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Riley Gaul Parents: Who Are His Mom And Dad?

Get to know Riley Gaul’s parents, the focus of many documentaries. Riley was convicted of killing Emma Walker, his ex-girlfriend, in 2016. Even though Gaul seemed like a kind guy starting college, he stunned many who knew him by doing something so horrible.

The eerie events leading up to Emma’s death are explored in the documentary “Bad Romance: Shot in the Dark,” which also highlights how unpleasant their relationship was. The episode carefully examines the evidence that finally resulted in Gaul’s guilt.

Scroll down this article and read all about his folks as this article proceeds.

Who Are Riley Gaul Parents?

Riley Gaul was born to his father William Andrew Gaul. Tiana joined Pi Beta Phi, an international women’s fraternity better known as a sorority, during her college years. For the most part, Pi Beta Phi has maintained its prestige.

It was the first sorority to be fashioned after a fraternity for men. It was a founding member of the National Panhellenic Conference and is a component of it. Tiana had a brief stint as a princess impersonator, attending a child’s birthday party as Cinderella.

Emma’s mother, Jill Walker, said Riley “came in very polite, very nice in the beginning. He was very likable.”

But after two years of dating, things become a little tense between Emma and Riley. Her buddies claimed that he “got more possessive and more clingy towards her, and wouldn’t let her do certain things.” In the end, the couple split up in the autumn of 2016. Several people close to Gaul have stated that the football player didn’t take their breakup lightly.

Rileywas accused of first-degree murder on November 22, 2016, following the death of Emma Walker, a 16-year-old. But Riley didn’t get life in prison with the possibility of parole until September 2018, after serving 51 years in jail.

While in court, Riley said: “I’m sorry I took Emma away from you, that I robbed you of the experience of watching your daughter grow up.”

“What I can do is tell the truth about that night… I wanted to scare her… I never meant to take Emma’s life. Again I am sorry.”

In 2021, Riley tried to ask for a fresh trial, arguing that the authorities had inadequate evidence, but his plea was turned down. The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals received an appeal that he subsequently filed. A judge upheld Gaul’s murder conviction in February 2023; however, the decision had no bearing on Gaul’s prison sentence.

Meet Riley Gaul Mom

Talking about Riley Gaul’s mom,  according to The Cinemaholic, he was raised by his mother and grandparents. In May 2018, Riley’s family took the stand for the first time and it was his maternal grandfather James Walker. Investigators believe Gaul stole a gun without the owner’s consent and tried to hide it from law enforcement.

According to a search warrant, James, Riley’s grandfather, called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office after realizing his gun was gone. He claimed that on November 18, after driving the car to Maryville College to switch cars with Gaul so the tires could be fixed, he realized the gun was missing.

James Walker discovered the revolver he usually placed beneath the driver’s seat was gone when he returned in his own vehicle. Given that Gaul had recently shown suicidal tendencies, he feared that Gaul had taken it.

In his testimony, James Walker shared his worries about Gaul’s welfare over the course of his life, particularly after receiving a worrying letter from Gaul’s acquaintance. Wesley Stone, the defense lawyer, directly questioned James Walker about his worries.

“I was,” said James Walker, “Well, because of the behavior I’d seen in the close proximity to that. You know… in my mind, it was concerning.”

James stated that he didn’t care if Riley injured someone else or if his gun turned up missing. He went on to state that he had never harbored misgivings.

“That never crossed my mind that Riley would hurt her… never crossed my mind. That wasn’t him,” said James Walker.

“I was devastated and shocked,” said James Walker.

Meet Riley Gaul Dad

Riley Gaul’s dad is named William Andrew Gaul. Andrew was born to the late William Joseph Gaul and Vicki Bridges Gaul. William Joseph was 68 when he passed away on 7 August 2018. In addition to serving as a Staff Sergeant in the US Marines, he was honored with a Technical Emmy by HGTV. William Gaul was predeceased by his brother Joe Gaul, parents Joseph and Matilda Gaul, and wife Vicki Gaul.

Vicki passed away on 18 May 2008. She belonged to the First Baptist Church of Maryville. She was among the first instructors at the Fort Craig School of Dynamic Learning. Her life’s work has been aiding people with communication problems, both adults and children.

Vicki was a member of The Blount Hearing and Speech Foundation’s Board of Directors. She belonged to the American Speech & Hearing Association for thirty-one years. She further offered adult home health services.

Riley’s dad William Andrew has one brother named Phillip Paul Gaul, and two sisters Melissa Fulkerson, and Anna Gaul.

While we know very little about Riley’s father, public record shows that he is 47 years old. He appears to be residing in Townsend, Tennessee.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Riley Gaul Parents From?

Riley Gaul’s parents hailed from Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • How Long Were Riley Gaul Parents Together?

It is not clear how long Riley Gaul’s parents were together. When Riley’s grandmother Vicki Gaul died in 2008, his mom was not mentioned in the obituary.

  • Do Riley Gaul Parents Have Other Kids?

It is unclear if Riley Gaul has any other siblings. He likely has at least one as his grandmother Vicki Gaul’s obituary mentions Analise Gaul, Zoe Gaul, Lola Gaul, and Caje Gaul as other grandchildren.

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