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Rick Glassman Girlfriend Betty, Net Worth, Height, Father

Comedian Rick Glassman starred on Amazon Prime Video’s new TV show ‘As We See It’. An official statement revealed that the show is the portrayal of three roommates on the autism spectrum trying to strive to get and keep jobs, make friends, fall in love, and navigate a world that eludes them. But, unlike other shows, all three actors (Albert Rutecki and Sue Ann Pien), have autism in real life.

Since the show’s pilot, attention has also fallen on Rick’s girlfriend Betty. So, here we cover information on Betty, Rick’s net worth, and information on Rick’s father. So, scroll down to learn more.

Who Is Rick Glassman Girlfriend Betty?

Everyone who is a fan of Rick Glassman and the fans of his podcast knows that he is in a relationship with his girlfriend Betty. Betty’s appearance on the ‘Take Your Shoes Off’ (TYSO) podcast has always got the fans excited. Even when she is not on the camera, fans recognize her by her accent which appears to be British. So, we assume that she is of British nationality.

They could’ve started dating from 2020 but that is yet to be confirmed.

Betty in July 2021 touched on the subject of how they met. She revealed that she and Rick had mutual connections which helped them cross each other’s path. It appears, Rick slid into Betty’s DMs but she ignored it at first. But, she made it clear she has no interest in comedians.

One night she was texting with her girlfriend and Rick appeared on her DM. Because she was in a good mood she responded. Then, they started talking and face timing on phone. Rick added, “To this day the best we ever communicate is when we text.”

Betty has also touched on the subject of Rick having autism. She discovered he has autism two months into dating him. But, she had suspected him of having autism because one of her friends was diagnosed with it and he demonstrated similar behavior. However, Betty admitted that Rick having autism is a good thing for a relationship because he cannot lie.

Betty said in TYSO, “I was honestly thinking there was something wrong with him how honest he was being.”

She believes that it was something refreshing in her relationship. She found it refreshing because she wanted to know why he was being so honest.

Betty appeared on the TYSO podcast in at least three episodes of the show. On the bright side, fans want more of her on the show. Back in July 2021, one fan tweeted, “MORE BETTY PLEASE @ShoesOffPod @RickGlassman“. Another fan tweeted about Rick and Betty’s relationship when she wrote, “‘She’s my outside.’ was such an effortless explanation of your relationship with Betty, and it made me so happy. Great episode @RickGlassman Also, everyone should be listening to and watching @ShoesOffPod.”

Before dating Betty, Rick was in a relationship with Delta Goodrem and Torry Devitto.

Fun Fact: Fans of TYSO compared Betty with Jared Letto with long hair.

Rick Glassman Net Worth

Rick Glassman must have a net worth of at least $3 million. To briefly introduce Rick, he is a writer, stand-up comedian, and actor. His notable works to date are Undateable, The Sixth Lead, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, and The Outdoorsman among other TV shows and short films.

As already stated, Rick hosts the weekly podcast ‘Take Your Shoes Off’ and states, “The title of my podcast “Take Your Shoes Off” is a microcosm of my need for control and order in a world that… keeps their shoes on.” He created the podcast to showcase a more serious side, as he has conversations with some of the funniest and most interesting people in the world.

The notable guests on the podcast have been Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Howie Madel, and Marc Maron among others.

Rick Glassman Height

Talking about height, Rick Glassman stands tall at nearly 6 feet 1 inch.

Is “As We See It” Actor Rick Glassman On The Autism Spectrum?

Yes, ‘As We See It’ actor Rick Glassman is on the autism spectrum. He has described it on his podcast several times. All the three lead actors on the show have autism.

In one episode Rick shared that after he was diagnosed with Autism he told some of his friends. He also tried talking about it on stage. But, after a while, he stopped talking about it for a bit. The reason behind it was that autism became an uncomfortable topic of conversation with other people.

Nevertheless, Rick started talking about it again. He confirmed that after listening to his story, two of his listeners got curious and got diagnosed with autism. However, what Rick wishes is, when he talks about autism, he wants to talk about it with the people in the same way he talks about how he knows how to play the piano.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Rick Glassman?

Born on 23 July 1984, Rick Glassman turned 37 years old in 2021.

  • Who Is Rick Glassman Father?

Rick Glassman was born to his father Steve Glassman. According to his father’s LinkedIn, Steve has been serving as the president and area rug salesman of Marshall Rug Gallery since January 1996. Marshall Wien founded Marshall Rug Gallery in 1966. However, Steve was a family friend with Marshall’s son Marc Wein and Chuck Wein so Steve joined along with Chuck’s wife Randi Wein as partners.

Furthermore, Steve also owned Flo and Eddie’s restaurant from 1985-1995. He holds BA in economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. Rick’s father has appeared on his podcast multiple times.

  • Is Rick Glassman On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Rick Glassman is on Facebook (@rickglassmanofficial), Twitter (@RickGlassman), and Instagram (@rickglassman). He is also on Discord.

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