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Tabitha Swatosh Parents: Stacie And Matthew Swatosh

Meet Stacie and Matthew Swatosh, the parents of Tabitha Swatosh. Who are the folks of the famous influencer? Are they still married? Where do they live and what do they do for a living?

Find out more from this piece below.

Who Are Tabitha Swatosh Parents?

Tabitha Swatosh, the daughter of Stacie and Matthew Swatosh, became well-known due to the success of her well-liked TikTok account. The Missouri native already had a YouTube account, but TikTok’s dancing videos and comedy gained her additional fans (and brand partnerships).

New Tabitha subscribers want access to everything the 23-year-old content guru isn’t into as her star keeps rising.

On TikTok, Tabitha has more than 13 million fans. She frequently posts pictures of the budding celebrity attending events by herself or with friends. However, she started uploading videos of herself with a new boyfriend in early 2023. In accordance with Tab’s TikTok and Instagram profiles, Michael Sanzone, a fellow influencer, and she started dating. Although it’s unclear when they started dating, Tabitha felt secure enough to display her beau in October 2022.

Naturally, Tabitha didn’t reveal Michael’s face in the first few images on her account in classic soft-launching style. In the first shots, the two took pictures in the water while Michael purposefully turned his head away from the camera.

Tabitha and Michael started sharing more videos in 2023 that featured their complete face. The couple contributed to many TikTok challenges and other posts on their individual social media profiles throughout the year. Fans of Tabitha, however, haven’t seen Michael on her social media accounts since July 2023, when they shared a video to commemorate the debut of the Barbie movie.

The absence of Michael on Tabitha’s accounts led to rumors that the couple may have split up. According to some stories, Tabitha is single and broke up with Michael covertly. In August 2023, Michael released a sweet picture of him and Tabitha on his TikTok channel despite the rumors of their breakup.

She was also linked to Matt Ryan and Aidan Bissett.

Now back to details about her parents!

Meet Stacie Swatosh, Tabitha Swatosh Mother

Tabitha Swatosh’s mother, formerly Stacie Swatosh, goes by the name Stacie Read. In August 2022, Stacie wished her daughter, “Happy Birthday Tabi! Had a great time with family yesterday celebrating Tabi.”

  • Stacie Swatosh Age

Stacie Swatosh is 41 years old as of 2023. She was born in 1982 in January.

  • Stacie Swatosh Job

Stacie Swatosh is likely a stay-at-home mom who enjoys spending time with her children. You can find her at her son’s football practice, or spending time with her girls, while also taking care of her husband.

  • Is Stacie Swatosh On Instagram?

Yes, Stacie Swatosh is on Instagram ( and Facebook (@staciemread).

Meet Matthew Swatosh, Tabitha Swatosh Father

Tabitha Swatosh calls Matthew Swatosh his father. On her 18th birthday, she received Mercy Me concert tickets. She thanked her parents writing, “COULD NOT “IMAGINE” a better 18th Birthday! Thank you so so much Nancy Swatosh and Matthew Swatosh for the Mercy Me concert tickets!! I am so excited Love you and thank you for making my 18th birthday unforgettable.”

In August 2023, Matthew wished Tabitha her birthday via a FB post that read, “I want to wish my beautiful daughter Tabitha Swatosh a happy birthday!! Love you shorty.”


Likewise, Tabitha also wished her dad in his birthday in April 2021.

WISHING MY DADDIO THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TODAY Matthew Swatosh I LOVE YOU DAD, AND I MISS YOU. I am sending you all my love from Florida. I hope you have such a good birthday. And I am incredibly proud to call you my dad. I thank God every day for you. No matter where I am, I will ALWAYS be your little girl. I will continue to pray for you and think about you! Thank you for helping me achieve ALL of my dreams, even when I didn’t even think they were possible myself. Thank you for leading me and guiding me into the woman I am today. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! – a proud daughter” Tabitha wrote.

  • Matthew Swatosh Age

Matthew Swatosh is 43 years old in 2023. He was born in April 1980.

  • Matthew Swatosh Job

Matthew Swatosh likely operates a farm in his hometown in Missouri. Back in 2000, he worked at Asbury Power Plant which imploded in June 2023. It was built as a coal-burning plant it went offline in March 2020. Replaced in part by the North Fork Wind Farm, within sight northeast.

  • Is Matthew Swatosh On Instagram?

Yes, Matthew Swatosh is on Instagram (@mattswatosh) and Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Tabitha Swatosh Parents Reside?

Tabitha Swatosh’s parents live in Lamar, Missouri.

  • How Many Kids Do Tabitha Swatosh Parents Have?

Matthew and Stacie Swatosh are parents to four children.

  • Are Tabitha Swatosh Parents Still Married?

No, Tabitha Swatosh’s parents are no longer married. Her mom has remarried her husband Dustin Read. Dustin and Tabitha are parents to two children named Sebastian and Fiona Read.

Matthew, meanwhile, is currently married to his wife Nancy Swatosh. Find Nancy on Instagram. The couple share other two children Maddy and Blake. Maddy turned 18 in August 2023 and Blake turned 14 in August 2023.

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