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Sharon Vitale Bio, Tom Vitale Ex-Wife, Age, Job, Instagram

Valerie Bertinelli is leaving her husband of 10 years Tom Vitale. Both Tom and Valerie had come together after separation from their previous partners. Tom was previously married to his ex-wife, Sharon Vitale. And Valerie was married to the famous musician Eddie Van Halen (from the rock band Van Halen).

Eddie Van Halen does not need any introduction. But Sharon Vitale is very low-key. And not much was known about her. Tom barely talks about her. Although their children do appear on his social media at times.

So, we take on the task to know who Sharon is really? What is known about her? What is her job? Is she on Instagram, other social media? You will find out the answers to these questions if you keep reading.

Meet Sharon Vitale, Tom Vitale Ex-Wife

Tom and Valerie’s relationship is famous. Valerie is a famous actress and cook. And Tom is a famous entrepreneur and TV producer. Their power couple image brings a lot of media attention. However, the marriage between Sharon and Tom had nothing to attract media attention. Very little is known about it.

Here we tell you what little we could gather about their marriage.

Reportedly, Sharon and Tom got married in the 1980s. Some reports say that they share four children: Andie Vitale, Angela Vitale, and two other kids. Other reports say that Tom and Sharon have one child who was born in the year 2000.

Tom has one child who was born in the year 1999 or 2000. His name is Dominic. Tom has another son called Tony Vitale. Now, it was hard to confirm either of the reports. However, it is undeniably true that Tom was father to Andie, Angela, Tony, and Dominic. We just don’t know if Sharon was their mother.

Tom and Valerie got married in 2011. And that means Tom and Sharon separated in the mid-2000s. We do not know the exact reasons behind their separation but it might have something to do with Tom’s anger issues.

Tom was a very abusive husband. In 2001, he was even arrested for physically attacking Sharon. When police were called, he went on to resist the arrest. Furthermore, reports have it that not long after that he was charged with assaulting his little child.

Later, Tom had to undergo 12 weeks of anger management classes. In 2003, Tom attacked another man. And again in 2004, he was involved in a violent assault. After which, he was under supervised probation for two years.

What Is Sharon Vitale’s Relationship Status Now?

We do not know the relationship status of Sharon. It was very likely that she was married again or that she was a single woman raising her kids.

Tom, on the other hand, was married until a few days ago. Technically, he is still married; but won’t be for too long. Valerie, who first met Tom through her brother, has filed for a legal separation from Tom in Los Angeles Superior Court.

She cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason behind her filing for divorce.

Sharon Vitale Age

Tom Vitale was 58 years of age, having been born on 15 August 1963. And Sharon also must be close to that age, probably a few years less than that. Although we do not know her exact age, we know that she is well past middle age.

Sharon Vitale Job

We could not find anything regarding Sharon’s job and career. And Tom was an entrepreneur and a TV personality. He has appeared in reality shows like Valerie’s Home Cooking, The Apprentice, Hot in Cleveland, etc.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sharon Vitale From?

There was no information about Sharon’s hometown or current whereabouts. She was most likely American.

  • Is Sharon Vitale On Instagram, Facebook?

No, we could not find a Sharon Vitale on Instagram. There was, however, one Sharon Lucille Spencer, who was friends with Andie Vitale and Tony Vitale on Facebook. We do not know if Sharon Lucille Spencer is indeed former Mrs. Sharon Vitale.

  • What Is Sharon Vitale Maiden Name?

If the aforementioned Facebook profile was indeed Sharon Vitale’s, her maiden name was Sharon Christofani.

There was no information about Sharon’s own family. There was a little bit of information about her former in-laws though. Tom shares pictures of his family members on his social media quite often.

Tom wishes his mother on her birthday. She turned 92 years of age in 2021. And he wishes his father on his birthday. His father was 95 years of age. He also had a younger brother called Dave, who was 51 years old.

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