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Shea Foster Bio, Girlfriend, Parents, Age, Surviving Paradise

Netflix’s Surviving Paradise premiered on 20 October 2023 and one of the cast members is Shea Foster. She and her fellow cast members on Surviving Paradise believed they were visiting an opulent home. When they learned the reality, though, they were greeted with horror and had their jewelry and phones taken away.

Find out more about her family, dating life, age, and more from this article below.

Shea Foster On Netflix’s Surviving Paradise

Oklahoma native Shea Foster is one of the cast members on Netflix’s Surviving Paradise.

Unaware partygoers believe they are in for the summer of a lifetime, but Surviving Paradise has other ideas. The players are almost instantly exiled to the wilderness below it, where they will have to make do on nearly nothing, as opposed to living it up in a luxurious villa on a clifftop overlooking the ocean. The turn? The participants can alter their position in the game and return to the resort to compete for a life-changing cash reward if they can out-plan and out-strategize their rivals.

But nobody is ever safe in this kind of competitive gaming because one minute you’re living it up and the next you’re down to the fundamentals.

Twelve candidates think they’re going to spend the summer in luxury at a gorgeous estate. However, they will have to start from scratch and eke out an existence in the woods without any luxuries before they can pop any bottles. The players living in the wilderness, also known as the “outsiders,” will have numerous opportunities to come back to the villa, where they will eventually become “insiders.”

Outsiders can be voted back into the resort, where they will take an insider’s position and have the opportunity to fight for the cash prize if they succeed in challenges and forge powerful enough coalitions.

The contestants will fight their way into the villa for a chance to win the $100,000 grand prize.

Shea Foster, Aaron Blake, Copan Combs, Francisco Williams, Hayley Smith-Rose, Sarah Kate Reynolds, Justin Assada, Lellies Santiago, Taylor Olympios, Alex Dourassof, Linda Okoli, and Tabitha Kimberly Eva are the cast members competing for the cash prize.

Shea exclusively revealed to Reality Titbit that although he was “completely himself” on the show, there were occasions when he felt like he was “going to pass out at times.” He experienced “iPhone syndrome” when his phone was taken away because he “felt like there was something vibrating in his pocket.” He also said that more than a year ago was spent filming the series.

Shea disclosed that he and the cast were given food rations to prepare over the fire, each of which contained one protein and one carbohydrate. Additionally, they had to build the fire themselves. “A lot of people don’t know how to cook with no ingredients. It made me feel very uncultured cooking with no flavor. People got cranky as they wanted more food,” Shea told Reality Titbit.

When everyone went to camp in the wilderness, “nobody could poop because they weren’t getting enough nutrients.” They slept among “bugs” in this “unliveable situation.”

Shea revealed he has PTSD over the food they had to eat, which he would “never eat again.” However, being in the villa was a whole other story. “The feast in the villa, you couldn’t even eat it all,” he added.

When Shea and his co-stars found out that Surviving Paradise isn’t exactly handed to them on a plate, he found it was “fake.” “I thought it was fake, like a prank show.” He added: “We’re not going to go all the way to this luxurious location for this, everyone came from all over. Then I realized they were serious, and I thought, ‘This is crazy.'”

Shea mentioned that he “didn’t sign up for this” and that as a result, he felt “a little distraught.” The fine beachwear he packed, together with his jewelry, shoes, glasses, and phone, were all removed.

Shea Foster Girlfriend

Shea Foster is private about his dating life. On Facebook, he posted a pic of himself with an anonymous girl in March 2023. It is not clear who she is or if he is actually his girlfriend or just a good friend.

How Much Is Shea Foster Net Worth?

Shea Foster’s net worth is under $100 thousand. The reality star is a private jet broker for V2 jets and an entrepreneur.

Per his LinkedIn, Shea has been working as a Global Sales Manager at V2 Jets since April 2023. He is an Executive Board Member at the Big 12 Conference. Moreover, he was a Private Wealth Management Specialist at Morgan Stanley. From 2018 to 2020, he worked as an Institutional Relations Intern at the IRIS & B GERALD CANTOR FOUNDATION.

Shea served as Senior Vice President of the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He was a college leader at Younglife. However, he has since become an All-American in cross country. Find out more about his collegiate cross country & track here.

Talking about his education, Shea earned a bachelor’s degree () from Southeastern Louisiana University. He earned a Master’s degree () from Oklahoma State University.

Who Are Shea Foster Parents?

Shea Foster’s mother is reportedly named Deanna Clark. Deanna is 54 years old and living in Cypress, Texas. Unfortunately, his father’s information is unavailable.

Moreover, Shea reportedly has four sisters named Alexis, Madison, Heather, and Ashley.

Shea Foster Age

As of October 2023, Shea Foster is 26 years old.

Shea Foster Height

Shea Foster’s height is under 5 feet 11 inches. He has a fish tattoo on his chest that can be hailed as his distinct feature. In October 2021, he got in a terrible car accident.

“This is by far the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I got in a tragic car accident when an 18-wheeler ran a red light smacking into me. I suffered a multitude of devastating injuries. I ended up needing to get a spinal fusion and a bunch of other surgical procedures. Not knowing if I would be able to run again let alone walk again. Having 50 staples in my body and having to relearn how to walk was a real struggle, ” in part from the IG post, he wrote. “Doctors were saying that’s its a miracle that I’m not paralyzed from the waist down. I thought I’d never run again. My life will never be the same after this car accident. My life is nothing short of a miracle and I can only thank God that I’m still alive. I couldn’t have done anything without my family.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shea Foster Birthday?

Shea Foster’s birthday is on 1 July.

  • Is Shea Foster On Instagram?

Yes, Shea Foster is available on IG and FB.

  • Where Is Shea Foster From?

Shea Foster hailed from Cypress, Texas. He lives in New York, New York.

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