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Sean Sagar Family: Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings

Sean Sagar has joined NCIS: Sydney! This indeed is big news for the actor. However, we can guarantee his family is happier than him because that’s how deep their bond is.

So, who are Sean Sagar’s family members? Keep reading to learn all about his parents and siblings.

Meet Sean Sagar Family Members

Sean Sagar comes from a family of five — his parents, himself, and his two brothers. They’ve been his number-one supporters since day one and were always there with him in times of trouble and happiness. Thus, when the actor landed himself a spot on NCIS: Sydney, their reaction was no different from the times he earned himself any other roles — elated.

Looking back, Sean made his TV debut as “Tareek” in the 2011 series Top Boy. The next year, he then appeared as “Freddie” in Ill Manors (2012), and he was on a roll. Now, the actor already has over 17 movies and TV shows to his name including The Covenant (2023), Buffering (2023), Fate: The Winx Saga (2022), Our Girl (2016 – 2020), and Casualty (2016).

In addition to acting, Sean is also a professional model known for having earned representation from the Milk Model Management Agency.

For readers seeking recommendations, if you love fantasy, you should watch Fate: The Winx Saga. Sean plays “Marco” in the Netflix show. His character is an Alfea ( a magical boarding school in the Otherworld) graduate who was sent to track down “the Burned One” that had escaped in “No Strangers Here.”

In season 1, Marco finds a Burned One and is able to kill it, but it wasn’t the one they were after.

Spoilers Alert: After Marco and Noura kill another Burned One and let their guard down, another one infects Marco. Then, Marco runs to reach Alfea and informs Farah, Saul, and Ben about what transpired.

Later,  Marcohe as is receiving treatment for his wound, Noura calls him to inform him that their entire battalion has been killed and that her leg is broken. He then spies a Burned One creeping up behind her and begs her to run.

Who Are Sean Sagar Parents?

Sean Sagar was close to his parents; especially his mother, Primrose Allison Sagar. They married back in 1978 and were still together at the time of writing this article.

Get to know them better below.

  • Sean Sagar Father

Sean Sagar didn’t reveal his father’s name. But we know that he hails from Guyana, a country in South Africa, and has Indian ancestry.

Also, his father has a brother named Anand Sagar (who resided in London, United Kingdom) and nephews named Kairan Sagar and Aryaan Sagar (an Arts and Media School Islington graduate).

Above mentioned nephews, Kairan and Aryaan are the sons of Ramona Sagar (a  Georgetown, Guyana native).

Trivia: Sean’s father made delicious Guyana Style Hassa Curry.

  • Sean Sagar Mother

Sean Sagar’s loving mother is named Primrose Allison Sagar. She is a Jamaican who inherits the Black ethnicity.

A Clapton Park Secondary School graduate, Primrose seemed to be the most supportive of her son. She often promoted Sean on her social media — always with a few words that spoke tons.

Who Are Sean Sagar Siblings?

Sean Sagar has two siblings — Nicholas (Nick) Dewan Sagar and Michael (Midi) Sagar.

Amongst them, Michael is the oldest. He celebrates his birthday on June 21.

The last we checked, Michael, a Forest Gate Community School graduate, worked as an MC, music producer, and photographer. “My music is based on hardcore Underground sounds with gothic lyrics,” he said. In fact, Michael and Nick — collectively known as the Sagar brothers — have released a few pieces of music of their own.

As for Nicholas, he is an actor like Sean. He started his career in 2009 with a small role as a gang member in the TV movie Gunrush. Within 2 years, he then landed a role as “Joseph” in NCIS: Los Angeles, and went on his way to grab the international spotlight.

Other movies and TV shows that Nicholas has graced are Run the World (2021 – 2023), Borrasca (2020 – 2022), The Princess Switch 3 (2021), The Haves and the Have Nots (2017 – 2021), Shadowhunters (2017 – 2019), Queen of the South (2017 – 2018), and many more.

But though Nicholas has always loved performing, there was once a time when he saw a completely different career path for himself — a doctor. He shared that he wanted to go into the medical field when he was younger due to his brother’s sickle cell anemia.

Besides acting, Nicholas also does Martial Arts. Infact, he has been practicing the arts for over a decade and has studied several different styles.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Sean Sagar Family Reside?

Sean’s parents and both of his brothers resided in London, United Kingdom.

  • Are Sean Sagar Family Members On Instagram?

Yes, find Primrose on IG @allisonsagar, and FB @primrose.allisonsagar.9 and @primrose.allisonsagar.3.

Nicholas on IG @nickdsagar.

And Michael on FB @MichaelSagar and @midi.sagar.9, Youtube @midisagar6300, Twitter @Midisagar78 and IG @midisagar.

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