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Steve Lesh Bio, Hair Real, Today, Whitney Rose’s Father

In a Feb 2022 ep of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Whitney Rose revealed that she was grieving the loss of her father, Steve Lesh — who wasn’t dead. According to the star, her meds-addicted father went missing in September of 2020, and she’s never heard of him since.

So, what happened, and where is he today? Also, if you’ve been following RHOSLC since the inaugural season, you must know he flaunts amazing hair. But is it real? Find answers below. 

Meet Steve Lesh, Whitney Rose’s Father

Steve Lesh first appeared on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City back in November 2020, when the show’s pioneer ep titled “Welcome to Salt Lake City!” aired on Bravo.

At the time, Whitney shared that Steve turned to prescription drugs after his wife chose to divorce him. “My dad became very lonely and turned to prescription drugs to self-medicate,” she revealed. (Whitney was 16 at the time.)

So, Steve was then sent to a 30-day rehab, and after he returned the father-daughter duo then gave their best to have a fresh start. In summary, Whitney took him to church, checked him into sober living, and even had him move into her home during the 2020 pandemic.

Unfortunately, Steve just couldn’t adjust to them. So, being accused of manipulating and taking advantage of Whitney and her husband, Justin, he was forced to leave their home.

Where Is Steve Lesh Today?

Steve remains missing today, as of Feb 2022.

Ever since he left his daughter’s home, Steve has only come in contact with Whitney back on her 33rd birthday (i.e. on September 30, 2019). However, he was still in the winds months later, until everyone completely lost track of him in September of 2020.

“He’s disappeared, he won’t respond to me. I saw this going very differently. I saw us watching (the show) together and celebrating (his sobriety). There are so many opportunities for him to change his life, especially now with this platform. I still want people to root for him. That’s what he needs. He needs love,” Whitney talked about him.

Also, if we consider Steve is still active over socials, his FB mentioned him to be “single.” Guess, he was living a secluded life somewhere.

Is Steve Lesh’s Hair Real?

No, Steve Lesh’s hair is not real.

We went through Steve’s past pictures and found out that he seemed to have maintained both short and long hair in the same month, which is practically impossible.

Moreover, in a few of the pics, Steve’s hair looked all grey and old, which is perhaps his natural hair.

Nevertheless, Steve did a pretty good job on his hair. So much that it once made waves amongst the RHOSLC  viewers. “Whitney rose’s dad’s hair is gonna haunt my dreams tonight,” a fan wrote.

Was Steve Lesh On A Band?

It’s unclear if Steve Lesh was ever in a musical band.

But we’ve got to admit, he did look like a rockstar under that long straight hair.

How Much Is Steve Lesh Net Worth?

Steve Lesh flaunted a net worth of above $1 million by 2022.

A hairdresser by profession, Steve made tons selling his products under the brand name Lesh Hair Products. But sadly after his addition, he had no choice but to shut down his business.

However, Steve was determined to rise again. In an ep of RHOSLC, he claimed that he was “starting over at 63 years old”  —  “I look at it as a blessing. I prayed for the rain now I gotta deal with the mud,” he added.

No wonder, he agreed to share his story on the Bravo show.

As per IMDb, he has appeared in over 8 ep of RHOSLC.

Also, here’s his LinkedIn if you want to learn more.

Trivia: Back in 2014, Steve also worked as a consultant at Ashland, a global specialty materials company 

Steve Lesh Wife

Steve Lesh’s former wife is Jolene Lesh, a Pleasant Grove High School graduate. She was 67 years of age in 2022 and resided in  Alpine, Utah.

The duo shares two kids — Whitney and her brother Will Brucker.

Unlike Whitney, Will was very close to Steve.

Steve (38 in 2022) is a Pleasant Grove High School and UVU graduate, who has two kids of his own.

As for Whitney, she is an RHOSLC who was married to a high-powered executive around the greater Salt Lake City area named Justin. The two have 18 years age gap.

What Is Steve Lesh Addicted To?

Steve Lesh was mostly addicted to prescription medications.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Steve Lesh?

Steve Lesh was 65 years of age in 2022.

He celebrates his birthday on August 24, making him of the Virgo zodiac.

  • Is Steve Lesh On Instagram?

Yes, Steve was on Instagram @stevelesh, and Facebook @steve.lesh.31.

  • Does Steve Lesh Still Reside In Salt Lake City?

The last we checked, Steve resided in Healey Crt, Alpine, UT.

It’s unclear where he lives today.

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