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Survivor Dee Valladares Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Dee Valladares is the winner of Survivor 45 who beat out other finalists. The final five contestants were gradually cut down to four before moving on to the final three, when a jury of their peers voted for the victor, in the three-hour CBS and Paramount+ finale. Once Dee was crowned, the conclusion cut right to the aftershow.

Dee defeated Austin Li Coon and Jake O’Kane to win the $1 million prize in a 5-3-0 final jury decision.

Who are Dee’s family members? Here in this article, we bring you details about her parents and siblings so keep scrolling down to read all about them here.

Meet Survivor Dee Valladares Family

Survivor Dee Valladares comes from a family of four. Her parents are named Lisset Valladares and Osmany Valladares. Whereas, her sibling is called Osmel Valladares. Her parents left everything behind in Cuba to bring her and her brother to the United States for a better future.

“It’s like, “Man, this is the moment. This is why you guys left everything, the familiarity of their culture, their language, everything.” They came to the United States not knowing English and had to hustle multiple jobs just to have a plate of food on the table for my brother and me. And my brother and I are so grateful for that. And it just feels like I’m giving back to them in a sense. I know that they’re proud of me no matter what. But just to have them travel to Fiji, to be like, ‘Mom, you’re here in Fiji!’ ” Dee told Parade.

Dee explains her experience as an immigrant in the United States by stating that she “started working when she was 14” and that she “has grit.” When she and her business partner were organizing a trip to Bali and couldn’t locate anything they liked, they came up with the idea for the backpack company. She freely declares that she “thrives in the unknown” and describes herself as “someone who has signed up for things that scare [her].”

Currently, a 26-year-old entrepreneur, Dee is dedicated to realizing her full potential. She has been employed in sales development at Miami-based Drata, a global platform for compliance and security automation, since June 2022. Furthermore, she is a co-founder of Wanaroam, a business that Dee and her fellow free-spirit partner founded in July 2019.

Dee experimented with many different things as a child. She attended psychology school, but she felt compelled to pursue other opportunities after learning that the field did not pay well. She then began working in retail sales.

Dee eventually worked in IT and pharmaceutical sales before launching her firm, a backpack manufacturer.

Dee herself has always enjoyed taking her camera, hockey stick, and volleyball on new adventures while hiking.

Who Is Survivor Dee Valladares Father?

Survivor Dee Valladares’s father is called Osmany Valladares. Born in May 1967, Osmany turned 56 years old in 2023.


In October 2021, Dee shared about the father-daughter moment saying that they had talked together. “We were being 100% open and honest with one another. He’d always been and still is the practical psychologist in the family,” Dee explained.

They talked about past experiences of his that led him to hold on to a feeling of regret for years and years and years.

Dee sees her father as her biggest inspiration for “not needing materialistic items to be happy.” She has only seen him get mad three times.

Meet Osmany on Instagram (@ovatv).

Who Is Survivor Dee Valladares Mother?

Lisset Valladares is Dee Valladares’s mother. In July 2023, Dee and Lisset first went on a trip together as they went to Madrid, Spain. The caption to the post read, “There will never be a time I’m this young again without kids or major responsibilities. As we get older, unfortunately so do our parents. I never want to look back and remember I traveled mostly without them. Let’s not forget they need to experience all this world has to offer too. Te amo ma! ♥️”

Lisset turned 54 years old in August 2023. Lisset, according to her LinkedIn, is working as a public services professional. Per her profile, she worked as a driver at Barbara’s school bus for a year.

Meet Barbara on Instagram and Facebook.

Survivor Dee Valladares Siblings

Survivor Dee Valladares has a brother named Osmel Valladares. Osmel is working as a senior internal auditor at American Tower. Before his current job, Osmel worked at Chewy as a Senior Internal Auditor.

Other companies he worked for are Bayview Asset Management, LLC, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Santander Private Banking International, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Alonso & Garcia, PA, and TotalBank.

Survivor graduated from Miami Dade College in 2014. He earned a BBA from Florida International University – College of Business.

In January 2023, Osmel turned 30 years old. In January 2020, Dee wished her brother, “Happy birthday to my brother @ozzyjay3_! I loved doing hood rat 💩 with you growing up. Although we never had much, Mom and Dad always made sure we had each other and that our love was enough. Before I go I need to make sure everyone notices your lame black shoes with white socks. Who does that? My ride or die always, I love you.”

Osmel is available on Instagram and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Survivor Dee Valladares Family Reside?

Survivor Dee Valladares’s parents reside in Hialeah, Florida. Her brother is residing in Miami Gardens, Florida.

  • Is Survivor Dee Valladares Family On Instagram?

Yes, Survivor Dee Valladares’s family members are on Instagram and Facebook.

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