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Suzy Cortez Bio, Age, Surgery, Gerard Pique, Who Is She?

This isn’t the first time Suzy Cortez tried to get the attention of Gerard Pique in the first place. However, this one is certainly an impactful one that might affect Gerard Pique’s marriage, according to the rumors on the internet. Suzy made some wild claims about the Barcelona defender.

Learn everything about her in this article below. We cover everything from her age, surgery, and other interesting facts.

What Did Suzy Cortez Accuse Gerard Pique Of?

Suzy Cortez AKA Brazil’s Mis Bumbum Winner accused Barcelona’s football star Gerard Pique of DMing her on Instagram. This also fueled the existing rumor of Gerard and his popstar wife Shakira’s standing rumor of alleged split. The Brazilian model claimed that Gerard sent her inappropriate text messages on Instagram behind Shakira’s back.

Speaking to El Diario, the oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the States, the model made wild claims about Barcelona’s star. Per El Diaro, the model reached out to them via Twitter. She then claimed, “He [Gerard] was the one who sent me the most direct message”.

“The only Barcelona players who never sent me anything were (Lionel) Messi and (Philippe) Coutinho. They are great husbands and respect their wives a lot. @Shakira didn’t deserve this,” Suzy reportedly told El Diario. She also opened up that former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell was the one who helped them to link for the first time.

Former Playboy bunny alleged, “I was a friend of the former Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell. When Piqué found out, he asked me for my number, at that moment and he sent me a message”. She also claimed that Gerard asked her about her butt size via DM.

“When I returned to Brazil, he sent me directly to my Instagram, which was deleted every day, asking me when I would return to Europe asking me how big my butt was, and saying that he was jealous of my tributes to Messi,” the model claimed further.

She added that it was out of respect for Shakira she never exposed the central defender in the first place. But, in the end, she chose to open her mouth.

Back in 2017, Suzy had bombarded Gerard with se** photographs of herself in his football shirt. At the time, she turned her attention from Messi to Gerard. One picture shows her dressed in his shirt and a thong as she proudly shows off her voluptuous backside.

Suzy Cortez Messi Tattoo

In May 2019, Suzy Cortez tattooed Lionel Messi’s name on her most famous body part because she believed he was set to win a historic sixth Ballon d’Or in 2020. She has paid countless tributes to him before tattooing his name on her lower back. However, she became famous after Messi and his wife Antonella blocked her after bombarding him with messages and photographs.

Suzy was obsessed with Messi. She stripped nak*d and body painted with Messi’s name once in Barca’s shirt colors and again in Argentina’s blue and white, despite hailing from South American rivals Brazil.

Suzy said, “I’m sure the best player in history will win for the sixth time the Ballon d’Or and the 2019 Fifa The Best award.”

She added, “I anticipated the celebration by making a tattoo with the name of Messi and the No10 along with the shield of FC Barcelona to celebrate the 120 years I love very much”.

What Did Suzy Cortez Say About Vladimir Putin?

Suzy Cortez reportedly hung out and was later invited by Vladimir Putin in Russia to claim that he was a “violent psychopath” in after an awkward dinner encounter in March 2022. She reportedly met the Russian President while visiting the country for World Cup 2018 event. The model addressed the uncomfortable experience that she had with him at dinner after the CBF (Brazillian Football Confederation) introduced the two.

She told Jam Press, “He [Putin] squeezed my hand and stared at me for a few minutes, which freaked me out a little.”

Suzy continued: “During the whole event he would sit on a kind of throne and when he wanted to say something to me, he would talk to the secretary, and the secretary would come to me and say what he had said.

“He praised me a lot and invited me whenever I wanted to visit Russia. When I arrived, I used Uber to tour Moscow.

“After Putin arrived, a government car took me where I wanted. I found it very strange because I didn’t know if he was being protected or watched. I stayed a week and returned to Brazil.”

Suzy claimed that she did her best not to meet him because she doesn’t feel comfortable being around him. She added, “Putin has proved to be a real violent psychopath by declaring war on Ukraine”.

Suzy Cortez Age

As of June 2022, Suzy Cortez is 31 years old.

Suzy Cortez Nationality

By nationality, Suzy Cortez is Brazilian.

Has Suzy Cortez Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Suzy Cortez, who was the winner of the 2015 Miss BumBum contest, hasn’t done any plastic surgery on her butt. She entered the competition against more than 500 women which narrowed down to 15 finalists. Although the women were all made up with glittery bras and thongs, donned high heels, and adorn their eyes with deep mascara, the winner has to prove that their buns are natural and not cooked up by plastic surgery.

Speaking about the process, Suzy spoke to Daily Mail. She said, “I’ve been preparing myself for the past four months. I’ve always wanted to win this contest. I dedicated myself completely. I dieted and did rigorous training”.

However, Suzy reportedly had 10 lip augmentation procedures, two boob jobs, two liposuctions, and a cool sculpting procedure on her abdomen to freeze away fat.

What Are Suzy Cortez Measurements?

According to FitnessVolt, Suzy Cortez has a measurements of 33DD bust, 24 inches around the waist, and 42 inches around the hips.

Related FAQs

  • Is Suzy Cortez On Instagram?

Yes, Suzy Cortez is on Instagram. Find her at (@suzycortezoficial2).

  • How Much Is Suzy Cortez Net Worth?

Suzy Cortez has a net worth above $500 thousand.

  • Has Suzy Cortez Revealed Her Family?

Suzy Cortez hasn’t revealed her family members yet. In March 2022, according to New York Post, she took a trip to visit her parents turned into a horror movie. She alleged that she had stayed at the property for less than 48 hours before the male host evicted her out and threw her belongings in the trash because she was too attractive.

  • Is Suzy Cortez Married?

No, Suzy Cortez isn’t married as of this publishing of this article or hasn’t confirmed her marriage.

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