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Sarah Simons Bio, Age, Job, Husband, Tommyinnit Mom

Meet Sarah Simons, mom of the famous Thomas Simons, better known by his online alias TommyInnit. TommyInnit, as you know, is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

TommyInnit produces Minecraft gameplay and mods including collaborations with fellow YouTubers and streamers in the Dream SMP. As of today, his seven YouTube channels have more than 24 million subscribers and his main Twitch channel had reached over 6.9 million followers, making him the most-followed Minecraft channel on Twitch, as well as the 13th most-followed overall.

With that being said, it is now time we tell you about his mom Sarah Simons who is just as much a sensation on the internet.

Is Sarah Simons Tommyinnit’s Mom?

Yes, Sarah Simons is Tommyinnit’s mom.

The YouTube star Tommyinnit does tend to keep his family off of his channel and off of his other social media accounts. Still, his mom Sarah Simons who he refers to as “MotherInnit” can be heard in the background of his videos from time to time. She often interjects when she hears her son using expletives during his live streams. (Of course) many also got to know about her when TommyInnit’s “Mum I made the news!” reaction to his appearance on a Swedish news channel (in 2021) won over the internet.

So, Sarah Simons does not mind being called Tommyinnit’s mom. She loves and feels pride in this honor. Be that as it may, she happens to have other strong tags to herself.

Like her son, Sarah is also a YouTuber and influencer on other social media platforms. She is known as Middle Aged Fat Lass, MotherInnit, or simply Mrs. Simons among her audience. And the important thing of all, her contents are not at all related to her son’s.

Relating to this concern, Sarah even confirmed that she does not want to have MCYT topics and related topics of her son on her channel and all of her social media.

Who Is Sarah Simons Husband (Tommyinnit’s Dad)?

“My parents have always been super, super supportive…” Tommyinnit has shared among his YouTube family. So we know, that his dad, who he calls TommyInnit, has also been equally involved in his life.

(Of course), Tommyinnit also his dad, including mom, don’t always love his colorful language. “There was a point where they were like, ‘why is he just swearing so much?’ and they were like, ‘Oh, OK. He has 100,000 people watching, we’ll let him get away with it this night”, Tommyinnit, one such instance when his parents decided to let him go for swearing.

Now, with that being said, neither Sarah nor her son had revealed their husband/dad’s name or his details on their respective social media. In the meantime, he is reportedly a businessman.

How Many Kids Does Sarah Simons Have?

Sarah Simons and her husband only have one kid even though they always wanted two or three or four of them. There was a time when they had even moved into a bigger house ready to fill it with kids.

Lately, in January 2022, when her son Tommyinnit decided to move out of his parents’ home, Sarah went all emotional on her social media talked it all out, her multiple miscarriage and void left by her unborn kids.

While Sarah is still more than happy with her much smaller and of three, plus assorted canine family members, she says, she can not help but miss all the babies that didn’t stay with her long enough to hold.

It was after the fifth miscarriage that Sarah and her husband had decided that it was “just too hard” to continue on this path. They realized that they were spending years of their lives engulfed by loss, and were missing out on the life they had, a life that already had a lot of joy to offer. They just could not put their family’s happiness on pause for any longer.

Sarah Simons Age

Because Sarah Simons was born in the year 1973, she turned 48 years old in 2021.

Sarah Simons Job

Other than making Vlogs and Commentary Videos, the British influencer is also an author of several books, a lecturer, speaker, and the director of The UKFEchat Community.

As of 30 December 2021, the former actress had finished the first half (50K words) of her soon-releasing book.

Sarah had accidentally become an FE lecturer in 2008 after several decades in show business.

Speaking of her education, Sarah graduated from The Open University in 2020 and Nottingham Trent University a decade ago in 2010.

Is Sarah Simons On Instagram?

Yes, Sarah Simons was on Instagram as of 27 January 2022, and the account @damesarahsimons included 16 posts and some 1,257 followers.

Sarah acquired more followers on Twitter @MrsSarahSimons, i.e., 64.5K followers.

Other than that, Sarah also explored topics of appearance, confidence, identity, inclusion, and more on her YouTube channel: Sarah Simons aka Middle Aged Fat Lass (with 210K subscribers); Facebook @middleagedfatlass and the other ‘Sarah Simons’ account on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sarah Simons Birthday?

Every year the 14th of March marks Sarah Simons’s birthday making her a Scorpio.

On 2 December 2021, she took to her Twitter to write how her husband’s “late birthday prez” had just arrived and they turned out to be beautiful pair of⁩ trainers with bright red soles from Sketchers UK.

  • Where Is Sarah Simons From?

Sarah Simons comes from some parts of England (of course). At the time of this writing, she lived in Nottingham, England with her husband, son, and their two dogs, Walter and Betty.

  • How Tall Is Sarah Simons?

Sarah Simons wittily revealed her height in a tweet that read — “I feel very tall. However, I am sadly 5 foot 4, which is quite literally the ONLY thing that has held back my career as an international supermodel, luxe brand ambassador, and UN spokesperson.”

Conscious about her weight she decided on a goal weight early in January 2022.

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