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Stephan Alexander Bio, MTV, Age, Job, Instagram

Stephan Alexander is best known as the reality star of MTV and baby daddy of Teen Mom Kayla Sessler. Over the years their relationship has been a turmoil and fans wanted more updates on their relationship.

Delve into this Stephan Alexander Bio to learn about his job, age, and Instagram.

Stephan Alexander And Kayla Sessler’s Relationship

Kayla Sessler and her ex-boyfriend Stephan Alexander had a rocky relationship ever since they had their son Izaiah Sessler. Most of the time, he was away from the life of his son, and even Kayla admitted that he was out of the picture for a while.

When a fan asked about Stephan and his involvement in their lives, Kayla revealed that the last scene in the previous season where she and Izaiah went to meet Stephan, was the last time they ever met each other.

Kayla also slammed her baby daddy for just paying $11 in child support a month. She had made complaints about the child support issue four months after the birth of the baby. According to the sun, Court papers stated that he was ordered to pay $124 per month. Later in April 2018, it was readjusted to $40 a month until June 2036.

Later, Stephan went on his socials to clap back at Kayla and wrote, “Remember what goes around come around. Mfs be tuff [sic], Tony, with a camera around. Mfs be living too much of that persona life they don’t remember where they came from. If only Mfs was talking like this when I gave af about drama. But imma let y’all talk y’all just keeping me relevant cause nothing else is important for Mfs to talk about.”

What’s more, Stephan denied the post was aimed at his ex-girlfriend. He stated that people should stop making everything about him, Kayla, and Luke. He asked for less drama than what is already there in the first place.

Now Kayla has a daughter named Ariah with her fiance Luke Davis III and is expecting her third child as of Sept 2021. However, the father of her stillborn is yet to be revealed.

In Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, Stephan made a mistake saying that Izaiah was celebrating his fourth birthday while he was actually celebrating his third. Fans of the show bashed him for mistaking his child’s age. She promised that she won’t let her ex see her son any time soon.

Who Is Stephan Alexander Dating Now?

After Kayla Sessler, the next relationship that caught my attention was Stephan Alexander’s relationship with Madison McClain.

Madison turned heads back in May 2021. According to the reports of Fox 39, she was arrested for drug charges and drunk driving. Police had reported a car stalled on a ramp which was impeding the flow of traffic.

Police got to the scene but Madison tried to drive away in her car. She faced Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding, Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence charges and Driving While License Suspended.

Madison entered the life of Stephan in 2017. Kayla had admitted that Stephan cheated on her with Madison.

Kayla cited her as an inherently “violent” person. “My big issue with her is that when I was pregnant, me and her got into it and she said that she was gonna beat my ass and make me have a miscarriage,” Kayla made an accusation toward Madison.

Kayla also addressed the fight between Stephan and Madison and confirmed that she couldn’t let her son be in such a violent environment. She once tried to confront Stephan about his chipped tooth, but Stephan spoke in defense of his then-girlfriend Madison.

“Stop trying to come at her like she’s a bad person,” Stephan said to Kayla.

Stephan Alexander Family

Stephan Alexander was born to his father Stephan Alexander Jr. and his mother Annette Walker in Dayton, Illinois, United States.

His father, Stephan Jr. attended Hirsch Metro High School and later studied criminal justice at Westwood College School of Justice. Formerly, Stephan Jr. worked as a technician at AT&T, former parent liaison/recruiter at Envision Unlimited Foster Care. Now (September 2021), he worked as a family service worker at Deton Brooks Child Care Center.

Whereas Annette Walker got the attention after she and her son’s baby mother got into a fight in the new 2021 episode of Teen Mom, Annette got into a fight with Kayla. As the preview showed, Stephen sat down with his mother. Later, the clip showed that Kayla getting cash out of her wallet and throwing it at her Annette saying it was payment for the clothes she claimed she purchased for the toddler.

As a response, Annette took a swing at Kayla.

Kayla replied while walking away, “Hit me then. I’m not going to hit a grown a** woman and go and get in trouble, f**k that,”

Annette then talked to the camera saying “She can have her, her family, and her baby. I’m just done. I can’t do it.”

Coming to the siblings, Stephan has at least two elder siblings, a brother, and a sister.

Stephan Alexander Job

According to Stephan Alexander’s Facebook, he attended DeKalb High School. After graduation, he enrolled at Duke University where he studied basketball. Stephan formerly had a job as a manager for Nike Basketball. 

Furthermore, Stephan Alexander is a reality star for MTV who starred in 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom: Young Pregnant. According to the court report, he made a monthly income of $751 from MTV and listed MTV – New Remote Productions as their employer.

As an aspiring basketball player, Stephan has a dream to pursue a professional basketball career after Duke University.

Related FAQs

  • How old is Stephan Alexander?

Stephan Alexander was born on 6 October 1997. He turned 23 years old in October 2020.

  • How tall is Stephan Alexander?

Stephan Alexander stands tall at a height of 6 feet (1.82 meters).

  • Is Stephan Alexander on Instagram?

No, Stephan Alexander was hard to discover on Instagram. But, he has a Facebook account.

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