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Squid Game #16 Sam Lantz Age, Husband, Job, Family

Sam Lantz, as they describe it on Squid Game: The Challenge, was the tallest person in his town growing up, and also that he also had a tough time growing up. Fast forward to today, he has grown much from those past experiences and has crafted an amazing life for himself. So much so, that he also found a way to be on Netflix. Yes! Sam is one of the contestants on Netflix’s show Squid Game: The Challenge. The last time we heard from him, he was hoping to win the competition and the hefty $4.56 million cash prize. He seemed ready to do everything in his power to remain the last one standing. So, what actually happened? We shall explore this and more in the rest of the writing.

Meet Sam Lantz, Player #16 From Squid Game: The Challenge

Sam Lantz was introduced to viewers on this reality show as Player 016 and with time he impressed them with his style of gameplay. While always trying to maintain his position in the competition, audiences saw this particular contestant trying to maintain good connections with everyone. And this eventually actually helped him in the later part of the show. Despite the chaotic course of events, he was able to mark a spot that not only brought him closer to the title of victor.

If you don’t already know, Sam also competes against Phill Cain and Mai Whelan in the show’s season finale. A teaser hinted that in the “Circle of Trust” challenge there is not anyone putting the box on Sam’s table. As a result, he is not required to guess anyone’s name. Clearly, this development made it easy for him to get picked for the finale, where he fights two of the strongest contestants on the show, Mai Whelan and Phill Cain.

It is to be seen whether Sam will be able to stand against Mai and Phill or not.

Sam Lantz Age

Because Sam Lantz was born in 1985, he turned 38 years old in 2023.

Sam Lantz Family

On the Netflix show that Sam Lantz participated in, he opened up about no longer staying with his family. He said growing up in a religious family, it was difficult for him to make his parents understand his inner self. He said he left home and came out and lost his family to their prejudices. After that, he said, he built a new family. He even bluntly shared that he now has other people who filled the roles of his family in a better way than his blood or relation ever did. Yet, last year on Father’s Day, he gushed “Happy Father’s Day, Dad! It’s been 18 years…. Crazy. I miss you” on a social media post. Then, just in August 2023, he showed a glimpse of himself with his sister. Not to miss, on Valentine’s Day, he introduced everyone to his nephews saying “Me and my amazing nephews. Just three gayz doing their best.”

Sam Lantz Husband

At the time of this writing, Sam Lantz seemed happily married to Doug Lantz (Douglas Lantz). A bit more digging and we learned that the two have been married since 2022.

Sam Lantz, his husband, and their dogs Moo and Duke, as seen during a hike in October 2023 (PIC: Instagram)

Sam also opened up that on a certain day (24 September 2022), he and Doug were supposed to elope off to Vegas and get married in a silly cowboy-drag wedding at a tacky drive-thru chapel. But, he said, their family had other plans and “crashed” their wedding. Fondly, he also shared that this made their “little” elopement into “so much more.”

Also, Sam revealed that he and been together with Doug since exactly 12 May 2019. They met likely when working together on a certain brand-new app.

Doug, who turned 56 in March 2023, is the booking producer at Good Morning America, producer at ABC News, former festival director and founder at Rincon International Film Festival, and former documentary filmmaker at Blake House Media.

Sam Lantz Job

Sam Lantz is the founder of two enterprises. One is the health and beauty brand Beard Giant, a company dedicated to grooming and appreciating all types of beards. This explains his own eye-catching beard. Sam and his team, on their website where they sell their products, claim they are tailored to give people softer, healthier, and fuller beards. To name a few, they have “Beard Butter” and “Peptide Beard Serum” selling each at $24.50.

The other company that Sam owns is Uncle Studio which is basically an art store. On its website, it is explained that Sam, AKA “UNCLE”, without any formal arts training, picked it on the mean streets of Kuna, Idaho, and with the support of his grandmother who was a fantastic artist, began drawing and painting whenever he could.

The last time, Sam went to college was between 2014 and 2017. He was at Pennsylvania College of Technology pursuing his high school studies, in Dental Hygiene/Hygienist.

Sam Lantz Height

Sam Lantz is aware and fond of his super tall height. He loves to go around as “six foot seven inches of pure goofiness.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sam Lantz From?

Sam Lantz was born and brought up in Kuna, Idaho. After that in 2019, he moved twice, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Long Beach, California. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Wilton Manors, Florida. After attempting college, Sam is known to have bounced around the country before settling in the dangly bit of America (for now).

  • When Is Sam Lantz’s Birthday?

Sam Lantz’s birthday is on June 6th, making him a Gemini.

  • Is Sam Lantz On Instagram?

Indeed, Sam Lantz can be found on Instagram. As of December 2023, his IG @paulbunyan_ish included 516 posts and 22.7K followers.

Besides, Sam also does not mind showing glimpses of his life on ‘Sam Wells (Samuel Lantz)’ Facebook.

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