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Susie Cline Bio, Age, Today, Job, Dr Donald Cline Wife

Susie Cline is Dr Donald Cline’s wife as featured on Netflix’s documentary Our Father. However, her real name is Audrey Cline.

Get to know her better as this Susie Cline Bio proceeds.

Meet Susie Cline, Dr Donald Cline Wife

Netflix’s new documentary Our Father premiered on May 11, 2022, and there appeared Susie’s husband Dr Donald Cline (portrayed by actor Keith Boyle) with a story hard to believe. To summarize, it seems that Dr Donald got away with illicitly fathering over 94 children until a woman named Jacoba Ballard shed light on the whole story in 2014.

So, why did Susie’s husband use his own sperm? Well, though he’s insisted that there was no sexual connotation to his actions, many believed that it wasn’t the case, and also it had a sort of religious reason for creating lots of blonde blue-eyed children.

For this action, Susie’s husband eventually lost his license. He faced a year of a suspended sentence and paid a $500 fine. Surprisingly, he did not serve jail time. 

Reports had that the judge knew Dr Donald and was incredibly sympathetic to him.

Also, as per the director of Our Father, Dr Donald did “everything in his power to silence them and the making of this film.” However, one of his children, Jacoba was set on letting the world know about the truth.

Initially, Jacoba (whose mother Dr Donald had treated in 1979) decided to dig up her ancestry, and found out that she had been conceived through a sperm donor. Thus, she logged on to a genomics and biotech website, and to her shock, she found that she had at least seven half-siblings. Things just snowballed from there.

So, in 2015, Jacoba and one of her half-sisters, Kristie, filed a complaint at the Indiana Attorney General’s (AG) office and two letters were sent to Dr Donald asking for clarification. But at the time, Dr Donald claimed that he used one sperm donor thrice and never used his own samples.

Where Is Susie Cline Today?

Susie Cline today is leading a private life in Indianapolis, Indiana. After the incident blew up, she maintained a relatively low profile, avoided media interviews, and also refused to believe that her husband was wrong.

However, in a rare interview in 2019, Dr Donald did admit that “digging up the past was destroying his marriage”, and Susie considered his actions adultery.

But we’ve no idea if the husband/wife is together as of today or not.

In Susie’s defense, she wasn’t aware of her husband’s actions. And when the matter finally came to light, Susie mentioned that it was “old news.” Also, referring to Jacoba Ballard for her husband’s legal woes, she shared, “it’s just that one woman who’s upset that she has a life.”

Well, Susie indeed seemed supportive of her husband. “For better or worst,” she’s really upheld her vows.

Susie and Dr Donald share two kids, a son named Doug and a daughter, Donna, who worked as a nurse at her father’s clinic. It was also Doug who initially set up a meeting between Doug and some of his children in 2019.

Their son, Douglas W Cline was born on October 19, 1969, in Zionsville, Indiana. He attended Zionsville Community High School and later went on to study at Miami University and Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

As of 2022, Douglas resided in Carmel, Indiana where he practiced law as a member of the Indiana State Bar.

Also, Doug is a father of two beautiful daughters — Clare and Emma Cline. His daughter, Clare studied at the University of Georgia while Emma studied “Communication Sciences and Disorders – Speech-Language Pathology” at University of Cincinnati.

Emma was engaged to Guerin Catholic in March 2021. She’s also been a receptionist at Dreyer & Reinbold INFINITI from 2014 to 2016.

Susie Cline Age

Susie Cline was born in November 1939. That made her 82 years of age in 2022.

She is two years younger than her husband Dr Donald Cline.

Susie Cline Job

Susie Cline didn’t reveal her job. But we do know that she spent a lot of time with Dr Donald as a senior member of a church, and taught a course titled “Growing Kids God’s Way” at their home, which many parents attended.

The duo even performed a baptism in their swimming pool for a lot of their church members.

As for her husband, Dr Donald has had a successful career. He was a reputed fertility specialist during the 70s and 80s; also one of the first few in Indianapolis to have expertise in artificial insemination through fresh sperm.

Is Susie Cline On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Susie wasn’t on Instagram or on any other social media.

This wasn’t because she chose to lead a private life. It’s just that people from the ’30s just weren’t familiar with the internet.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Susie Cline Maiden Name?

Susie’s maiden name remained unknown.

  • Where Is Susie Cline From?

She hails from Zionsville, IN.

  • Does Susie Cline Appear On Netflix’s Our Father?

No, even though her name is changed, Susie doesn’t appear on Netflix’s Our Father.

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