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Robert Giuffre Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Job

Life has not exactly been easy for Virginia Roberts. And her husband, Robert Giuffre, shares the uneasiness with her, to some extent. Readers might remember Virginia as the controversial figure in the Jeffery Epstein case.

The whole saga of Jeffery Epstein and his sex-trafficking ring was just too complicated. And Virginia Roberts is perhaps the complicated piece of the jigsaw.

On the one hand, Virginia was probably one of the victims of Jeffery Epstein. And on the other, she might have been one of the perpetrators as well. Virginia seems to be standing with her one foot in the victim camp and the other in the exploiters camp. Recently, she accused Prince Andrew of forcibly sleeping with her when she was 17 years of age.

Of course, readers might already be familiar with Virginia. They might not be aware of her husband Robert Giuffre, who has been quietly overlooked in the entire controversy. That kind of makes sense because the entire episode was not about him.

We are going to introduce him to our readers anyway. We believe, if Virginia is an important character in the story, then knowing her husband can only help know her.

Meet Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Husband, Robert Giuffre

Virginia Roberts was 19 years of age when she first met her husband Robert Giuffre. She was on a trip to Thailand that was funded by Jefferey Epstein.

Robert and Virginia met, fell quickly and madly in love with each other. And they were married within 10 days of meeting each other. You can see a cute wedding photo of young Virginia and Roberts in their wedding attire here.

Over the years, Virginia and Roberts have lived in various parts of Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia. They also moved to Florida, where Virginia’s parents are also based, in 2013. But that was a very brief stay.

Robert, Virginia says, is a very supportive and protective husband.

In a 2020 Tweet, Virginia said, “Couldn’t do what I do and fight so hard without the backing of this amazing man. Kissing him is like being closer to heaven. Thank you ⁦ @giuffre_robert for backing me, fighting with me & loving me 💋🦋❤️❣️❗️#love #bliss #kidstoo”.

There were other Tweets of appreciation on Virginia’s Twitter. Robert’s social media feed proves that as well. In 2020, when Virginia went through spine surgery, Robert was right by her side. He has also shown his support in her fight against Epstein and that past of hers.

Together, Robert and Virginia have three kids, two sons, and a daughter. One of their sons was Christian Giuffre, who was 15 years old and was a musician. We do not know anything about their other kids. That was partly to do with Virginia’s desire to keep them far from media attention.

Virginia said during an interview that giving birth to her kids, especially her daughter, made her speak up about the whole Epstein saga during the FBI investigations.

Robert Giuffre Age

As of 2021, Robert Giuffre was probably in his 40s. We do not have more precise information regarding his age and birthday.

Where Is Robert Giuffre From?

Robert Giuffre seems to have come from Australia. We do not know where in Australia he was from.

Robert Giuffre Job

Robert Giuffre was a martial arts expert and had previously worked in the fashion industry. But we do not have precise details about his job. We do know that Robert and Virginia were quite rich.

After they first got married in Thailand, they moved to Australia and bought a “bungalow-style home by the sea” in New South Wales. They lived in New South Wales for over a decade. Since 2013, they have settled down in Cairns, Queensland.

They live in a one-story home in the suburbs of Cairns. They bought the house in Robert’s name for $550 thousand. And the community was also close-knit and gated. The Giuffres keep to themselves and it is Roberts who sometimes runs the errands.

They bought another $1.9 million “Ocean Reef” property in Perth, Western Australia. They moved to their new Perth home towards the end of 2020.

Robert Giuffre Net Worth

By 2021, Robert Giuffre had gathered a net worth of about $800 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Robert Giuffre?

Robert stands at a height of 5 ft 10 inches. So, we would say he is about as tall as an average American.

  • Is Robert Giuffre On Instagram, Facebook?

No, it seems Robert Giuffre is not present on either Instagram or Facebook. He is present on Twitter though and he seems to have 2.8k followers on his Twitter handle @giuffre_robert.

You can also find Robert on Virginia’s Facebook.

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