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Sandy Lockett Bio, Age, Today, Job, Candy Montgomery

Sandy Lockett was the friend of Candy Montgomery, who killed her friend Betty Gore on 13 June 1980. If you’re not familiar with the case then, Candy met Betty’s wife Allan in church. Fed up with the boring life, Candy starts to look for some excitement which eventually leads to them having an affair with Betty’s husband Allan.

Unlike any other affair, it was a well-thought-out affair. They put a lot of time and thought into it to make sure that none of them were hurting their partners. They maintained the affair successfully and once Betty’s marriage starts to get affected by the affair, Allan proposes to put an end to the affair.

Before Betty died, they had ended the affair after nearly 8 months. But, on 13 June 1980, when Candy arrives at her house to pick up Alisa’s bathing suits, Betty thinks of confronting Sandy, which takes a darker turn than expected.

Meet Sandy Lockett, Candy Montgomery Friend

Sandy Lockett is one of many friends of Candy Montgomery. Very little is known about her but, according to Hulu, she served as the opposing counsel against Candy Montgomery during her trial. Furthermore, in Hulu’s show, Sandy has been portrayed as a bubbly person.

Like Candy and Betty, Sandy was also a churchgoer and their mutual friend. But, since she was an opposing counsel, then, she was up against Candy’s lawyer, Don Crowder. Candy knew her lawyer from the church. He was a partner in a small firm with attorney general Jim Mattox, usually handling personal injury work.

Don made sure that Candy won, and he did, as Candy was found not guilty in the trial. However, her lawyer Don wasn’t the same after that. It reportedly affected his mental health and became suicidal, and in the end, took his life. Don shot himself and took his life on 10 November 1998.

It is quite surprising that, although Sandy played a significant part enough to make it into the show, however, not much is covered and shared about her in the public domain.

Where Is Sandy Lockett Today?

After the event shook the whole Wiley town, in Collin County, Texas, Sandy, like all of their mutual friends took a closer look at their trial. Sandy was personally involved in the trial of Candy Montgomery. However, what happened to her after the event is a mystery. Whether she stayed in the town that scarred her and her townsmen for life, or she moved somewhere else as a few people did.

Nevertheless, she seems completely off the grid. Where she is and what she does remains a complete mystery to us.

Sandy Lockett Age

If Sandy Lockett hasn’t died and is still alive, then she should be above the age of 70.

Sandy Lockett Job

As stated earlier, Sandy Lockett worked as a counsel. So, she was proficient with the law. This also informs us that she was well educated and had earned her law degree.

Who Is Sandy Lockett Husband?

Sandy Lockett was married to her husband Jeffery Lockett. The questions like, where they met, and how they met? None of them were answered. By far we only know that they were committed to each other. In addition, whether they had any kids is also unclear.

So, most information about Sandy’s husband, like his age, job, and his current residence. Moreover, it is also unclear whether they are still married to each other or they parted separate ways.

Sandy Lockett Maiden Name

Sany Lockett’s maiden name is yet to reveal.

Related FAQs

  • Is Sandy Lockett On Instagram?

No, Sandy Lockett is not on Instagram. She also doesn’t seem to be on Facebook.

  • Who Plays Sandy Lockett In Hulu’s Candy?

In Hulu’s Candy actress Sharon Conley plays the role of Sandra “Sandy” Lockett in five episodes of the show. Born on 29 June 1971 in New York, Sharon is an actor and producer. Some of her notable works are NCIS: New Orleans, American Made, Rectify, If Loving You Is Wrong, Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives, and The Secret Life of Bees among others.

In the show, the first time we see Sandy is when we are 13 minutes and a half minutes in.

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