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Shanna Gardner Fernandez Parents: Sterling And Shelli Gardner

Meet Sterling and Shelli Gardner the parents of Shanna Gardner Fernandez. Who are they? Are they still married? How many siblings does Shanna have?

Find out all the answers in this article below.

Who Are Shanna Gardner Fernandez Parents?

Sterling and Shelli Gardner are the parents of Shanna Gardner Fernandez whose Microsoft exec ex-husband Jared Bridegan was murdered by her currently estranged husband Mario Fernandez Saldana. Initially, Shanna wasn’t prosecuted initially. At the time she had released a statement.

Shanna expressed her approval of the prosecution’s decision to pursue the death penalty in a statement provided by the prosecution.

“The announcement today is another significant step toward justice,” Kirsten said. “The knowledge that the State is pursuing the death penalty for Mario Fernandez Saldana is welcome news because it signifies determination and the relentless pursuit of justice for Jared, our family, and the community. We aren’t backing down to those involved in the heinous, cold-blooded murder of my husband in front of our daughter.”

Moreover, Shanna was married to Jared Bridegan (the victim of the murder) for six years before they were divorced in 2015.

But according to an August 2023 update from ABC 7, Kirsten has been charged with first-degree murder in what Florida prosecutors have dubbed the “cold, calculated, and premeditated murder” of the father of four. According to the prosecution, a grand jury indicted Shanna in the middle of August for first-degree murder, a capital offense, as well as conspiracy to conduct first-degree murder and child abuse.

“Words cannot accurately express the depth of our sadness,” Shanna’s parents, Shelli and Sterling Gardner, said. “Family is our top priority. We love our daughter and are focused on supporting her and our entire family as we help our grandchildren navigate this difficult and very confusing time.”

No extradition date has been set, and Shanna is being detained in Benton County, Washington, on a fugitive warrant. She has the legal right to demand that Florida obtain a governor’s order so that she can return to Duval County, according to the judge there. A prosecutor claimed he had spoken with the Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office and anticipates the office will secure a governor’s warrant.

Andrew Wagley, Shanna’s lawyer, stated that they do not plan to waive extradition and will instead investigate the writ of habeas corpus procedure to challenge the legality of her detention. On September 14, the judge scheduled a review hearing. For up to 90 days, the state may detain her.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson said prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both her and her husband Mario Fernandez Saldana.

When it was time for Jared Bridegan to drop off the two kids he shared with his ex-wife, he was attacked during his typical routine. He came across a tire on the road while he was returning home, having one of his other little daughters in the rear seat. He was shot dead at close range as soon as he emerged. His wife had just spoken with him and claimed nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and the police reported that nothing appeared to have been stolen.

Meet Sterling Gardner, Shanna Gardner Fernandez Father

Sterling Gardner is the father of Shanna Gardner Fernandez. He was born in March 1950 which makes him 73 years old.

Sterling was an owner/helper at Stampin’ Up! He ran the business for 22 years in total from 1988 to 2010. There are no further details on his LinkedIn.

Sterling is the son of Ulysses Sterling Gardner and Hortense Brinkerhoff. His parents married on June 20, 1940, in the Salt Lake Temple, and after a long and happy marriage, she passed away on March 23, 2001.

Ulysess Sterling (better known as U.S. or Uke) and Hortense built and operated the Sourdough Café for 12 years in Bicknell, Utah, prior to moving to Kanab in 1957. U.S. worked for several government entities in construction or as a surveyor and retired from the Bureau of Land Management in 1981. The U.S. was well-known for his community service in the Lion’s Club. He also served as a city council member and a school board member.

In addition to serving in various church callings, he and Hortense served a mission for the LDS Church in the Washington Seattle mission. The U.S. loved people and enjoyed serving those around him. He was always sharing a joke or passing on a word of wisdom to make you laugh. His influence was felt by many, and he will be missed.

Besides Sterling, Ulysess was survived by Byron Averett (son-in-law), Ruth (Frank) Shearer, and 14 grandchildren; 39 great-grandchildren; and 2 great-great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his daughter Alice Averett.

Meet Shelli Gardner, Shanna Gardner Fernandez Mother

Shelli Gardner is the mother of Shanna Gardner Fernandez.

Shelli has been leading Stampin’ Up! through growth and difficulties for almost three decades, and it has been an incredible journey. Tens of thousands of demonstrators who assist others use the firm’s vast selection of high-quality paper crafting materials to express their creativity currently working for the company in ten different countries.

Stampin’ Up! has more than 500 employees globally between its production facilities in Kanab, Utah, corporate headquarters and distribution center in Riverton, Utah, and its international locations. Shelli has chosen her daughter Sara Douglass to take over as the company’s CEO in March 2016. As co-founder and board chair, Shelli continues to play a key role in directing the business.

In addition to Stampin’ Up!, Shelli’s drive to succeed in business and compassion inspired the development of Brick Canvas, a stunning facility situated at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. Brick Canvas is home to distinctive studios that provide services aimed at enhancing people’s health and well-being. Shelli actively participates in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Shelli and her husband Sterling moved away from their Utahn relatives and friends in 2015 to serve a 12-month mission for the Church in Hawaii. The pair was delighted to fulfill their longstanding ambition of going on a mission together.

The married couple also ran a foundation together called Sterling & Shelli Gardner Foundation.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Shanna Gardner Fernandez Parents Reside?

Shelli and Sterling Gardner appear to be residing in Hawaii.

  • How Many Children Do Shanna Gardner Fernandez Parents Have?

Besides Shanna, Shelli and Sterling Gardner shared other four daughters named Megan (age 48), Sara (age 45), Shalae (age 40), and Sage Gardner (age 38).

Shanna born in March 1987 is age 36 making her the youngest of five daughters.

  • Are Shanna Gardner Fernandez Parents Still Married?

Yes, Shanna Gardner Fernandez’s parents are still married.

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