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Samantha Carucci Bio: Gus Smyrnios Girlfriend, Age, Job

At some point in this season of Floribama Shore, the fans might finally be able to see Samantha Carucci on screen. Samantha is the girlfriend of one of the key cast members Gus Smyrnios, and fans have already heard her voice when Gus talked to her on the phone. The wait is now to see her in person.

But you need not worry, fans, you can get to know Samantha in this article.

Meet Samantha Carucci, Gus Smyrnios Girlfriend

Before the premiere of the new season of Floribama Shore in 2021, Gus Carucci posted a long post on Instagram revealing his relationship with Samantha, his desire to keep it as private as possible, and how his celebrity had caused problems for his past relationships. Some parts of the long post are as follows:

“This is my girlfriend Sami…we’ve been together going on 9 months now. Had just started going steady when I filmed the new Szn of @floribamashore coming out tomorrow…Also, I’ve wanted to keep the happiness we’ve created between us, without strangers trying to ruin it. I thank you Sami for being so sweet and understanding. You’re a true blessing to me, I love you, and thanks for accepting my craziness.”

Based on the information from Instagram, Gus, and his girlfriend, Samantha must have started dating in January 2021. And it seems Gus has finally found someone to settle down with after a long time of Bachelorhood and relationships ruined by his celebrity.

For most of Floribama Shore, especially in the early seasons, Gus has been single and yet never had a lack of ladies on his arms. There was a brief period in season three when he was in a serious relationship with fellow cast member Lisa Burns. It was not a very healthy relationship and it ended in a “tearful conversation”.

Samantha Carucci Family

Samantha Carucci was born in a family with Italian roots. Her parents are Christopher Carucci and Laura Morrissey Carucci. While not much was known about Samantha’s mother, her father was a plumber and businessman who owned All Florida Plumbing Contractors. He comes from an Italian family in Bohemia, New York. Also, it seems he used to play football. Her parents celebrate their anniversary on the 29th of August every year.

Also, Samantha’s maternal grandfather, Harry Morrissey, was a key part of the family, especially for her mother.

The Carucci family is Samantha, her parents, and her two sisters. One of her sisters was Sophie Carucci, Samantha’s elder sister who was 20 years of age, 21 in come November. We do not know the name of the other sister.

Samantha Carucci Job

Samantha Carucci is an esthetician, skin care professionals, based in Tampa Bay, Florida. She has her own company Posie Day Spa, which is a skincare service. Samantha’s company offers various services like facials, microdermabrasion, waxes, mole removals, eyelash extensions, and more. Posie Day Spa is located at 2901 West Busch Blvd Suite 404, Tampa, Florida.

Samantha got her education as an esthetician from Summit Salon Academy in Tampa, Florida. She finished her program only this year, on 29 January 2021. Before that, she graduated from high school in May 2020. She celebrated her graduation with a post on Instagram with the following captions:

“700 hours later! I have officially graduated from the esthetician program at Summit Salon Academy Tampa!… I am so thankful for all the friendships I have made through these past 6 months & to all the educators! To new beginnings and will be posting soon where I will be at next!”

In addition to her job as an esthetician, Samantha might also be a reality TV star. She has already support and love from Gus’s fans even though he has not yet appeared on the show.


  • How Old Is Samantha Carucci?

Reports have it that Samantha Carucci is a middle child of the family and was born on 25 March 2002. Thus, as of September 2021, she was 19 years of age and her zodiac sign was Aries.

  • How Tall Is She?

Samantha Carucci is a woman of a short height of 5 ft. 4.5 inches. Also, Samantha is a beautiful woman with long black hair, brown eyes, nice teeth, and a killer smile.

  • Is Samantha Carucci On Instagram, Twitter?

Samantha Carucci can be seen on several posts on Gus’s Instagram @gus.c.smyrios. However, her Instagram handle @samantha.carucci was kept private. She had 69 posts and a following of over 6.5k on that private Instagram. Samantha also had an Instagram handle, @sami.the.esti, for her spa, Posie Day Spa. That Instagram had 66 posts and 2.2k followers. On Facebook, you can find her as Samantha Carucci. And on her Twitter handle, @samanthaalynn25, she had only 146 followers.

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