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Salina EsTitties Bio, Real Name, Partner, Age, Height

The cast of season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, when it premiered on 6 January 2023, also included Drag Queen Salina EsTitties.

Salina is competing in this season of entertainment juggernaut alongside 15 other queens to claim the biggest grand prize in franchise history. The big $200,000! (This is $100,000 more than last season.)

Now, let’s get to know this particular queen in this writing called ‘Salina EsTitties Bio’.

Salina EsTitties On RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15

Salina was in her bed watching a live tour performance of Beyonce when got the call saying she was on drag race. “I just diarrhea’d all over myself,” she talked to the media ahead of the series premiere.

Salina describes her drag as “Chola, campy, and cunt” and when recently she was asked to pick 3 queens from her season for her dream blunt rotation she named the queens: Anetra, Sasha, and Malaysia.

Among other things, Salina also reveals on RuPaul’s show that she is friends with Grande siblings Frankie James Grande and Ariana Grande. Frankie also even took to his Instagram to congratulate his “best friend in the world” for making his debut as the “ru-girl”.

Salina EsTitties Out Of Drag

Out of Drag, Salina EsTitties is no more a drag queen. She instead looks this way without the fake-ly eyebrows and makeover.

Salina EsTitties looks this way out of the drag (PIC: Instagram)

So, out of drag, Salina is this good-looking guy in a male form. Yet, even without the makeover, Salina’s out-of-drag form seems to have it in him to be a good performer.

How Old Is Salina EsTitties?

Though Drag Queen Salina EsTitties was born later, the person who brought her into existence was born in 1990. So, the age should be 32 years old in 2022.

Salina EsTitties Family

Salina’s Jason, of Honduran American descent, says he is grateful to have such loving and supportive parents. He realizes that not many are so fortunate in that way. To prove this he even shared a story about his little brother’s coming out. When Jason was 17, he said, his little brother came out to his parents, and their dad proceeded to just ask Jason if he too wanted to share anything. Since that time Jason says he was given permission. He thus allowed himself, to discover, accept, and explore who he truly was.

Also, on Father’s Day, we saw Jason calling his dad Alexis DePuy the best dad a guy could ask for. He thanked him for setting the example of what it looks like to be 100 percent supportive, loving, and understanding.

The patriarch so you know is from Daly City, California and he went to Westmoor High School. Also, at the time of this writing, he continued being married to his wife Noris DePuy. Together they were located in Bakersfield, California.

On her Facebook, Jason’s beautiful mother went around as a “foster mom” all the way from San Pedro Sula, Cortes.

Speaking of siblings, Jason has a sister named Monica de Puy and a brother called Daniel DePuy. The former had been living in Quito, Ecuador, married to Pedro Brito Pakin, at the time of this writing. While the latter studied Fire Science at San Joaquin Delta College and had been living in Stockton, California.

Salina EsTitties Job

Salina EsTitties has performed as the drag superstar at Salina EsTitties in West Hollywood, California since exactly 12 April 2014. In her words, she has also been calling it slaying the game and eating Cheetos.

Besides, Salina also is a musician with over 133 monthly listeners on Spotify. And IMDB also credits her as an actress for Miles Away and Salina EsTitties: STFUK.

Last but not the least, Salina has also been making money as a merch store owner.

Speaking of her endeavors in the past, she used to host events at Kitchen24 Restaurant & Bar, was a cashier/server at The Addiction Bistro, worked at Dlush, and was a game master at Fox in a Box. She also worked at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and studied Dance at EDGE Performing Arts Center (in 2013). Before this in 2011, she completed her BFA in Musical theatre at AMDA – American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

What Is Salina EsTitties Real Name?

Salina’s real name is Jason De Puy. As for the drag name, “Salina” origins from the Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla. “EsTitties” is a pun on “it’s bo*bs” and “es” is translated as “it is” in Spanish.

Salina EsTitties Partner

As of January 2023, Salina claimed to be in a relationship with her special someone since 1 April 2019. This guy with the name Spencer Ramirez is likely her partner. And they have been seen together on Salina’s social media posts a couple of times. One of these times, on 23 May 2019, she wished him “Happy Birthday my beautiful sweet little soul. Spencer Ramirez Love you!”.

Spencer so you know is a dancer at CESD Talent Agency. On his Facebook, he also mentioned being a former front desk associate at Equinox and working at Tuacahn Center for the Arts. The former dancer at Mark Morris Dance Group also studied at Juilliard.

Salina EsTitties Height

Salina EsTitties stands above 5’10” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Is Salina EsTitties On Instagram?

Indeed. Salina could be found on Instagram @estitties with 1,315 posts and 58.4K followers as of 8 January 2023.

She also entertained 7694 followers and 57.5K likes on her TikTok account @estitties. She also showed glimpses of her life as a “fierce” Los Angeles drag artist @SalinaEstitties. Here, in the bio, she wrote “es titties, estitties. my ti*ties. not yo ti*ties.” Besides, she also claimed to be an “ordinary housewife and mother” on her two separate Facebook accounts, one as ‘Salina EsTitties’ and the other as ‘Jason De Puy’.

On these platforms, Salina also storied her sobriety journey among other things.

  • When Is Salina EsTitties Birthday?

Salina EsTitties’s Jason De Puy celebrates his birthday on October 8th.

  • Where Is Salina EsTitties From?

Salina EsTitties hails from Stockton, California. Although at the time of this writing, she was calling  West Hollywood, California her home.

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