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Ricard Foye Bio, Partner, Height, Net Worth, Survivor 41

Meet Ricard Foye, one among the 18 new contestants on the forty-first season of the American competition television series Survivor.

Ever since Survivor 41 dropped on CBS on 22 September 2021, fans have been wanting to find out more about their favorite contestants. One of them happens to be Ricard Foye.

Now, you may read along with this ‘Ricard Foye Bio’ and discover his partner, height, net worth-related stories, and more.

Ricard Foye On Survivor 41

So, months into Survivor 41, i.e., early in December, Ricard Foye made it to the Top 3 on the poll of who should win the show. After successfully navigating the game’s many twists and turns, only six castaways were on the show as of this time.

As the cast of this season’s contestants were divided into three tribes: Luvu, Ua, and Yase, ahead of just one episode left before the finale.

Ricard was 10 or 11 years old when he started watching Survivor.

When asked — who are his one Survivor winner and one non-winner he identifies the most with, he said it’s Natalie from Amazing Race, and for one who did not win it’s Aubry hat, he identifies the most with. Like these two castaways, Ricard has made his opinion known on the show.

It’s the other thing that he received a bevy of hateful messages online for some of those stances.

Further, from his journey on the show, we also learned that one of his biggest pet peeves is being asked a question and the answer being ignored.

Is Ricard Foye Transgender?

Ricard Foye identifies as a queer and a male. So, he is not transgender. Instead his husband Andy is.

Ricard often goes to his social media to write about his husband Andy’s dedication to growing and birthing their children, also revealing that his partner is a proud trans man. For instance, Ricard once wrote — “Andy is also a seahorse dad. He is trans and carried our little loves, Aurelia and Lucia. Ya see, the male seahorse carries and gives birth to their babies so, it’s kind of precious. So his ‘push present’ was always going to be a seahorse tattoo.”

Ricard Foye with his husband and kids (PIC: Instagram)

Yes. Andy has a seahorse tattoo and it was designed by Ricard (of course). “I’ve designed I think three or four of his tattoos but this one meant the most to him, so I knew it had to be perfect, even if I was frustrated with how much he rushed me on it.”

Ricard Foye Partner

Ricard Foye married his partner Andy Grier Foye, whose pronouns are he/they, in 2015.

Answering the question “Who is your hero and Why?” on CBS’ Bio, he said it’s his husband Andy. And to ‘why’ he replied Andy has navigated through life after many setbacks, struggles, and the tragic loss of a parent in a car accident. Ricard continued that Andy focused on putting his physical comfort behind his and Ricard’s desire for their family to grow.

According to Ricard, Andy carried their children as a transgender man. “I cannot think of a better human.”

The couple is based in Sedro Woolley, Washington with their two children, Aurelia and Lucia.

Ricard has been just as much vocal about the misfortunes of his life. He shared how he and Andy suffered a miscarriage in the past. They have honored that child with a line going through the seahorse tattoo.

Ricard Foye Net Worth

Working as an actor and model for various commercial work, national screen and print campaigns, industrial ads, and stage productions, Ricard Foye pulled in under $400K net worth in 2021.

How Tall Is Ricard Foye?

Ricard Foye, who used to go by short hair back in 2013 and around, stands 5′ 10″ (1.78 meters) tall.

How Old Is Ricard Foye?

Ricard, who is also known by his full name Ricard Patton Foye, was born in the year 1989. So, in 2021, he reached the age of 32.

Also, did you know that he is hard of hearing and has been fully deaf in one ear since childhood?

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ricard Foye’s Birthday?

Hopeful, positive, and funny Ricard Foye celebrates his birthday every year on the 4th of December which makes him a Saggitarius.

  • Where Is Ricard Foye From?

Ricard was born and bred in his hometown of Lynnwood, a city in Snohomish County, Washington in the United States. Although, currently (2021), he was based in Sedro-Woolley in Washington.

  • Has Ricard Foye Revealed His Family?

Ricard Foye comes from a Puerto Rican and “all-white-passing” family. Referring to his ethnicity, Ricard says he is the “one dark brown one in the mix” — and so he did not understand his race. “I just knew I looked different.”

Ricard’s Deathly Hallows tattoo was done in the representation of his family tree. For his fans who were wondering about the tattoo, he broke down how each symbol is representative of a different member of his family and said that the inking is still not fully complete. The top triangle on it, he explained, was for his father, the dotted line triangle below it was for his stepfather “taking over the role of a father”, the biggest triangle below it represents his mother who he described as “the most important” to him.

He continued, the solid and dotted triangles in the circle illustrate his three brothers, one of whom has three children, so the three dots alongside it and the other two have one child each. Ricard said the small, dark circle at the bottom means Andy. And at the time, he was yet to add on their two children.

  • Is Ricard Foye On Instagram?

Yes. Ricard is on Instagram. Until 7 December 2021, the account @ricardfoye had 60 posts and 14.7K followers.

Further, he could be found on Twitter @RicardFoye, on TikTok @ricardfoye (with 220.9K followers), and his ‘Ricard Foyé’ Facebook.

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