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Sophia Tanjali Bio, Aya Tanjali Sister, Age, Dating, Ethnicity

Sophia Tanjali is the younger sister of Aya Tanjali who recently got into a controversy after twerking with rapper Ice Spice. Learn all about her age, dating, and relationship status, social media reach, and ethnicity via this article below.

So, keep scrolling down to learn all that we know about Sophia.

Meet Sophia Tanjali, Aya Tanjali Sister

Sophia Tanjali is the younger sister of TikTok star Aya Tanjali. Both Sophia and Aya are the daughters of Jamila Dadasse and Mustafa Tanjali. The couple has at least other two children and one of them is named Yasmine Tanjali, Sophia’s older sister.

Aya currently has 6.6 million followers as we speak. Born on 24 April 2007, Aya is 16 years old. She is best known for her short comedy videos and she also posts dances and lip-syncs.

Their mother turned 50 years old in November 1972. Meanwhile, their father reached age 56 in September 2022. You can find them both on Facebook here (@mustafa.tanjali.5 & @jamila.dadasse).

The 16-year-old sister of Sophia recently gained notoriety outside of the well-known video-sharing app after taking part in a contentious music video for rapper Ice Spice. Despite being only 16 years old, Aya recently became famous for twerking on the deli counter in Ice Spice’s most recent music video, Deli.

This week, the rapper faced intense backlash for including Aya in the video for her new song, Deli, in which the youngster is shown twerking on all fours in a highly suggestive scene. Fans immediately condemned the rapper for the choice, expressing their disbelief that the juvenile was featured in the clips.

When it comes to the kid at the center of the controversy, Ice Spice, who lives her days as an ordinary high school student from Austin, Texas away from the spotlight of TikTok fame, not much is truly known about her.

According to the Daily Mail, she frequently shares images and videos taken inside her school’s classrooms, gym, hallways, and facilities. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, her father has a business, and Sophia, her younger sister, is also a student. (Modafinil) Aya uploads videos of herself dancing, performing comedy skits, lip-syncing, taking on challenges, dressing up, and going on trips with her sister and friends.

When she danced to the song Sex Talk by Megan Thee Stallion in 2020, she became famous on TikTok. Alayja White, Lovely’s Kouture, YBN Cosmetics, VL Jewelry, and WMC Clothing are just a few of the companies that have endorsed Aya. She vulnerably acknowledged in one of her YouTube videos that she experiences bullying from classmates.

Additionally, she claimed online that a teacher had disparaged her in front of the class when she wasn’t present, and she wrote: “How dare he speak down on the mf princess.” She playfully wrote: “At least I’m in one of my favorite teachers’ classrooms for summer school” when she had to go to summer school.

Aya has previously performed in front of the camera. On her social media, she frequently shares a ton of twerking videos, some of which were even shot in her high school. They most recently appeared in June 2023 TikTok where the two sisters appeared with their mother.

Aya starts to twerk on the video, and her mother mockingly slaps her behind. Based on their conversation, it can be inferred that her mother approves of Aya’s appearance in Ice Spice’s video and is in favor of her daughter’s in public dancing. Given that Aya is a young millionaire and most likely the family’s earner, it can be assumed that she will likely make the down payment on the house instead of her parents.

Sophia also appeared on another TikTok post where the two sisters appeared together in April 2023.

Twitter users criticized the rapper’s choice of twerking star, criticizing Ice Spice for including the teen in such a provocative way.

“I’m actually kinda disgusted that ice spice had that lil girl twerking in her music video but let me not say too much,” one person wrote.

“There’s no way no one told her having a minor twerking in your music video is a terrible idea,” another chimed in.

A third added: “ICE SPICE NOOOO!!!! AYA TANJALI IS 16!!!!!”

Is Sophia Tanjali Dating Anyone?

Sophia Tanjali’s dating life currently remains a secret.

Sophia Tanjali Age

Because Sophia Tanjali is the younger sister of 16-year-old Aya, in 2023, Sophia is under 14 years of age.

What Is Sophia Tanjali Ethnicity?

Sophia Tanjali is of Morrocan-American ethnicity. She is Muslim by religion.

Sophia Tanjali Height

Sophia Tanjali’s height measures under 5 feet 4 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sophia Tanjali Birthday?

Unfortunately, Sophia Tanjali’s birthday is not available at this moment.

  • Where Does Sophia Tanjali Reside?

Sophia Tanjali resides in Austin, Texas.

  • Is Sophia Tanjali On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Sophia Tanjali is available on Facebook (@sophia.tanjali), TikTok (@sophiatanjali), and Instagram (@).

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