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Shanalee Sharboneau Bio, Age, Net Worth, Only in Lola

Get to know Shanalee Sharboneau from Only In Lola. She and her family are starring on Amazon Fire’s new reality show Only in Lola. Read all that we know about her here.

In this short bio, we tackle details about her age, net worth, maiden name, and more.

Shanalee Sharboneau On Only In Lola

Model Shanalee Shrboneau is the star of the Amazon Fire and Roku family reality TV show Only In Lola. The show also features her husband Perry and their boy Braydon.

So what is the show all about, you ask?

The Sharboneau family is featured on Only In Lola. With a degree in statistics and healthcare, Shanalee is the family’s wife and mother. She is most recognized for penning a children’s book that went viral She chose to perform a song to her now-14-year-old son Braydon “in desperation” after he nearly passed away three times. She recorded and released the song when he’s “totally beautiful and fine now.”

In ninety days, the song went global and inspired the children’s television show My Mummy Loves Me. Shanalee, a former model and author, said to us, “I’ve gone from a real job to this… I was spoiled.”

Before they were married, Shanalee made a vow to her husband, which she had to keep. She remarked, “My husband told me he wants his own ranch one day, and made me promise before he signed the dotted line.” “Life moved very quick and we were getting to an age where it was, ‘Do it or don’t’. So we decided to move on this ranch” Thus, we made the decision to relocate to this ranch,” Shanalee disclosed, describing how the property has been owned by the same family for many years.

Shanalee’s everyday tasks include having to watch out for snakes and feed the hens. The family is close friends with Dawn and Rob, their neighbors, and goes to the chicken coop to get eggs for breakfast.

Announcing the success of The Launch Party, Shanalee announced, “The Launch Party event has completely sold out! We are deeply grateful for your incredible support. We can’t wait to see everyone and share this day with all of you.”

Shanalee Sharboneau Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Shanalee Shaboneau is above $2 million. She is a speaker, presenter, and nationally and internationally awarded children’s author. Her book series “My Family Loves Me” was sold and recognized all over the world.

Shanalee was featured on William Shatner’s television program “Moving America Forward” and received the prestigious “Moving America Forward” award in honor of National Reading Awareness Month. Shanalee was featured in the Japan-aired segment of “Today’s Up-Close” with Van on The Van Show, which was shown to children nationwide.

She has been on several radio shows that have been broadcast to her fans both locally and internationally, including “In The Know” by Brian Glenn, “X Roads TV” by Sharifah Hardie, “Passport Mommy” by Michelle Jerson, “The Flying Burrito Show,” “Author Talk,” and “The Author Show.” Among the magazines and newspapers she has been interviewed by are Deseret News, Austin Family, Avery Ranch Living Under The Piece, Someone You Should Know, Te-Erika Patterson’s “Loving Female Relationships,” and Safari International, to mention a few.

Find out more about her in her website here.

Before all of her current endeavors, Shanalee was a president/technical recruiter at Staffing Science, facilitator at World Academy for the Future of Women, and account manager at Labtopia, Inc.

Shanalee has also worked at the Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC) as a West Central Information Systems Specialist, CostDoctor, Inc. as a Clinical Specialist/Template Developer, EDS Group as an Advanced Business Service Analyst NHIC, Director of Physician Services at MedDorna LLC, and VP of Physician Services at PracticeIT.

Is Shanalee Sharboneau Still Married?

Yes, Shanalee Sharboneau is still married to her husband Perry Sharboneau. They got married on 9 June 2007. Hence, as of May 2024, they have been happily married for 17 years.

Their son Braydon was born in 2010, he had severe reflux. She and her husband, Perry, spent the first 6 months with their son on a 24/7 vigilant watch to make sure his condition did not bring him back to Heaven.

On her author bio, Shanalee shared that she “spent countless hours rocking her son all hours of the day and night humming nursery tunes to calm him. None of them worked, until she began to hum a melody which later formed words. These words turned into lyrics, lyrics turned into verses, and the verses became the beautiful lullaby she sang to her newborn son entitled “My Mama Loves Me”.”

Shanalee jotted down every melody to the lullaby when Braydon’s reflux subsided, so she wouldn’t forget the comforting tune she used to soothe her baby boy when he was in distress. This was turned into the book “My Mama Loves Me: I’m Her Little Boy” for her soon-to-be children’s book series “My Family Loves Me”.

Shanalee Sharboneau Age

Born in 1969, Shanalee Sharboneau is 54 years of age.

What Is Shanalee Sharboneau Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Shanalee Sharboneau is Mcauliffe. Her grandparents immigrated from Ireland where she grew up hearing tales of Vikings, castles, leprechauns, and banshees.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Shanalee Sharboneau From?

Shanalee Sharboneau hailed from Austin, Texas. She is now residing in Iola, Texas.

  • Is Shanalee Sharboneau On Instagram?

Shanalee Sharboneau is available on Instagram (@theshanalee).

  • When Is Shanalee Sharboneau Birthday?

Every year, Shanalee Sharboneau celebrates her birthday in October.

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