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Samantha Moitzi Bio, Age, Job, Height, Ex-Boyfriend, MAFS

Ever since Samantha Moitzi has been cheated on, she has developed serious trust issues when it comes to men. Furthermore, her work ethic, spared her no time at all for meeting someone new. Thus, the lady decided to join Married at First Sight Australia for its ninth installment — all chips in!

Keep reading this Samantha Moitzi Bio to learn more about her.

MAFS Australia: Are Samantha Moitzi And Al Perkins Still Together?

Yes, Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins were still together before 2022. The duo was last spotted enjoying a romantic beach date towards the end of filming in late 2021. Meaning, their relationship survived the experiment.

Also, in October that year, Al was pictured holding a tiny bouquet near the show’s apartment complex in Sydney’s CBD. Seems like he stepped out to buy his wife flowers during Intimacy Week.

But, with that being said, Samantha and Al didn’t follow each other over their socials at the time of writing this article. And that’s a bad sign! Could the pair have split later? After all, they did have a rocky start.

“Emotionally immature!” This was Samantha’s first impression of Al. Meanwhile, Al was already smitten by the stunning lady in the gown.

Furthermore, after Al accidentally stepped on Samantha’s stunning white gown, and did clap push-ups in an attempt to shake off his nerves, Samantha wanted a “divorce.”

“Oh my god! Help,” she screamed.

Things then took a turn for the worst when a photographer asked the couple to share a kiss, and Samantha denied it! She asked Al to show more “maturity as a man” before she could call him her man.

Despite the skepticism, Samantha then took off for a honeymoon with her husband, only to realize that he wasn’t bad at all. “I laughed at his jokes, I think that he’s funny,” she shared after the vacation.

According to Al, although Samantha rejected a kiss on their honeymoon, he later went on to be “intimate” with his wife. He added that he would “grow with her as the season progresses.

Who Is Samantha Moitzi Ex-Boyfriend?

Samantha Moitzi didn’t reveal the name of her ex-boyfriend. But one thing’s for sure, she loathes him! And it’s only right that she should hate the man who betrayed her and their relationship of seven years. 

What’s more, Samantha was already dreaming of getting married to him!

So now, Samantha knows what to look for in a man —  ambition, confidence, and self-sufficiency. Also, this charming lady would like someone older than her. “I’m going into this experiment with an open heart, looking for a man to be in my corner and inspire me every day,” she posted over IG before the show’s premiere.

Ironically, her MAFS husband Al Perkins was far from what she had imagined. But then again, the show’s experts believed in the saying that opposite poles attract.

Before marrying Samantha, Al never had a serious girlfriend or relationship. He was the kind of guy who believed that he would be more independent with time. We don’t know about others, but his mother surely agrees with him as she still cooked, cleaned, and washed up after him.

Samantha Moitzi Tattoo

Samantha Moitzi is a tattoo enthusiast. She has a geometric flower piece on her inner forearm, as well as the word “balance” written on it. Also, the lady has a tiger drawn on her right forearm.

But her most prominent tattoo would be the upper-sized “DELICATE” inked across her torso in a large, tough-looking font. It was tatted on after Samantha was left devastated, and feeling a little “delicate,” from the betrayal.

Samantha Moitzi Height

Samantha Moitzi stands tall at a height under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

His distinct features include — whitish-blond hair, blue eyes, and a fit body.

Is Samantha Moitzi On Instagram?

Yes, find her over Instagram @samanthamoitzi.

Samantha Moitzi Age

Samantha Moitzi was 26 years of age when appeared on Married at First Sight Australia in 2022.

She is a year older than Al.

Samantha Moitzi Job

Samantha Moitzi is the director of Silk Leppard, a luxury womenswear brand she launched in 2022. According to her, the fashion brand was inspired by music, art, history, and the icons within.

Before that, Samantha worked as a fashion brand manager for multiple reputed companies. She was employed at Camilla Australia for almost a year, Tigerlily for the same time, and Topgolf for 1 and half years.

Also, Samantha has been a retail supervisor of Country Road Group, Seafolly P/L, and Affinity Education Group.

As for her education, Samantha graduated from the University of Queensland with a bachelor of business management degree in 2016.

Did you know: Samantha already has an IMDb profile, all thanks to her time on MAFS.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Samantha Moitzi Birthday?

Samantha receives her birthday wishes on December 15.

  • What Do We Know About Samantha Moitzi’s Family?

She didn’t share much about her family, except that they were from Queensland.

Also, for those wondering, the designer Erin jones isn’t her sister. The two were really good friends.

  • How Much is Samantha Moitzi Net Worth?

By 2022, Samantha garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand.

Reportedly, her job as a director paid around $99 thousand per annum.

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