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Scott Schafer Bio, Age, Job, sMothered Sunnie Boyfriend

Scott Schafer is the boyfriend of sMothered star Sunnie. Learn all that we know about his age, job, family, and more.

Read all about it as this article proceeds.

Meet Scott Schafer, sMothered Sunnie Boyfriend

sMothered Sunnie Diab is currently dating her boyfriend Scott Schafer. Even though Scott didn’t appear ready to pop the question just yet, she still hoped to marry him. Sunnie’s mother was even observed pressuring them to get engaged as a result. So much so that when Eva flings a drink in Scott’s face in one scene, the suspense builds to breaking point.

However, on October 18, 2023, Scott posted a message on Facebook that said, “She will never know how much I value her, but I’ll use every day trying to show her.” The post was attached to a photo of Scott and Sunnie.

Viewers of sMothered were first introduced to Scott as Sunnie’s two-year lover. Sunnie had a lot of boyfriends before him from her numerous appearances on reality shows. For example, she suspected her partner, a real estate billionaire, of buying pricey presents for his female clients when she appeared on Couples Court in September 2021. The episode was called “Rags To Glitches: Real Estate Mogul Does More Than Just Sell Sunsets.”

She also made an appearance on an episode of Divorce Court in January 2019 alongside restauranteur Chris Dilan, with whom she professed to have dated for two years. Prior to that, went for Bravo’s first season of A Night With My Ex. Sunnie appeared with her ex, Matt, in the second episode of the show’s first season. In July of 2016, a year prior, Sunnie appeared on Oxygen’s Virtually In Love.

Talking about Sunnie, she was born in 1986. She turned 37 years old in 2023.

Until December 2023, Sunnie Diab, in addition to her long list of appearances on reality shows, co-owned a boutique salon with her mother. Sunnie and her mother operated their salon out of two locations in Houston as of April of this year. Sunnie added that they provided injections, body sculpting, IV therapy, weight reduction programs, facials, and laser hair removal.

The returning pairs from previous seasons of sMothered in 2023 included the Chicago-based couple Kathy and Cristina, the original cast members from Season 1 onward, and the Florida couple Mary and Brittani. In the meantime, newcomers Catherine and Gabriella, pageant queens from Connecticut, dancers Sky and Skylar from Atlanta, India, and Trevor, the first mother-in-law and son-in-law couple, and Eva and Sunnie were presented.

Sunnie and her mother Eva joined sMothered to tell everyone about their experiences as aestheticians and owners of a boutique salon, in addition to sharing their narrative.

Sunnie declares in the teaser that she wishes to save a portion of her mother’s and her own blood. She explains that as a sort of small memento, she wants them to have tiny vials of each other’s blood set in jewelry. Eva doesn’t mind sharing with others that, despite having three other children in addition to Sunnie, she is closer to Sunnie. She frequently adds, “It is what it is,” in these exchanges afterward.

Scott Schafer Age

Scott Schafer was born on 25 September 1987. 2023 saw him turn 36 years old.

Scott Schafer Job

Scott Schafer was a baseball player who played in the position of starting pitcher. He was drafted by the New York Mets in the 6th round of the MLB. He was a graduate of  Pasadena Memorial HS. According to The Baseball Cube, Scott received a signing bonus of $140,000.

Now, in 2023, Scott may be working in the restaurant business. In September 2023, Scott announced, “I need to hire a barista. Hourly pay PLUS tips. Preferably someone with a little coffee-making experience. 7 am – 3 pm shift. Please message me for details.”

Posting a pic of a variety of dishes, in October, Scott wrote, “It’s try stuff at work day. I thrive in these moments.”

Scott Schafer Family

Scott Schafer was born to his parents Larry Eugene Schafer and Penny Schafer. Larry was born to Donald Jack and Mildred Inez Canady Schafer, in Houston, Texas on 29 October 1950. He was a singer and a songwriter.

According to Shawn, “God had given him so many talents but, which of those talents had Schafe used in the glorification of his maker?? He then knew what he had to do! He needed to utilize his talents as a singer/songwriter to glorify his maker and that is exactly what he did with every bit of the strength that he had left!”

A decade later, he has SCHAFE-CHOOSE FAITH, an album issued by Tate Music, and the material for two additional albums as well as a book titled SILENT PRAISES by SCHAFE.

Larry was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer and given 5 months to live.

Furthermore, Scott has a brother named Shawn. Born in 1982, Shawn is 41 years old. Shawn is a graduate of South Houston High School, Sankey Pro Rodeo, and San Jacinto College.

Scott Schafer Height

Scott Schafer stands tall at 6’1”. In April 2023, Scott was 2 years sober.

Related FAQs

  • Is Scott Schafer On Instagram?

Yes, Scott Schafer is available on Instagram (@lordscottschafer) and Facebook.

  • Where Is Scott Schafer From?

Scott Schafer hailed from Pasadena, Texas. He is now residing in Houston, Texas. 

  • When Is Scott Schafer Birthday?

Scott Schafer’s birthday falls on 25 September.

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