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Sarah Tangye Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Ethnicity, Byron Baes

Byron Bay is a magnet in Australia for people all over the country–or maybe even the world. Netflix’s first Australian reality series, Byron Baes, centers around the life of 15 influencer pals living in Byron Bay–most of them the locals–as they navigate life and make several attempts to fulfill their dreams.

Musician Sarah Tangye is one of the cast members of Byron Baes. Let’s learn about her age, job, personal life, and more in the wiki article below.

Sarah Tangye On Byron Baes

Byron Baes has had its fair share of controversies. The community backlash for being “offensive to the community” and breaches of COVID health protocols were some of the problems the creators of Byron Baes had to deal with.

Nevertheless, the show is already live now, and according to Netflix, Byron Baes centers around a “clique of trendy hustlers, musicians, designers, spiritual healers and artists” as they “grow their businesses, connections, and social followings” in the New South Wales town.

Although a relatively new addition to the area, Sarah is one of two blow-ins–outsiders who only recently relocated to Byron Bae–to appear in Netflix’s Byron Baes. She moved down to Byron Bay from Gold Coast, a place which she dearly calls her home.

The other cast members of Byron Baes are Jade Kevin Foster, Simba Ali, Elias Chigros, Nathan Favro, Alex Reid, Dave Frim, Saskia Wotton, Elle Watson, Hannah Brauer, Jessica Johansen Bell, and Lauren Johansen Bell.

Sarah first announced being part of Byron Baes on February 23, 2022, through an Instagram post. She posted a promotional video of the show and wrote, “Adventure timeeeeee @netflixanz 🎬Heart on my sleeve, I can’t wait to share the journey with you all starting March 9th.”

Sarah Tangye Relationship Status

One thing the viewers of the new Netflix show hugely missed was Sarah Tangye’s personal life. On her social media too, Sarah Tangye barely makes any posts that might reveal anything about her relationship life. Therefore, we have to say, Sarah Tangye’s relationship status is a secret for now.

What Is Sarah Tangye’s Ethnicity?

Reportedly, Sarah Tangye is of mixed ethnicity as her mom is from the Seychelle Islands and her dad is from Wellington, Newzealand.

Sarah Tangye Parents

Sarah Tangye seems close to her parents, especially her mom. She has featured her mom a couple of times on her Instagram handle. One time on July 19, 2021, she wished her mom a happy 66th birthday. Although we don’t know the name of Sarah’s mother, her dad’s name is David Tangye.

Aside from her parents, Sarah also has a sibling, Claire Bullen, with whom she is close. Sarah’s sister is married to a guy named Steven Bullen since December 31, 2016. Claire is a fashion and beauty writer at City Girl Network and Leeds Girl Community Manager at Leeds Girl Network.

Sarah Tangye Height

Coming to Sarah’s physical features, she stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches. Furthermore, her banging body on many of her Instagram posts is a testament to Sarah’s healthy lifestyle.

How Old Is Sarah Tangye?

Although we don’t the exact age of Sarah, we know that she was born after 1992. That means there is no way Sarah Tangye can be older than 30.

Sarah Tangye Job

Sarah Tangye, who formerly was a part of a Melbourne-based duo, is a musician by profession and goes by the name st.James in her work.

She writes in her Spotify’s About section that her “earliest childhood memories were immersed in classical and 70s rock music.” She further adds, “From a spare room in my family’s home, locked down and cut off from performing in 2020, I began carving out her grand, ambitious plans for pop stardom.”

As a teen, she wrote music about the inconvenience and obsession with toxic love and opened doors to performing and busking.

Sarah has released only one single called Reckless Life as of this writing.  Through an Instagram post, Sarah revealed the story behind her single. She wrote that the song was about “feeling the need to escape what was happening around us. to anyone still feeling lost or trapped or unsafe, this is for you.”

For the immense support Sarah received for her first single, she thanked her fans and followers and wrote, “my heart is beyond full. thank you for listening to our song, sending me your support & sharing it on your pages. you honestly have no idea the difference it makes when you share our art…” in an Instagram post.

What’s more, Sarah and her team are working on a new album.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sarah Tangye Birthday?

Byron Baes star, Sarah celebrates her birthday on the 12th of December every year.

  • What Is Sarah Tangye Nationality?

Originally from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Sarah Tangye is an Australian by nationality.

  • How Much Is Sarah Tangye Net Worth?

As of March 2022, Sarah Tangye’s net worth was measured to be under $200 thousand.

  • Is Sarah Tangye On Instagram?

You can find Sarah Tangye on Instagram at


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