to know some of these women better. Soon enough, she found everyone (Carolyna Hutchings, Laura Ikeji, Toyin Lawani-Adebayo, Iyabo Ojo, and Ma

The journey also was a worthwhile ride as to Chioma, being in front of the camera comes naturally. “I don’t get offended about working overtime or 20 people in my space daily. I’m very hardworking; my work ethic is second to none. So, if we need to shoot for two hours, that’s fine. If it takes 12 hours, that’s fine. Whatever works. I’m pretty easy to shoot.”

Chioma Ikokwu Net Worth

Chioma Ikokwu reportedly had above $1 million net worth as of April 2022.

She started her company at the tender age of 18. But, Chioma admits that she was lucky enough to have received start-up capital from her family, be it not a lot. She now claims it was that very initial investment that led to the empire that is being built today.

“I’m 100% about making that money. I’m an Igbo girl from Oba, Anambra; we don’t play. Making money is in our DNA, so that’s one thing. I don’t play with work. I’m always looking for different opportunities to grow and advance.”

Does Chioma Ikokwu Have A Husband Or A Boyfriend?

Chioma Ikokwu is the only member of Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Lagos cast that has never been married; just like LaConco in Durban, who was engaged for two years before she called it off. (Of course) Chioma is also the only cast member who has not become a mother yet. So, we know, she brings a unique angle to the show. But, looks like we will have to wait for some more time before she tells us if she has a boyfriend.

For now, one thing is settled: she had never been married before. Her life so far has been just her, obsessed with her family and work.

Chioma Ikokwu Parents

When a reporter from ShowMax Stories asked Chioma Ikokwu about the highlights since she started shooting RHOLagos, she mentioned her family. She said the highlights have to be bringing her family on set. So, the thing is she had originally no idea that her folks were going to “embarrass” her with the kind of questions they threw at her. “I thought my family would come and we’ll just have cute family time, next thing I started getting Nigerian parent questions like; “So when are you getting married?” “Who’s the man?” “How many are there?” They finished me oh. Loll. That has to be my highlight honestly. My family has zero chills.”

Even so, Chioma seemed to have a very beautiful bond with her parents. He lovingly mentions her parents on her social media posts. “Happy Birthday to the person who has shaped me more than any other human being on this planet”, she wished her dad on his birthday in December 2021 as he turned 80.

Also so you know, her parents are still married and they are Agunze Chib Ikokwu (dad) and Ikokwu Joy (mom). They were based in Lagos, Nigeria as of the time of this writing.

As for siblings, Chioma has a sister, Kika, who according to Chioma, knows her the best; sister Adanna who Chioma says has been obsessed with her since she was born; brother Chuka Ikokwu, a tech entrepreneur; brother Meka Ikokwu, the University of Texas alum.

Chioma Ikokwu Before Surgery

For now, one could not tell Chioma Ikokwu underwent surgery. If in case she did, we also did not know how she looked before surgery.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Chioma Ikokwu?

Chioma Ikokwu was born on 25 June 1989. So, she turned 32 years old in 2021.

  • Is Chioma Ikokwu On TikTok?

Chioma Ikokwu could be found on TikTok and @chiomagoodhair where she entertained 378 followers on it. As compared to this she had broader fame on Instagram @chiomagoodhair where around 374K people followed her.

Chioma also had around 1,013 followers on Twitter @chiomaikokwu.

  • How Tall Is Chioma Ikokwu?

Chioma Ikokwu stands above 5’3” tall in height.

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