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Starla Soloway Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Influencers on social media these days have been living the best possible lives. Nevertheless, they also have been paying the price for it, especially by letting people talk about them in whatever way they might like. Let’s take TikToker Starla Soloway’s example. She was recently called out for “cultural appropriation” for new braids and speaking with a “blaccent.” So, in this writing, let’s find out what really happened and about other things about Starla.

Starla Soloway Called Out For Braids

So, on TikTok, many people seemed to have a problem with not just her getting new braids but also the way that her way of speaking changed once she got them. They criticized her for speaking with “blaccent” or “Black English”. There were also folks who thought there is no issue with Starla wearing braids because she is not being disrespectful to anyone.

Stara, nevertheless, decided to respond to the backlash-ones. In a series of TikTok videos, she came up with rather snappy comebacks, on 10 August 2023. She started with “To everyone that’s so pressed because I have braids and I’m a white girl, I have one question for y’all. Do you believe that cultures should be shared? And if the answer is no, why do y’all believe in segregation?”, and continued reacting to other comments too, like this one “Take them out now. Girl, what are you doing?”.

In a softer voice, she said she just wants “sincerely apologize” to everyone who is offended by her having braids. She said she did not know anyone would care about her hairstyle.

Soon after, Starla changed gears and literally started shouting. “Shut the f**k up. That’s what y’all really wanted me to say, huh? That’s how y’all want me to react to this s**t,” Starla said while bending over to shake her derriere. “Kiss my white f***ing a**, b***h.”

After this, things did go well as people continued backlashing her, calling her “racist” and even claiming that she is “rage farming”. To unversed, ‘rage farming’ is an internet term referring to a manipulative tactic to elicit outrage with the goal of growing internet traffic, online engagement, revenue, and support.

How Much Is Starla Soloway’s Net Worth?

Starla Soloway reportedly had less than $100K net worth as of August 2023.

It seems she made most of this fortune from working as a Play Boy model and lingerie model, and of course her social media fame. As of 20 August 2023, she enjoyed 55.6K followers and 1.8M likes on her TikTok @starlasoloway. Another account @solowaystarla just had 204 followers.

On social media, Starla also mentioned being managed by “BIG BOBBY THE BOSS”, a self-proclaimed “lawyer in the court of public opinion” and “social media guru.”

Starla Soloway Age

Because Starla Soloway was born in 2000, she reached the age of 22 in 2022.

Starla Soloway Ethnicity

Starla Soloway’s ethnicity is White/Caucasian.

Who Are Starla Soloway’s Parents?

Starla is clearly very fond of both her parents. She occasionally talks about them also on her social media posts. One time on Father’s Day, showing a beautiful old memory of her and her dad she gushed “Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad😎.”

Starla’s dad is called Brian Greg Soloway. A Tomball, Texas native, he turned 47 in March 2023. Per LinkedIn, he has been working full-time as a Regional Vice President of South at Rittal North America LLC in Houston, Texas since February 2023. The patriarch in his older days studied MBA in International Business and Finance at Marquette University (2006 – 2008). Even before, he did his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Youngstown State University (1994 – 1999).

Starla’s mother Laurinda Mae Soloway, AKA Rindy Rindy, (on IG @rindy_soloway) turned 48 years old in February 2023. The matriarch also went to Youngstown State University early on. So, that is most probably when she and her now-husband Brian got together.

Speaking up siblings, Starla has three of them. They are Carter, Callie, and Luke Soloway.

Also, other people known in Starla’s family are her maternal grandparents Pattie M Anzevino and Dominic Anzevino (deceased July 2021) of Youngstown, Ohio. And then there are Gregory T Soloway and Mary A Soloway of Citrus Springs, Florida, her paternal grandparents.

Starla Soloway Husband

Starka Soloway has a baby and a baby father also. However, at the time of this writing, it was not understood, if they also are married.

Starla has an adorable little boy called Cairo, full name Cairo Isaiah Soloway-Rollins, who happens to have an IG page of his own (@cairo.soloway.rollins). Also, the young man had his first birthday on 28 July 2023.

Is Starla Soloway married? (PIC: Instagram)

Even today there are several pictures of Starla with her baby and the baby’s father. So, it looked like they are still together.

Starla Soloway Height

Starla Soloway is below 5’3” in height, but she appears far more taller, in especially her modeling shots.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Starla Soloway From?

Current Residence: Houston, TX, Originally From Tomball, TX

  • When Is Starla Soloway’s Birthday?

Starla Soloway’s birthday is on October 31st and that makes her a Scorpio.

  • Is Starla Soloway On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Starla was on Instagram and Facebook as of August 2023. Her IG @starlasoloway included 87 posts and 14.5K followers. Another IG, just had 4 posts and 74 followers. This account particularly, she said, is used as a digital portfolio.

Then, on ‘Starla Soloway’ Facebook also Starla regularly posted glimpses of her life.

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