Stephanie Cleye served as a Children’s Ministry Director at the Presbyterian Church of the Master (PCOM). The church’s Facebook described Stephanie as, “brilliant at helping kids have fun while learning about Jesus, and we’re all about fun and learning here at PCOM.”

Stephanie first arrived at the PCOM in 2008. She was an instructor at a Presbyterian and after meeting Nancy Pearson who was a children’s director at PCOM and later became pastor, they became acquainted and Stephanie was later invited to the PCOM. When Nancy left, Stephanie interviewed for the position but PCOM was going in a different direction and she ended up in another church for three and half years.

PCOM hired Stephanie in the position in October 2017. Learn more about her career at PCOM here.

Appearing on a PCOM podcast, Stephanie shared that when she is not working at the ministry she loves to go to Christian concerts where she takes her daughter as well.

They also shared that Stephanie shares a miniature horse named Rascal, the largest collection of fun socks in Orange County, a pendant passed down from her great-great-great-grandmother, and a Delorean (car from Back to the Future).

However, Stephanie retired from that position on 19 September 2021. She was reportedly moving to Texas to begin her new chapter.

Before she parted ways, PCOM said, “You will always have a home here at PCOM! We miss you already!”

In March 2011, when Canyon Vista Elementary School students performed scenes from their musical for firefighters, police, and military personnel, Stephanie helped set up the event. She said, “The whole theme is just about honor and respect, and that’s what we need to do to those people in our community who dedicate their life and their hours to protect us.”

According to SignalHire, Stephanie is serving as Director of Children’s Ministries in Texas, USA at the PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF THE MASTER.