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Saul “Shorty” Sanchez Bio, Height, Net Worth, Fixer Upper

Even though HGTV’s Fixer Upper ended back in 2018, some of the members of the show including Saul “Shorty” Sanchez remain fan-favorite even today. Three years after the final episode of Fixer Upper, many of the home decor enthusiasts and construction geeks have still been wondering about Chip and Joanna Gaines’s beloved sidekick.

So, where is Saul “Shorty” Sanchez really now? Is he going to be a part of the Fixer Upper reboot, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home? Find out in this Bio.

Saul “Shorty” Sanchez On Fixer Upper

When OG Fixer Upper closed its doors, Saul “Shorty” Sanchez also left the show. So when the show returned to screens for its Welcome Home spin-off, fans were disappointed not seeing him alongside Chip and Joanna.

Fans were especially looking forward to seeing him work again. Some of these viewers even wished that Shorty would get his show on HGTV. While one fan hoped that Joanna and Chip would build a house for Shorty. “All I want in the world is for the last Fixer Upper to be a new house for Shorty. My life would be complete” read the tweet from a very loving fan.

Saul made his debut on television as Chip’s handyman; in Chip’s words “always the right man for the job”. And so you know, they first met when Chip was only 16.

In his book The Magnolia Story, Chip also explained that they were friends and working together long before the Fixer Upper happened.

Be that as it may, IMDB failed to mention him as the cast of both Fixer Upper (2013–2018) and Fixer Upper: Welcome Home (2021-).

Does Saul “Shorty” Sanchez Still Work For Chip?

Because Shorty now has his own business, he no longer seemed to work full-time for Chip Gaines. Even so, he remains good friends with Chip and helps him out occasionally.

About the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, Saul also appears in one episode. In what may be counted as a cameo, Saul reunited with the married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines to help out with some heavy lifting. While this led some viewers in thinking that Saul had returned for good, the truth is it was just a quick helping hand he was offering.

Some years ago, when Saul was nowhere to be seen, Chip Gaines had responded to a fan saying, “Have no fear!! My brother @shortymsanchez is living not only ‘his’ but THE best life.”

“Some of these employees went way back with us, all the way to the beginning. Most of the boys who’d helped me with my early flips were still around. You probably know a couple of them — Shorty and Jose — from the show. Without even purposefully trying, we’d created a Magnolia family,” Chip said, per Good Housekeeping in 2018.

Saul “Shorty” Sanchez Height

Saul “Shorty” Sanchez got his middle name for his height that is a little less than 5′ 3″.

It all started with Chip calling him “Shorty”. Before that, no one called him by this nickname. Years later on and he is still barely recognized for his actual birth name.

Saul “Shorty” Sanchez Net Worth

Saul “Shorty” Sanchez reportedly had $600 thousand net worth as of January 2022.

He is the owner of Shorty’s Remodeling in Texas, which is the reason he is not able to work full-time on the Fixer Upper reboot.

Anyway, as part of the business, Shorty offers various remodeling work, such as turning a small space into an open concept. The company’s services include most transformational homework, including kitchen, bathroom, home accessibility modification, paint, floors, tile, window install, concrete, countertop, shiplap, fencing, and more.

Does Saul “Shorty” Sanchez Have A Wife?

Back in May 2020, Saul “Shorty” Sanchez custom-made a 6-foot tall clock for his wife which he later showed off among his Twitter people. So, yes. Saul is married. He has a wife and a beautiful young daughter named Milany.

Also so you know, because the tax-payer listed for Shorty’s company is this person called Marisela Sanchez, chances are she could be his wife.

How Old Is Saul “Shorty” Sanchez?

So recently, on his new show, Chip Gaines admitted to being 10 years younger than Shorty. “Back when you were 16, I would have been 26 and this would have been no problem”, Chip said in a clip referring to the heavy-lifting that almost fainted him.

So, that means Shorty turned 37/38 years old on 30 January 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Saul “Shorty” Sanchez From?

Shorty was based in Waco, Texas, as of the time of this writing. And from the look of things, Saul has been a Waco native all his life so far.

  • Is Saul “Shorty” Sanchez On Instagram?

As of 29 January 2022, there was a business account of Shorty on Instagram @shortys.remodeling that included 17 posts and some 167 followers.

Saul, otherwise, is on Twitter @shortymsanchez (3,808 followers) and Facebook @shortyremodeling.

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