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Stuart Chaseman Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Jewish Matchmaking

Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking premiered in 2023 and one of the cast members who meet on the show is Stuart Chaseman. While his quest for finding love unfolds on the show, here we cover details about his parents, job, and his age.

Read all about Stuart here in this article below.

Stuart Chaseman On Jewish Matchmaking

Jewish Matchmaking, a potential offshoot of Indian Matchmaking, began its first season on Netflix. In it, singles from Israel and the United States who are looking for their bashert, or soulmate, are introduced to a matchmaker and dating coach. Jewish culture has a tradition of using shidduch, a centuries-old method of marriage-related matching, to find enduring love in today’s swipe-happy society, similar to Indian matchmaking.

Aleeza Ben Shalom has an extremely successful track record of helping over 200 couples with her no-nonsense, modern approach to traditional practice.

“I knew that matchmaking existed, but I thought it was an old thing that bubbies would do in Yentl or Fiddler on the Roof,” Aleeza tells Tudum. “But the more I learned and the more I got into the community, I realized this exists in the real world and lots of people do this — men, women, rabbis, and regular people doing real, modern-day matchmaking. I was like, ‘Oh, well this is really fascinating.’ This is to me the most important work of the entire world.”

One of the single to ready to settle down is Stuart Chaseman. He described himself as a “professional dater.” Though he crossed the age of 50, he hasn’t given up on love. So, he stated that he is open to everything Aleeza has to offer, including a mini-makeover.

Stuart previously dated “gentile women and realized the hard way that it does make a significant difference.” He claims that he would love to avoid having to explain the humor of Curb Your Enthusiasm to any potential partners. Stuart doesn’t consider himself to be particularly religious, in contrast to many of Aleeza’s clients, but he has a deep cultural affinity with Judaism.

“I grew up in a Jewish area,” Stuart says. “Most of my friends are Jewish. I go to a local Chabad to observe Shabbat to try and maintain a connection to my Judaism and for the community.”

Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking: Are Stuart Chaseman And Pamela Still Together?

Stuart Chaseman has reached middle age but he still believes in finding true love. In order to locate the one who is ideal for him, he is adamant about trying everything, no matter how unusual. Stuart was raised by parents who were devoted to one another and will not accept anything less. He is clear about what he wants: an individual who shares his ideals and is tolerant and open-minded. Stuart has some preferences for a potential companion, despite not being extremely religious.

His requirements include not having more than four children and two animals, and he is not searching for an aggressively religious girl. But most importantly, he considers intolerance to be a “deal breaker”.

The first date Stuart has with Hope, a teacher at an NGO, is successful. He is as charming as always, making her smile and feel at ease the entire time they are together. Stuart is also likable and easy to chat to in Hope’s opinion. Stuart notices that their conversation seems a little wrong despite their first connection. Additionally, he thinks Hope is more devoted to her practice of Judaism than he is, which doesn’t sit well with him. Stuart gives Hope a music CD as a thank you for the date, but he’s unsure if there might be a chance for more.

Aleeza introduces Stuart to Pamela, a comedian and disability rights activist. Stuart was moved by Pamela’s dedication to her line of work and her use of humor to promote accessibility for the disabled community. Their shared disdain for “Star Wars” was what, for Stuart, really sealed the deal. They were conversing and laughing freely, feeling at ease and natural in each other’s company. Stuart’s charisma and charm equally enchanted Pamela. She acknowledged that she hadn’t laughed so hard on a date in a while and expressed her admiration for their chemistry.

It was obvious that this was not just a casual get-together. It was delightful to watch Stuart and Pamela get to know one another more because they had discovered something unique. It became obvious that the two were a perfect match as they conversed and laughed together. They clicked right together, and their effortless chemistry and similar ideals made it obvious that this was a relationship with serious promise. Stuart was thrilled because he had, at last, found someone who met all of his criteria, and Pamela was thrilled because she had found someone who actually understood her and made her feel happy.

