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Sofia Jirau Family: Victoria’s Secret Model Parents, Siblings

Meet Sofia Jirau Family in this article. Here we give you a glimpse behind the Victoria’s Secret model’s success in the modeling world

Keep on scrolling while this article opens up about Sofia’s parents and her siblings.

Who Are Victoria’s Secret Model Sofia Jirau Family Members?

Victoria’s Secret model Sofia Jirau has six members in her family. She has an elder sister Paola, two younger brothers; Rodrigo and Nacho, and of course her parents, Frankie and Mimi. Read more about them below.

Sofia Jirau Parents

The success of Sofia Jirau probably wouldn’t have been possible without the effort of her doting parents. Her parents believed in her dreams to become a model and supported her all the way through. They encouraged her to take on any presented opportunities and helped her try to make the most of them.

  • Meet Sofia Jirau Father, Frankie Jirau Rosaly

Sofia Jirau was born to her father Frankie Jirau Rosaly.

Frankie turned 53 years old in January 2022. He is the son of Wanda Rosaly (IG: @wanda.rosaly and @wanda.rosaly.3) and Francisco Jirau (@frankie.jirau.5) who has been married since December 1967. His parents live in San Juan, Puerto Rico and his father studied Management Information Systems at Colegio! UPR Mayaguez Campus and also at College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts of Mayaguez (CAAM).

Frankie has a brother named Rafael (@yafejirau) and a sister named Wanda Jirau (@wanda.jirau). She works as an associate professor of General Internal Medicine at Augusta University. On 13 September 2021, she celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary.

Her father is available on Instagram (@frankiejiraurosaly) and Facebook (@frankie.jirau).

  • Meet Sofia Jirau Mother, Mimi Gonzalez

Sofia Jirau’s mother is Mimi Gonzalez.

Mimi is the daughter of Luis Gonzalez Artime (@luisgonzalezartime) and (@hirzelmiriam). On her birthday on 25 November 2021, Sofia wished her via an IG post where she wrote, “Happy birthday may you meet many more. I want you to continue fulfilling. You are the best in my life. love you, mummy”.

Mimi is very close to her two siblings; Luis Gonzalez (@luisleongh) who is a lifestyle coach (@mylifestylecoachpr) and Maria Isabel Gonzalez (@maria_gonzalezh). Sofia’s mom is available on Instagram (@mimigonh).

Sofia Jirau Siblings

Mimi and Frankie had four children out of their marriage. They had two daughters; Paola and Sofia and two sons; Rodrigo and Nacho.

  • Meet Sofia Jirau Brothers, Rodrigo And Ignacio Jirau

Sofia is very clost to her two brothers Ignacio and Rodrigo.

Currently living in Augusta, Georgia, Ignacio had attended Cupeyville School. After high school. he enrolled at Augusta University. He is available on Instagram (@nacho_jirau) and Facebook (@ignacio.jirau).

Then, Sofia’s younger brother Rodrigo Jose. On his birthday on 23 January 2020, she wished him, “Happy birthday little brother. May you fulfill many more. You are already big.@rodrigojirauThank you for always being so special to me. I love you so much, your favorite sister. Sorry@paola_jirau”.

Rodrigo is living in their hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is currently attending Cupeyville School. Surfing and playing volley are some of his hobbies. He is on Instagram (@rodrigojirau) and Facebook (@rodrigo.jirau).

  • Meet Sofia Jirau Sister, Paola Jirau

Finally, the eldest of four kids is Paola Cristina Jirau.

Paola graduated from Cupeyville School. In 2019, she graduated cum laude from college with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She dated a guy named Christian Rivera in 2020. But, her Facebook revealed that she is single now.

Paola currently lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is available on Facebook (@paola.c.jirau) as well as Instagram (@paola_jirau)

Also, Paola turned 26 years old in January 2022.

Related FAQs

  • How Close Are Sofia Jirau Family Family Members?

All the family members of Sofia Jirau are very close to each other. They are also very interactive with each other on social media. Mostly they are very proud of Sofia for what she has been able to achieve.

  • Do Sofia Jirau Family Members Support Her?

Yes, Sofia Jiray Family members are very supportive of her.

Sofia’s mother spoke with Health Magazine about her daughter and revealed, “There were times she modeled with Lisa Capali and Wanda Beauchamp, who gave her the first opportunity. Last year she took a course with a modeling agency and went for a refresher. She has always liked modeling. The opportunity of San Juan Moda, for her, was spectacular. For us as a family very emotional. She opened the “show” and closed it.

When her daughter completed school she was scared to send her to college. She told the outlet, “I had two alternatives, it was university, which scared me a little, or work. That’s where INprende came about. Getting to work at INprende, a spectacular company, has been wonderful. They have welcomed her with great affection. She didn’t expect it to go this far. It’s incredible and I owe it all to Alessandra Correa and her team. I’m happy because she’s doing something”.

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