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Rick Ryder Bio, Age, Job, Height, Family, Love After Lockup

We TV’s Love After Lockup‘s Rick Ryder is dating Raydean Nicole Voight, a man who is 20 years younger than him. They met when she was 19 years old. Raydean was dating one of Rick’s crew members of Rick’s motorcycle club. He kept an eye on her when she and her ex-boyfriend broke up. Rick and Raydean went on three dates before she vanished.

Raydean was detained in North Texas for narcotics possession warrants, as it turned out. She was given a ten-year sentence and contacted Rick six months later. Rick revealed that he was in a “relationship” with more than “300 women,” a move many viewers found uninteresting. He maintained, though, that he “loves” her.

Rick wants to live happily ever after, but his friends and family aren’t happy with his current situation. Raydean is a prisoner and a substance abuser, according to Rick’s friends in one preview.

He defends her, though, by pointing out that he, too, has been arrested and abused narcotics in the past, and that individuals shouldn’t be judged only on that basis. He wants his friends to accept her, and it would mean a lot to him if they would.

Despite the criticism of Rick’s buddies, they are still going strong. Raydean, on the other hand, has a relationship with her prison girlfriend Kay. He thought it was strange that she was on a video call and was requested to say the grace over the phone. When Rick walks away in the middle of the meal, Ray and Rick’s roommate Ramona discuss Kay.

Love After Lockup: Are Raydean Nicole Voight And Rick Ryder Still Together?

Is Raydean Nicole Voight and Rick Ryder, who starred in Love After Lockup, still together?

Raydean Nicole Voight and Rick Ryder aren’t dating, according to social media activity. Raydean is, in reality, married to a man whose identity has yet to be revealed. Her wedding vows with her unknown husband were exchanged on March 17, 2021, according to her Facebook post.

Although, Raydean hasn’t shared information about her husband she has listed Kevin Kirkham as her father-in-law. In February 2022, Raydean posted on her Facebook, “Life’s troubles that I go through really does get me down, however, I can’t just allow it to take control over my life. Some things are meant to happen and some things are meant to crash…….I just seem to crash a lot more.”

In the post, Raydean’s father-in-law replied, “I love you Ray Dean you’re a really good daughter-in-law don’t be a stranger okay”.

Furthermore, she also listed Kevin Kirkham Jr. as her brother-in-law.

But, Rick has mentioned Raydean in a few of his Facebook posts. In November 2021, he posted a picture of a sticky note that read, “when you want different for yourself, you have to start moving differently. Old keys don’t unlock new doors.” He captioned the post, “Raydean. Just a helpful reminder. Love you!”

A week later, Rick again posted a quote that he captioned that post, “Raydean, so stoked to see you getting ready for your new life.”

Moreover, one of her Facebook accounts shared that, she was engaged (or even married because she has also used Hargett as her last name on her Facebook) to Rowdy Lee Hargett. They first met in November 2007 and got engaged on 11 January 2016 (according to Facebook).

So, we are sure that Raydean is still married and yet to learn more about her husband. And we also want to see what Raydean and Rick’s deal is all about.

Rick Ryder Age

At the time of filming the show in 2021, Rick Ryder was 49 years old.

Rick Ryder Job

According to Rick Ryder’s LinkedIn, he has been working as Network Testing Engineer at Austin Tele-Services (ATS) starting from August 2013. However, he started his career as a corporal – Terrain analyst at US Army from 1990 to 1997. After his service in the army, he worked as retail sales and pawnbroker from 1997 to December 2007.

Rick also worked at Volt Temporary Services as Telephone Customer Service Rep. From 2008 to 2010, he worked for Harte-Hank first as Technical Lead followed by MSBPOS Technical Support Agent. For a little over a year, he worked for ProfitFuel as IT Manager.

Following that, he joined Profit Fuel, Inc. as a Helpdesk Support Assistant which was followed by his job as IT Support Specialist at Yodle Inc.

Is Rick Ryder On Instagram?

No, Rick Ryder is not on Instagram. But, he is on Facebook (@EzRyder001).

Rick Ryder Family

Rick Ryder was born to his father Rick Ryder (@rick.ryder.5494). His father enlisted in the army at 17, served two tours of duty in Vietnam. He was discharged in March 1972. He seems to be married to Rebecca Ryder (@rebecca.ryder.35).

Rick might have a twin brother (not confirmed) named Roger Ryder (@roger.ryder.92) since his father wished both of them birthdays on the same day. Roger has a daughter named Gracie.

Other family members Rick is connected with on Facebook are Luke Ryder (@lucas.ryder.56), aunt Rachel Ryder Foreman (@rachel.r.foreman), Ida Ryder (@ida.ryder1), and Cage Ryder (@cage.cates.9).

Rick Ryder Height

Rick Ryder stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Rick Ryder Birthday?

Rick Ryder celebrates his birthday on 31 October.

  • Where Does Rick Ryder Reside?

Rick Ryder currently lives in Cedar Park, Texas. He hailed from New Iberia, Louisiana.

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