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Squid Game Mothi Player 200 Age, Job, Wife, Instagram

Meet Mothi from Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge. His bio stated, “Mothi does musical theater. He sees himself as someone who can lead and be a team player, mostly because he has lots of stamina and self-confidence.” Mothi was playing to win, just like practically every other competitor, because he knew that the alluring $4.56 million pot would transform his family’s life as well as his own.

What is his job? Does he have a wife? Is he on Instagram?

Meet Mothi, Player 200 On Squid Game: The Challenge

Mothi entered Squid Game: The Challenge being true to himself. Mothi (Player #200) had intended to forge enduring ties and strengthen alliances after finishing the first challenge of season 1 in order to gain a place in the game. But his attempts to do so were not in vain.

Thus, when some of the other players had the chance to remove him, they acted without hesitation, probably fearing that his strategies might be effective if the player was permitted to maintain his goodwill with other players. Even though he didn’t spend much time on screen, Mothi made history by being the first individual to suffer the severe penalties of the dorm tasks.

Player 101 Kyle and Player 134 Dani have the ability to eliminate a player or give one an edge in the first episode. They made the decision to remove, and regrettably, Mothi was the intended victim, having a brief run on the popular Netflix series. Dani says that as they are debating which of their fellow cast members in Squid Game: The Challenge to eliminate, player 200 Mothi is “going around talking to everyone.”

“He’s always the one that’s like saying something.” When Kyle asked if contestants were “really trying to strategize us” Dani replied: “100%, and that scares me.” To the surprise of all, the decision was then revealed at supper. The guards then led him outside, when he declared he had “no idea” why he would be voted out.

“I never had the intention of going in there as someone I’m not,” he tells Tudum. “I felt I showed everyone my personality and I have no regrets in taking part. It was an interesting experience.”

In the UK, where he works as a home field technician, Mothi has been keeping his head down and concentrating on his career and family life since his removal.

“My routine is still the same,” Mothi told Tudum, adding that he’s currently focused on fitness and staying active. “I haven’t let being on the show affect me in my real life. Not yet, anyway.” Despite the fact that the game is designed to test participants’ limitations, Mothi is pleased with the way he managed the highs and lows of the competition, saying that all he wants is to spread “peace, love, and respect” around the world.

Squid Game Mothi Age

When Squid Game’s Mothi entered the show, he was 37 years old.

What Is Squid Game Mothi Last Name?

Squid Game’s Mothi is yet to share his last name.

Squid Game Mothi Job

Per his bio, Squid Game’s Mothi is working as a residential field technician. According to, “Resident Field Technician removes, installs, repairs, disassembles, assembles, performs failure analyses of all equipment including engines, electrical systems, hydraulics, transmissions, power train, brakes, steering, and electronic and computer applications. Work is done in the shop or customer’s location.”

He doesn’t seem to have a LinkedIn profile and his socials were untraceable.

Squid Game Mothi Wife

Squid Game Mothi opts to maintain privacy when it comes to his personal life. He didn’t promote his appearance on social media so it was impossible to trace his accounts. Hence, his relationship status as of the publishment of this article is unclear.

Though we don’t for sure if Mothi has a wife, he has spoken about his daughter in the show. Player #200 Mothi broke down in tears and addressed the camera, saying it was heartbreaking because he wanted to use the enormous prize money that was up for grabs to improve his daughter’s and his family’s lives. He said: “I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.”

Is Squid Game Mothi On Instagram?

We weren’t able to trace Squid Game’s Mothi’s Instagram or Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Squid Game Mothi From?

Squid Game Mothi lives in the United Kingdom.

  • How Tall Is Squid Game Mothi?

Squid Game’s Mothi stands tall above 5 feet 10 inches.

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