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Shawn And Alliya Bio, 90 Day Fiance, Age, Job, Last Name

Shawn and Alliya are the stars of 90 Day Fiance. The couple met when Alliya identified as Douglas. The two will spend this season getting to know one another better, but will their early chemistry and feelings for one another deepen or will they drift apart?

Learn more about them in this article below where we bring you details related to their age, job, and last names.

Shawn And Alliya On 90 Day Fiance

There are other factors besides Shawn and Alliya’s apparent age difference and cultural differences that could provide challenges for them to overcome. Alliya identified as male when they first started dating online since she was born with a male gender assignment. But as their relationship progressed, Alliya started to embrace her feminine side, and now that additional changes are occurring, she and Shawn must also learn to know one another.

Shawn claimed on the 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise opening episode that he has never assigned a label to his sexuality. They will have a crucial time together on 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise as Alliya works through her relationship with Shawn and her identity.

Shawn disclosed he met Alliya online in an exclusive sneak look on Access Hollywood’s YouTube channel. “She lives in Brazil, and she is the most amazing person I’ve ever met,” he said, adding, “When I first met Alliya, she was he, and he was Douglas.

Shawn revealed that Alliya had always loved wearing cosmetics and had been labeled a boy at birth. About a year and a half into their relationship, according to Shawn, “everything started to change.” Alliya is navigating her identity on 90 Day Fiancé, a show that does not often feature LGBTQ+ couples.

Shawn expressed his excitement to share the details of his connection with Alliya with PRIDE. He remarked, “It’s an amazing story,” and added, “I was glad it was being documented as much as I wasn’t prepared for everything that was going to happen in my life.” It’s such a significant story, in my opinion.

Shawn hopes that by watching his relationship with Alliya, the larger 90 Day Fiancé audience will be able to learn more about the LGBTQ+ population. He believes that when Alliya’s tale airs, it would “touch” a lot of people.

Shawn also mentioned that the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise will feature his personal narrative as a partner to someone who is figuring out who they are.

He disclosed, ““I’m half of this relationship, but I’m dealing with a whole person that has to live their life authentically” Ultimately, Shawn acknowledged that he signed on for Alliya’s show and that it “was a big deal” for him to be a part of such a popular TV program. Shawn hopes to effectively convey to viewers “this particular part of the community” that they might not be familiar with yet.

Are Shawn And Alliya Still Together?

Taking in consideration that Shawn and Alliya follow each other on Instagram, we can assume that they are still together. However, the pair has yet to confirm their relationship.

Shawn And Alliya Age

According to their respective bio, Shawn was 61 years old and Alliya was 25 at the time of filming the show.

Shawn And Alliya Last Name

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise star Shawn’s last name is Finch and Alliya is Batista (Alliya de Batista).

Shawn And Alliya Job

Shawn is a hairstylist for movies and television. According to his LinkedIn, Shawn is the owner of Reality WTF. He has been a personal hair stylist at Finch & Green.

Furthermore, Shawn was a personal hair stylist at NBC and also worked as department head hair stylist at VH1.

His career has been highly successful and long-lasting, and he has worked on numerous entertainment-related projects. Shawn’s first employment is mentioned on his IMDb as an uncredited supplementary hair stylist for the original 1996 Scream movie, which starred Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell.

His profession continued to expand after that, and he took on other hairstyling assignments. Shawn’s credits include The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas, Victorious (Nickleon), The Voice (a reality singing competition), and Armageddon Time (starring Anne Hathaway).

Shawn has done hair for several MTV Video Music Awards, suggesting that he has a solid working connection with the network. He was mentioned as the head of the hair department for the 2023 MTV VMAs, a makeup artist for the 2016 MTV VMAs, and a hairstylist for the 2015 and 2018 MTV VMAs. Living in West Hollywood, it’s obvious Shawn has made a significant name for himself in the entertainment industry.

When Shawn Finch first began styling hair, he worked with troll dolls. When he was six years old, he would find his mother and show her his creations after cutting, styling, and trimming the wild, colorful hair of the tiny plastic dolls.

“I would say, ‘Hey Mom, look at what I did!’ And she would say, ‘That’s amazing, go do another one,’?” he said. “I always thought she was impressed, but she was really trying to get me out of her hair.”

Finch had always wanted to be a hairdresser and had told his parents so, even back when he was still dressing his troll dolls’ hair. He worked on his own hair, which he allowed to grow long, and this helped him acquire the trade. Friends would eventually ask him to style their hair.

After starting her career in a Santa Rosa salon, Finch and a partner opened Biquor & Biquor of Beverly Hills in 1985 when Finch was twenty-three years old. His clientele rose, but he never gave up on his goal of becoming a successful actor in Los Angeles.

Alliya is the founder of @Alliyawear.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Shawn And Alliya From?

Shawn is based in New York and Alliya hailed from Brazil.

  • Are Shawn And Alliya On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Shawn is available on Instagram (@shawnfinch and @shawnfinchhair) and Alliya is also on Instagram (@alliyallim).

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