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Shawndreca Robinson Bio, Age, Net Worth, Kandi & The Gang

Kandi is a household name among Bravo TV fans. The “No Scrubs” singer made her debut on The Real Housewives of Atlanta on its second-season premiere in July 2009. She has since appeared in five Real Housewives spinoff and companion series, beginning with 2012’s The Kandi Factory, and keeping up with Kandi’s Wedding (2014), Kandi’s Ski Trip (2015), and Xscape: Still Kickin’ It (2017). In recent times, she has been in news for her sixth Bravo companion series appearance, and fifth series overall, Kandi and the Gang, that premiered on 6 March 2022. Now, with that being said, here’s everything you need to know about one of its cast members, Shawndreca Robinson.

Shawndreca Robinson On Kandi & The Gang

Kandi & the Gang chronicles Kandi, her husband Todd Tucker, and their restaurant Old Lady Gang’s dynamic staff as they face a much-needed change at the restaurant while juggling their career ambitions, larger-than-life personalities, and personal lives.

OLG is a joint venture that Kandi started with her husband along with her mother and aunts. So, they claim the southern soul food restaurant to be all about wholesome family traditions. But, in Bravo’s words, this new show aims to shed a light on how tricky it can be to work with family.

On its very first trailer, the makers featured some delicious dishes and hinted at some even juicier drama.

Introducing her OLG crew for the very first time Kandi said she can not wait for fans to especially meet her cousin and “ladies’ man” Patrick Dallas, the “extremely handsome” Phillip Frempong, and the “hilarious” BFF duo Shawndreca and Dom’Unique Variety.

So, one can expect Shawndreca to bring in a fair share of humor on the show. “It is so funny because it wasn’t even intentional”, Kandi, the leading lady, also already said this about her show.

Now, speaking of Shawndreca, her BIO on Bravo TV says she is the first, and self-proclaimed original hostess at OLG. That she also has a sharp tongue that can occasionally get her in trouble with management.

(Of course) her past entanglement with OLG valet owner, Patrick, also might complicated things for her.

Shawndreca Robinson Net Worth

Outside of OLG, Shawndreca Robinson is the owner of Shades by Dreca, operates several Airbnb rental houses, rents out kids bounce houses, and even teaches swimming lessons. These quintuple ventures are the reason that she gained more than $300K as net worth as of March 2022.

Not long ago, the entrepreneur admitted to Shoutout Atlanta that she had worked over 20 jobs at some point and was still never happy until the COVID pandemic came along and showed her that she could do anything she puts her mind to.

Lastly and reportedly, she also had taken a PPP loan amounting to $19,516 back in May last year.

Is Shawndreca Robinson Married?

Shawndreca Robinson was yet to get married as of the time of this writing. But she did have a fiancé and he is June Ballard, rapper, producer, director, writer, actor, five-times published author, and reality show star, as per his Instagram @kingjuneatl, that at this time entertained 110K followers.

Shawndreca Robinson is so happy to share her journey with June (PIC: Instagram)

June and Shawndreca have been engaged since October 2019 and lately around the time of 2022’s Valentine’s Day, he updated they are still together writing “We’ve been through our share of ups and downs but we still wear our crowns.”

The pair that seemingly lived together in Atlanta, Georgia, met on Tinder and started dating on 30 October 2019.

Now with that being said, let us finally reveal to you save the date 11 November 2022. Yes. Shawndreca and June are planning to get married on this day.

June, other than being Shawndreca’s greatest supporter, best friend, and partner in crime, is a father of a young son.

Shawndreca Robinson Age

Early in 2022, Shawndreca Robinson turned 31 years old.

Shawndreca Robinson Height

Shawndreca Robinson stands above 5’5” tall.

She claims she has always cared about her appearance. According to her, it is always important to her to look presentable no matter where she is going. “Teeth white, hair comb, shoes clean, clothes washed, nothing succeeds like the appearance of success”, she said and underlined that this very motto inspired her to launch her very own shades line, Shades by Dreca.

Is Shawndreca Robinson On Instagram?

Yes. Shawndreca could be found on Instagram @shawndreca_716, where she had 27 posts and 53.1K followers as of 7 March 2022.

One could give her a follow also on TikTok @smoochalicious_01, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts.

Related FAQs

  • What Do We Know About Shawndreca Robinson Family?

Shawndreca Robinson seemed close with her cousins Tara Robinson, Shema Worthy, and Jeffery Worthy. By the look of it, all of them grew up in the same neighborhood in Buffalo.

Then there’s Fredreca Worthy, who is likely the mother of Shawndreca. 52-year-old now, she is from Schenectady, New York, and currently based in Buffalo. “I am Mz Fred… I am an entrepreneur who makes money in every activity I do… Life”, she wrote as her BIO on Facebook.

  • When Is Shawndreca Robinson’s Birthday?

Needing to prove that age is just a number, Shawndreca Robinson took to her social media to boldly write “I HEARD the first 30 years of your childhood are the HARDEST!!!!!! Lmfaoooo happy birthday to me I’m blessed!!!” on her birthday last year (in 1st of February).

  • Where Is Shawndreca Robinson From?

Shawndreca is from Buffalo in the U.S. state of New York. However, lately, she could be found based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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