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Ruby Leigh Parents: Casey Pearson And Terri Pearson

The Voice season 24 simmered down to the final 5 singers and one of them was Ruby Leigh, the daughter of Casey Pearson and Terri Pearson. Find out more about Ruby’s parents here.

The Voice: Who Are Ruby Leigh Parents?

According to Ruby Leigh’s official NBC biography, she has been a lover of country music since she was nine years old. She has opened for artists like Vince Gill and Johnny Lee in the past, and by the time her first appearance on The Voice was complete, she had gained the respect of another legend in the genre, Reba McEntire.

Ruby and the Queen of Country hit it off right away; after the audition, the two even started yodeling. She joined McEntire’s team with great enthusiasm and hasn’t looked back. Singing Dolly Parton’s popular song “Jolene,” Ruby defeated fellow competitor Al Boogie in the fourth round of the Battles, demonstrating her strength once more, and advanced to the Knockouts. She maintained her flawless record in that round of the competition, defeating Team Reba vocalists Rachele Nguyen and Ms. Monet with a rendition of “Blue,” another popular country song.

Through her performance of the Linda Ronstadt song “Long, Long Time,” Ruby advanced to the Live Shows in the Playoffs, showcasing her talent once more. With a rendition of Cee Cee Chapman’s “You Lie,” she secured one of the highly sought public vote spots in the first round of the Live Shows as one of the Top 12. She then repeated as the winner of the popular vote in the Semifinals, moving on as one of the top four vote-getters with a rendition of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

As some The Voice competitors changed coaches frequently en route to winning Playoff and Lives, Ruby was one of the vocalists in Season 24 who remained with her original coach from the start. She kept up a flawless record leading up to the Finals, making her a formidable opponent for the Season 24 title.

When Ruby auditioned for The Voice and got in they ran to their parents and told about their audition process. Speaking of audition, she and her sister “thought it would be hilarious if I would dress up in my most western outfit and then sing a heavy rock song.” Her dad said, “They probably got a huge laugh and sent it through to a larger group because they would get a laugh.”

Ruby mentioned how supportive her family has been at every audition. She did, however, also say that her father would have encouraged her to make any wise decision.

“They are the most amazing parents ever! They are the most non-musical people ever! But they have supported me even when they had no idea if I had any talent at all,” Ruby shared. “But my dad always says he would have supported me if I wanted to be a rodeo clown, a professional dog walker or a worm wrangler.”

Meet Casey Pearson, Ruby Leigh Father

Ruby Leigh calls Casey Pearson her father.

Casey was born in November 1966 so he is now 57 years old. Casey has revealed that he is also a musician and has worked as a Driver/Father/manager at Ruby Leigh since 2017, per his LinkedIn.

Per his LinkedIn, Casey has been a president at The Hubcap & Wheel Store since 1981.

Although Casey was aware of her talent, he wasn’t sure if her singing was exceptional because he hadn’t collaborated with any experienced musicians. When he and his daughter visited a flea market in search of antiques, he discovered how exceptional his daughter’s singing was.

“About two years later, I was 9, and my dad was working and playing country music and I started singing it — he looked pretty surprised,” Ruby recalled. “I kept going and doing my thing, and this song came on and I said I really liked it. It was Guy Clark’s ‘Dublin Blues,’ and my dad said, ‘That’s really good.’”

Turned out it was her dad’s favorite song, so she learned it for him.

“I’d ask her what she was listening to and I told her, ‘Well, my music tells a story,’” Casey recalled. “She started listening to classic country, and said, ‘Daddy, I can hear the story, feel it.’ Five minutes later, she started singing a way we never heard her sing.”

When she sang her first song she told her dad that she had the ambition to be a singer. “As soon as I found my voice, there was no stopping me. I told my dad the very first day after singing my very first song, “Daddy, I’m going to be a singer,” and I’m still trying to be that singer today,” Ruby said.


On Mother’s Day 2023, Casey wished his wife, “Happy Mother’s Day Terri on the one day a year you’re not calling me Mutha. So here’s a little tap on the hat to numero uno Mother of today! We got you a very special and practical gift. We think you’re going to love it.

Casey celebrates his birthday on 19 November.

Meet Terri Pearson, Ruby Leigh Mother

Ruby Leigh’s mother is called Terri Pearson. Born in April 1971, Terri turned 52 years old in 2023.

Terri has spoken about Ruby saying, “They say she’s the biggest thing that’s hit Lincoln County! She taught herself to sing when she was nine, she’s never had lessons and to have her go this far is unreal. It would be cool to show them you can come from a small town with not much opportunities and you can make something of yourself.”

At Cori’s Twin Gables, there was a watch party to see Ruby compete in the semifinals. Terri explained, “Cori from Cori’s Twin Gables hired her at 12 years old for her Friday night entertainment. That should tell you something!”

Terri celebrates her birthday on 15 April every year. “Happy Happy Birthday Darlin! Words will never tell the amount of Love I hold for you, You are my Sunshine, you are my Rain, and sometimes even my biggest pain! LOL But with you I would do it all again !! Happy Birthday Terri! I love you more today than even yesterday,” Casey wished Terri on her birthday in 2016.

You can find Terri on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Ruby Leigh Parents Still Married?

Ruby Leigh’s parents are still happily married. They got married on 5 December 1998 which means they have been married for 25 years now. They were together for 12 years before tying the knot.

  • How Many Kids Do Ruby Leigh Parents Have?

Terri Pearson and Casey Pearson also have a daughter named Sandra Pearson.

  • Where Do Ruby Leigh Parents Reside?

Ruby Leigh’s parents reside in Foley, Missouri.

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