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Survivor 43: Ryan Medrano Bio, Condition, Dating, Family

Survivor Season 43 returned in Sept 2022 and the hit CBS reality show had more young faces than we’ve seen ever in the show’s history. The Survivor 43 cast included a clinical psychologist, a teacher, a Paralympian, and a cerebral palsy patient. Among the 18 competitors appearing on Survivor Season 43, Ryan Medrano was one.

Read this  article till the very end to learn about Ryan’s Survivor 43 stint, his condition, job, dating life, and more.

Ryan Medrano On Survivor 43

Hosted by Jeff Probst, Survivor 43 kicked off with a two-hour premiere on September 21st on the CBS network. This season, 18 players are fighting to win the title of Sole Survivor and a grand cash prize of $1 million.

According to, Ryan’s favorite hobbies are fishing, hiking, and carpentry and his pet peeves are bullies, laziness, and self-entitlement.

Since his birth, Ryan Medrano had to find his own way to solve things. Born with cerebral palsy, doctors said he wouldn’t be able to walk. Despite the odds against him, Ryan learned to walk and converse with people after four years of therapy.

Ryan always had to read body language and facial expressions to anticipate the next moves. He believes this skill will help him read people well and tell when they’re lying in Survivor.

In an interview with, Ryan revealed why he was on Survivor. His response was: ‘I’m here on Survivor because when I see Survivor on TV… I’m like, “That looks amazing. These people are going through life-changing events and really finding more out about themselves.”

Ryan also shared that he usually identifies the most with the non-winners. He said Rupert or Xander are the non-winners he identifies a lot with. One of the winners that Ryan likes is Parvati. He was particularly impressed by the way she played the game.

When asked about what type of player was he looking for in an alliance, he said he wants two people whom he can trust and understand their body language so that if they ever come to a point at the end, he may be able to get them to tell him the truth, “Hey, we’re thinking about voting you out. Give me a reason why we shouldn’t.” And he also wants those two people to find two people.

Ryan Medrano Condition

As we told earlier, Ryan Medrano was born three months early and had a condition called cerebral palsy at the time of birth. Although the doctor said Ryan could not walk his whole life, after going through therapy for four years, he was able to walk and converse with people like a normal human.

However, it made his thinking a little slow. Learning people and their facial expressions helps him anticipate what’s gonna come next so he is not lost in the dust behind any conversation.

Ryan was also bullied a lot as a kid for his medical condition.

How Old Is Ryan Medrano?

Reportedly, Ryan Medrano turned 25 years old in 2022.

Ryan Medrano Job

Talking about Ryan’s job, he is a warehouse associate and a personal trainer. As per his Facebook, he previously worked at Bible Baptist Church.

Ryan completed his college studies at Tanana Middle School and secondary level education at Hutchinson High School and Coronado High School (El Paso, Texas).

Ryan Medrano Height

Based on Ryan’s social media pictures, his height definitely seems to be at least 6 feet.

Is Ryan Medrano Dating Anyone?

Ryan Medrano is currently dating his girlfriend, Justine Salais. Although the pair have been good friends for a long time now, Ryan asked Justine to be his girlfriend on their mini-retreat on November 13, 2020.

The adorable made their relationship Facebook official on November 17, 2020.

Reportedly, it was Ryan’s girlfriend who got him into watching Survivor since she’s a superfan of the show.

Ryan with his girlfriend, Justine.

Taking to Facebook on November 18, 2020, Ryan wrote a beautiful message for Justine, who he calls Jay. He wrote, “Jay, since I met you, I saw this light in your eyes… I’m lucky to wake up to your gorgeous smile every morning.”

Justine also has a cute little daughter of her own. Ryan loves her equally as per his Facebook posts.

To talk more about Ryan’s girlfriend, Justin is the owner of Aries Vuri, an independent distributor at Nutri Candy, and an affiliate streamer at Twitch.

Ryan Medrano Family

Ryan’s parents are Daniel Medrano and Heather Pattee (46 years old).

Heather, Ryan’s mother, is the owner of Heather1hand Painted, LLC through which she sells unique Artwork, canvases, wood art, and miniatures. Whereas, his father, Daniel is a research program manager at the University of Pittsburgh.

Talking more about Ryan’s parents, he considers his father his hero. Ryan also credits his mother for everything he can do today. When everyone said Ryan could never walk, his mother believed in him and took him to therapy for four years every Thursday for two hours.

Furthermore, Ryan has at least two siblings, a brother, and a sister. Their names are Justyn Pattee and Jazmyn Medrano.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ryan Medrano From?

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Ryan Medrano currently lives in El Paso, Texas. According to his Facebook, he moved to El Paso in 2013 with his family.

  • When Is Ryan Medrano Birthday?

Ryan Medrano celebrates his birthday in the last week of August every year.

  • Is Ryan Medrano On Instagram?

Ryan Medrano’s Instagram handle is @fast_track_fitness_. He has close to 200 followers on the platform. Furthermore, he has also accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

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