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Steffi Hill Bio, The Circle S6, Age, Husband, Job, Parents

For Steffi Hill, “The Circle” on Netflix proved to be the ultimate test of her apparent clairvoyance and gut feeling. She never hesitated to take potshots at anyone she thought might not be entirely trustworthy since she trusted her sixth sense.

Despite the fact that she got into trouble for this quite a few times, her presence brought a distinct dynamic to the group, even though many people thought she might not even be human because of her language and consistency.

Scroll down this Steffi’s article and learn a few things about her.

Steffi Hill On The Circle S6

Steffi Hill described herself as a “professional astrologer and evidential psychic medium,” indicating that she had a fascination with the paranormal. The reality TV star introduced us to Herbert, also known as Herby, a black-cap wearing skeleton that she labeled her “emotional support skeleton.” She made it clear that she thought of the skeleton as a close friend. She frequently reflected on her ideas while speaking with Herbert during her tenure in the show.

Steffi was upfront about her interest in astrology while creating her show biography, but she purposefully choose not to disclose that she was an apparent psychic. She stated that this was done to prevent anyone from realizing that, despite her “totes” belief to the contrary, her deceased aunt was assisting her in her plan. She did bring up her profession as a screenplay writer, but she insisted that she was blissfully engaged. All prepped, she was ready to navigate the stage with what seemed to be a sixth sense.

Steffi’s fascinating charisma made her highly popular with the other cast members. In addition to leading them in group yoga poses, she would also provide astrological analysis based on the zodiacs of the other cast members. Although many were amazed by her extensive knowledge of astrology, many also harbored suspicions that she was an AI bot posing as a human among them. She was reportedly able to share astrology-related predictions verbatim, which is why this happened.

Besides, Steffi had a suspicion that Paul might not be the person he claimed to be. Steffi was not far off, considering that Paul was, in fact, a fictitious profile that Lady Caress was utilizing. She wasn’t sure how to persuade others of the same, though, as she had decided not to disclose her psychic status to anyone. Nevertheless, she did make a slight in public by hinting at this truth. Furthermore, she gained a great deal of mistrust for her rap, which implied that Myles Reed, who was not single, might be flirting with Quori-Tyler, also known as QT.

Steffi Hill Age

In 2024, Steffi Hill is 35 years of age.

Who Are Steffi Hill Parents?

Although we know almost nothing about her parents, some of the family members and relatives of Steffi Hill are Timothy Hill, William Hill, and Michael Hill.

Steffi Hill Job

Steffi Hill is a Psychic Medium, Intuition Teacher, and Astrologer. She is also the creator of Spirit Sis.

On her bio, Steffi states that she desires “to help you unlock your magnetic potential. If you’re feeling blocked, stuck, or things aren’t “happening” quick enough…. this is a great place to start.”

And then added, “My biggest goal is teaching you how to access your OWN Intuition to empower alignment in your everyday decisions. Through my teachings, I assist you in feeling more connected to yourself, your purpose and your soul’s journey.  I want to bring you back to your peace of OWNING exactly who you are. You are a unique, blissful, abundant being of light. Your soul is meant to be here, right now, and it’s begging for you to slay it sister!”

Via her website, Steffi provides a free email series: intuition tips, astrology courses, and awakening clients’ institutions.

Click her shop here to discover what she has to offer.

On YouTube, Steffi has garnered 1.01K subscribers and has posted 125 videos.

Her LinkedIn, on the other hand, states that she is a screenwriter in Los Angeles, California.

Steffi Hill Husband

Steffi Hill is married to her anonymous husband who she refers to as IS. She never thought she would ever get married but it happened.

The astrologer recently decided to get married despite being engaged when she first appeared on the show. She decided to elope and get married alone, just she and her now-husband.

Hawaii’s Kauai Beach served as the venue for the wedding, which had an stunning backdrop. Steffi disclosed on social media that she had taken astrocartography, numerology, and astrology into consideration when deciding where, when, and how to tie the knot.

“Eloping just us two was by far the best choice I’ve ever made. It was intimate, raw, sacred, joyful, emotional, playful, vulnerable and real. Saying yes to this union was a step in the direction of disconnection from the old family and the specialness of building a new one,”  Steffi shared. “My elopement was non-traditional, and that’s why I never connected to the whole marriage concept. My soul knew what it truly wanted & needed allll along!”

Steffi Hill Height

Steffi’s height measures above 5 feet 3 inches

Related FAQs

  • Is Steffi Hill On Instagram?

Steffi Hill’s verified Instagram flaunts 46.7K followers.

  • When Is Steffi Hill Birthday?

Steffi Hill’s birthday is in July.

  • Where Is Steffi Hill From?

Originally from Michigan, Steffi Hill resides in Redondo Beach, California. She also lived in Torrance, California.

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