These two do not now follow one another on Instagram, which is unfortunate for the StuPam stans, thus it appears that nothing happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Stuart Chaseman Job

Stuart Chaseman reportedly owns an advertising company. However, there is nowhere mention of what his company is named. Instead, Stuart is the president of Scholastic School Supply since October 2017.

Besides his day job, Stuart’s calling is music. He is a singer-songwriter whose distinctive sound takes reference from such American roots rock artists such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. From stage to studio, Stuart’s many talents have made him one of the most sought-after musicians in Chicago, performing with a wide variety of local and national acts including Peter Himmelman and musicians from Train and The Bad Examples. His big voice is what will initially grab your attention, but it’s his gritty yet sensitive lyrics that will keep you coming back.

As a founding member and primary songwriter of the rootsy rock band The Tree Huggers, Chaseman left an indelible mark on rock audiences in Chicago and beyond. They developed a strong cult-like following from their marathon shows, as well as the requisite Springsteen comparisons. After focusing his attention away from the music scene for a few years, playing only the occasional benefit show, Chaseman inked a deal with Gonzo Music. Next Exit Brigadoon, his long-awaited solo CD, was released in 2012.

In December 2022, Stuart released an album titled Secrets, Lies, and Alibis. Stuart had worked for an entire year on the music, with the first single “Sins” released on April 14 and the second single “Way Back Home” set to release on the same day Netflix airs the reality series, May 3. On May 19, the full album titled “Secrets, Lies, and Alibis” will be released. This album is packed with songs that showcase Stuart’s roots rock power, featuring catchy choruses and meaningful lyrics that delve into the relationship trials he has faced in the past.

According to Stuart’s LinkedIn, he attended the University of Illinois Chicago. He studied management and graduated in 1993. He completed high school in 1988 at Adlai E. Stevenson High School.

How Much Is Stuart Chaseman Net Worth?

In 2023, Stuart Chaseman’s reported net worth is above $500 thousand.

Stuart Chaseman Age

Stuart Chaseman was born in 1970. He turned 52 years old in September 2022.

Who Are Stuart Chaseman Parents?

Stuart Chaseman is the beloved son of the late Edward Harris Chaseman and Helene Chaseman.

Edward was born on 17 April 1943 and died on 21 August 2015 at the age of 72 years old. On Father’s Day 2017, Stuart wished his dad, “Happy Father’s Day, dad. Please watch over Mom. I’m doing my best but can use your help.”

In 2019, Stuart shared about his mother writing, “I hate this. My mom is coloring like a child with women 20 years older than her.”

Later in September 2020, Stuart posted on his Facebook, “Dear mom… you know I never do the Jewish ritualistic stuff. Today is Yizkor where we honor those who passed. Today it’s my honor to celebrate your life with the Jewish ritualistic stuff. I can use your help…. please give me your experience, strength, and hope as well as knowledge of your will for me. I will never stop honoring your life.”

Stuart’s mom passed away in April 2020. She was 74 years old at the time of her death.

Based on Helene’s obituary, he is the only child born to his parents. He also had a maternal aunt named Elyse Joy Weiss who died on 16 February 2019. Elyse and Helene were children of Sam and Blanche Weiss.

After graduating from Mather High School, Elyse attended Drake University in Des Moines, graduating with a degree in Political Science in 1972. In 1990, Elyse received her Master’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation from Drake. Always politically active, Elyse was a liberal Democrat meeting every candidate running for office and volunteering in many ways.

Stuart Chaseman Height

Stuart Chasemen stands tall at the height above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Stuart Chaseman Birthday?

Stuart Chaseman’s birthday is on 6 September.

  • Where Is Stuart Chaseman From?

Stuart Chaseman is originally from Buffalo Grove, Illinois. He is currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Is Stuart Chaseman On Instagram?

Find Stuart Chaseman’s Instagram and Facebook here.

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