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Shareefa Gyami Bio, Age, Job, Family, Mike Johnson Girlfriend

Mike Johnson, the famed former The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise has found love again.

Mike himself has not already given away the name of his girlfriend, but one can see that he is so in love and some Bachelor Nation fans even figured out who he is dating. Even we do actually. The reality TV personality has been romancing Shareefa Gyami, a lifestyle influencer. Keep reading and we shall tell you more about her.

Meet Shareefa Gyami, Former Bachelorette Star Mike Johnson’s Girlfriend

Mike Johnson seems to value privacy in his relationship with Shareefa Gyami. By himself, he even has not revealed her name, despite already showing her off on social media. But then, he also has given details of how they initially connected. So, here is what he revealed when he dropped by Click Bait with Bachelor Nation in December 2022.

Shareefa was initially approached by Mike’s “buddy” when he was out one night. The two did not hit it off romantically but the Shareefa had given Mike’s buddy her Instagram information. And so like that, Mike slid into Shareefa’s DM. When Mike talked about all of this, he had been dating her exclusively for a couple of months, but they had been talking for about six months in total.

In March (likely of 2023) Johnson joined “Click Bait” again and confirmed he was still dating the same person. He still would not share her name, noting “I believe in privacy not secrecy.” “I am absolutely dating someone. I won’t say her name. I can’t believe I’m telling this story. I don’t normally do something like this.”

About Shareefa, Mike also revealed how they love watching real estate guy Enes Yilmazer’s YouTube videos. During this talk, Mike opened up more about Shareefa and why he has been posting about her on social media.

Shareefa Gyami Age

Because Shareefa Gyani was born in 2001, she reached the age of 22 in 2023. This means there is a significant age gap between her and Mike who at the time of this writing had turned 35. This particular fact also has prompted a fair amount of commentary on The Bachelor subreddit.

Shareefa Gyami Family

Shareefa Gyami has openly talked about coming from a first- gen single-parent household. She has publicly converted about the struggle that she faced as a result of it. Nevertheless, she can not be more fond of her single parent, her mother Nuria Gyami.

On Mother’s Day, not long ago, Shareefa was seen writing on FB “Happy Mother’s Day to the Mom who does it all. Nuria Gyami I can attribute the beginning of all my successes to her. She is the embodiment of courage AND she is the hottest mom, but y’all already knew that though.”

Shareefa also has shared a story of how when she finished her 3rd year of college in Spain, she looked around and remember that none of it could have been possible without her mom and her continuous unwavering support.

In her family, Shareefa also has three siblings, two sisters and a brother named Amir.

What Is Shareefa Gyami Nationality?

It is not understood what nationality Shareefa Gyami acquires. Until November 2017, she was still living in Germany. Around that time, she had taken to her IG to tell her people how she is only left with a little over a month there in Germany. She gushed about having grown so much as a person and learned in her time there.

As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Austin, Texas.

Shareefa Gyami Height

Shareefa Gyami is as stunning as in her modeling shots and stands above 5’7” in height. Yet, she had to experience some modeling agency telling her “nyash” was too plumpy to ever be an Elite model. Nyash, to those of you who do not know, is a slang term for “big booty or big ass”.

You should also know that Shareefa is very particular about what she likes to wear. For one, she does not like wearing bras in her personal life or professional life. This fashion influencer has more than once shared her take on women going braless at work. Posing confidently in her outfits while showing the outline of her breasts and the imprint of her nipples is normal to her.

Shareefa Gyami Job

Per LinkedIn, Shareefa Gyami has been working as a freelance blogger as “Shareefahayat” since April 2021. Before that, she worked as a part-time office assistant for a Texas Senate.

How Much Is Shareefa Gyami Net Worth?

Shareefa Gyami reportedly had nearly $150K net worth as of 2023.

Between 2019 and 2023, she studied International relations and global studies, Business Administration, and Management at the University of Texas. And while in Spain, between January 2022 and May 2022, she went to study International Relations and Affairs at Comillas Pontifical University.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shareefa Gyami Birthday?

Shareefa Gyami’s birthday is on July 31st. Just recently, on this day, Mike was seen making her a wish by writing on social media “Happy Birthday gorgeous! Let’s continue to travel the world, and make out everywhere we go🤪😘.”

  • Is Shareefa Gyami On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes. Shareefa Gyami was on Instagram and TikTok as of 4 August 2023. Her IG @shareefahayat included 101 posts and 3,545 followers. “Creating a soft life”, she had written here as her BIO Quote. While on TikTok @shareefahayat, she enjoyed 40.8K followers.

At this point, one could also look her up on ‘Shareefa Gyami’ Facebook.

  • Where Does Shareefa Gyami Reside?

Shareefa Gyami originally hails from Dillenberg, Hessen, Germany.

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