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Rinkle Goyal Bio, Age, Family, Job, Indian Matchmaking

Rinkle Goyal was one of the suitors who appeared on Indian Matchmaking. Dr. Arshneel Kochar, a cardiologist, is one of Sima’s new clients this season. Arshneel has had little to no time for love as a result of becoming a doctor, but he is now trying to change that.

Jasmin Singh, Anjali Naskar, and Rinkle Goyal were the other two potential suitors for Cleveland-based Arshneel Kochar. Anjali was Arshneel’s top pick for a partner. Still, when she revealed that she had never actually dated an Indian before, much less a Sikh wearing a turban, he was a little uneasy because he is aware that people often judge a book by its cover.

He, therefore, made the decision to move on to Rinkle, an Indian immigrant who has lived in the US for more than ten years, even though the date itself went well (and a dentist, which means a nice smile).

Arshneel was a straightforward, truthful, and compassionate man whose unwavering commitment to his career appeared to be the single factor in his inability to find a life partner. Though it’s understandable given that he’s a cardiologist and had intended to do “what [was] best for the patients,” he acknowledged that he’s actually more than ready to begin putting his personal needs first.

Thus, his (charmingly) short list of requirements for a partner consisted only of being his closest friend, having a cute smile, being self-sufficient, desiring a family, love dogs, and not smoking at all.

Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking: Are Rinkle Goyal And Arshneel Kochar Still Together?

Rinkle and Arshneel connected with each other and showed a promise as someone that could end up having a happily ever after. Because of their (clearly unexpected) matching attire as well as their similar interest in food, Arshneel and Rinkle hit it off right away and their talks progressed quickly as a result.

Throughout their first date, it was also a huge advantage that they felt at ease enough to crack jokes and then candidly address serious subjects like their expectations or deal breakers. Naturally, they hooked up again, this time for ice skating, and the doctor did make the uncomfortable inquiry about whether she had ever dated Sikh men.

Rinkle had experienced the entire culture personally in India, so Rinkle had no reservations about it. It also appeared to calm him down.

By the end of their date, Arshneel actually requested Rinkle’s phone number with the obvious intention of keeping in touch despite their separation, and she was more than pleased to comply. The cardiologist fellow admitted openly in a confessional, “Before, I probably would’ve been a little bit hesitant to the idea of meeting someone from India”.

She added, “But I think this process, and with Sima’s push, I took that leap of faith. We had a lot in common, so I… I think I’m excited to get to know her a little more and really see where this goes. But I’m cautiously optimistic.”

Even the Chicago-based dentist admitted, in part, “I think I like a guy. I want to see him more.”

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to confirm any specific information about their current situation because Rinkle doesn’t publicly display her online identity and Arshneel doesn’t use social media. Given how their experiences have played out, we can only presume that they are still together.

Rinkle Goyal Age

As of 2022, Rinkle Goyal should be about 31 years old.

Rinkle Goyal Family

Rinkle Goyal is a very private person. She hasn’t shared any details regarding her family members.

Is Rinkle Goyal On Instagram?

No, Rinkle Goyal is not on Instagram. But, she is available on Facebook (@rinkle.goyal) but she doesn’t seem to be active.

Rinkle Goyal Job

Rinkle Goyal is a dentistry practitioner in Glen Ellyn, IL. She practiced at Baker Hill Dental PC and specialized in general dentistry and oral surgery. reported that she works with patients with Abscessed Tooth and Bad Breath in addition to other conditions.

As a Dentist, Rinkle S. Goyal performs dental procedures focused on the prevention of oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Vitadox reported that she has 4 years of experience working in dentistry. reported that dentistry practitioners in Illinois make a salary of $186,701 per year.

Talking about her academic qualifications, Rinkle completed her MBA from The University of Sheffield. She later earned her DMD in Dentistry at Boston University in 2017.

Rinkle Goyal Height

Rinkle Goyal stands at an average height of 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Rinkle Goyal Birthday?

According to a Facebook post, Rinkle Goyal celebrates her birthday on 21 July.

  • Where Is Rinkle Goyal From?

Rinkle Goyal was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. But, she is currently based in Illinois. Record varies about her current residence as some suggest she is living in Plainfield and other suggests she is in Glen Ellyn.

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