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Rowan Claughton Bio, Bake Off 2023, Partner, Parents, Job

Rowan Claughton is the youngest participant in The Great British Bake Off in 2023. Does he have a partner? Who are his parents? What job does he do for a living?

The answer unfolds as this article proceeds.

Rowan Claughton On GBBO The Great British Bake Off 2023

Rowan Claughton, the youngest competitor in the season of The Great British Bake Off is a student from WEST Yorkshire. He is one of the 12 bakers in the Channel 4. Rowan is alleged to brag about his childhood on the program and say, “I was only eight when the first episode of Bake Off aired.”

“Go big, or go home” is Rowan’s motto, and one that he has always applied to his bakes.

Scones, pork pies, shortbread, and traditional jam tarts—which he describes as a Northern delicacy—are some of his first baking recollections. When Rowan, a student of English literature, is not writing furiously, he enjoys hosting parties and cooking. He strives for polished baked goods with clean lines and fascinating decorating.

Rwan impresses his university mates with his inventions, which reflect his luxurious, regal side. Rowan built a three-tier, 12-layer extravaganza for his 21st birthday that he made himself.

Rowan said: “Being the youngest baker in the tent this year, I have the ability to flaunt my youth and let everyone know that I was only eight when the first episode of Bake Off aired. After watching each series without fail, I knew that one of my life goals would be to bake in that tent. Getting the call to say I had achieved that dream, I did the only thing appropriate – I slid to the floor, screamed down the phone, and ran to the shops for a bottle of Prosecco, all before getting back to join the group wash-up in my uni house. Classy.”

Rowan added: “All the bakers became fast friends, so to stand in the tent ready to bake with some incredible people when Alison chuffing Hammond walked towards the tent, a laugh as warm as the ovens themselves, was a moment I’ll never forget. I literally melted down my bench.”

Rowan Claughton Partner

Rowan Claughton is friends with a lot of women but it is not clear if he is in a relationship with any of them. In January 2023, he wished, “Happy bday Kate love ft my life in brunches.”

Kate replied: “I looooove you so much🫶🏻” and then added, “I will forever be your carrot🥕.”

How Old Is Rowan Claughton?

Rowan Claughton reached the age of 22 in 2023. He was born in October 2001.

Who Are Rowan Claughton Parents?

It is not clear who Rowan Claughton’s parents are. On his Instagram, he is connected to two relatives Nathan Claughton and Callum Claughton.

“I’m an only child so I spent a lot of time with my family. We were always in the kitchen, always cooking something. It was doughnuts and biscuits, we’d always make pizzas on a Thursday. Thursday was the day we all congregated and spent time with each other. It was really great for me because I got to spend time with my parents, but I also got to get myself involved with cooking,” Speaking with Viva Voce York, Rowan said. “To become immersed in it, and really start to love it, as well. I think food is synonymous with showing love and showing gratitude, and that’s something I’ve developed with my friends now. So, that was the starting point of my passion for cooking.”

He added, ” I feel like we don’t talk about holiday loneliness enough. So, we go from this socially engaged atmosphere at uni. We see people every day, and then, we go home and a lot of us don’t have friends nearby. So, we go from always talking to someone our own age to just being with our parents. Especially for me being an only child, it’s difficult. I know we’re talking about a cookbook, but I really wanted to talk about that because that it’s the reason why [I made it].”

It inspired him to write his own cookbook (more about that later).

Rowan Claughton Job

Rowan Claughton is a student, 3rd year English Literature, at the University of York. He wrote a cookbook titled The Salubrious Student, he combined his passion for cooking with his desire to create his own escapism.

The book started out as a little project, “It was July, so we’d had a good time already at home, and I knew that I still had more to go. So, I decided to hone in on things I loved and put them into a cookbook. I mean I’m not a graphic designer, I’m in no way some self-published author, and I’ve never done anything like that. But I decided to get on Canva (a student’s best friend) and I just put it in. I made sure that everything I loved, even the colors and theme, was on that page.”

“It came out a very attractive cookbook if I do say so myself, all about the things that make me happy, and it really lifted my spirits. I became so much more involved with my life at home and made more of an effort to see my friends. After that, I realized that there’s no point sitting and wallowing about missing people. Just get up and do things! So, that was part of the reason why I did it.”

Rowan has experience in social media marketing which began at the age of 15. He landed a campaign from “Dominos, quite appropriate it being food and my first-ever campaign.” His plan is to “carry on marketing in the sphere of food.”

“All the pictures in the book are my own, so I’m really into photography and food photography, specifically. If I could carry that on in some way that would be great.”

He plans on writing more cookbooks.

Rowan Claughton Height

Rowan Claughton’s height is above 5 feet 11 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rowan Claughton From?

Rowan Claughton originally hails from Leeds, UK. He is now residing in York, UK.

  • When Is Rowan Claughton Birthday?

Rowan Claughton’s birthday falls on 10 October.

  • Is Rowan Claughton On Instagram?

Yes, Rown Claughton is available on Instagram and Facebook.

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