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Talia Ray Bio, Larry Ray Daughter, Mother, Now, Instagram

Talia Ray is the daughter of Larry Ray, who supported her father throughout the ordeal that they went through together as a father and daughter. She has been accused of being a co-conspirator of a crime that her father committed at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronx, New York.

Where is Talia Now? What does she do for a living? Who is Talia Ray’s mother? Find all the answers here in this piece below.

Meet Talia Ray, Larry Ray Daughter

Sex, Lies, and The College Cult a documentary from Peacock begins when Larry Ray moves into his daughter Larry Ray’s, sophomore, dorm at Sarah Lawrence College in September of 2010. He was just released from prison and needed to stay and Talia’s friends appeared “mostly unfazed.”

Then, his stay at the Yonkers, New York-based liberal arts college took a dark turn. While Larry hosted movie screenings and purchased pricey takeout for the students, the dormitory arrangement appeared to be working fine for a while. But it gradually turned into a very bleak tale of trafficking, sexual grooming, horrifying forms of physical punishment, and threats. He became a cult leader, exploiter, extorter, and sex trafficker.

Growing up in New Jersey, Talia was close to her dad Larry Ray. She took her father’s word as a law. This was her way of life and it became apparent when she said, “their house had poison in the walls or in the attic”. But she was an impressionable kid attending second grade and heard her dad say it.

Then, in the middle of her parents’ acrimonious divorce procedures in the 2000s, the 15-year-old told authorities that her mother had been physically and sexually abusing her, allegedly at his direction. As if that weren’t enough, Talia’s mother flatly refused to give her primary custody of Talia and her then-4-year-old sister Ava once the court had officially exonerated her.

Instead, she decided to live at one of the area’s youth shelters to ensure she could always support her father regardless of what life threw at them. However, this decision meant she was cut off from her sibling.

However, Talia continued to speak in favor of her dad. Thus, she permitted him to move into her Sarah Lawrence apartment in 2010, where he later started abusing her friends and roommates.

Where Is Talia Ray Now?

While Talia Ray’s father was charged for his criminal activities, many believed that Talia Ray should also share the same fate. It was publicly known that she was more than familiar with her father’s cult as she also participated in some of their programs. In addition, she also received financial benefits when her father duped the young adult women.

But as of 2022, no charges have been pressed against her for her involvement in the crime as a co-conspirator. A mail from Talia to her father read, “What you have done with my friends is the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever seen.” But other defends her for being the “biggest victim” as the perpetrator raised her while brainwashing her.

According to The Cinemaholic, Talia Ray tends to remain away from the public eye. Hailing from New Jersey, she is likely currently residing in Pinehurst, North Carolina, close to her step-grandfather Gordon Ray. The outlet reported that she has been living in NC since 2014 as she also has a job there.

These days, Talia works as a paralegal at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, which is situated in Durham, North Carolina, in addition to begging her younger sister to get in touch with her, whom she claims in a Vimeo tape she hasn’t seen since 2005.

Talia Ray Mother

Talia Ray was born to her mother Teresa Ray. The Cut explained that it was in 2004, that Teresa filed for divorce from Larry. Talia, then 15-year-old revealed that Teresa was abusing her and her younger sister. Larry backed up Talia’s allegation.

An investigation was launched which concluded that Teresa had not abused the children and that Ray had manipulated Talia into making these false accusations. When asked if her mother had hit her, Talia’s 4-year-old younger sister, Ava said, “That’s what Daddy tells me to say.” In the end, Ray went to jail and Talia chose to live in shelters instead of living with her mother.

Talia later claimed that her mother has prohibited her from seeing her younger sister. She made numerous tweets trying to reconnect with her sister.

Teresa Ray, born in February of 1968, is currently 54 years old. Records on the web show that she is currently based in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Talia described her dad to friends as a “truth-teller.” She said that her father had been unfairly jailed after he attempted to rescue her younger sister, Ava, from her mother’s abuse and divulged that she, too, had been abused by her mother. Child welfare workers later determined that the allegations of child abuse lodged against Larry Ray’s ex-wife Teresa were unfounded.

Talia came to her father’s defense, saying he’d been jailed due to crooked officials trying to bring him down for exposing government corruption. One of these officials was former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

Former roommate Claudia Drury wrote what Ray had shared with her, “The politicians who wanted to see Kerik in office teamed up with Teresa (Ray) to try to hurt Talia and Ava in order to get Larry to stop exposing their corruption. In nine months Larry was arrested 23 times and released every time.”

How Old Is Talia Ray Today?

July 1989 marked the year Talia Ray was born. So, in July 2022, Talia celebrated her 33rd birthday.

Is Talia Ray On Instagram?

Talia Ray is on Twitter (@talia_ray) but doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. Her Twitter bio reads, “AVA I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU EVERY DAY! xoxo always, Your Big Sister.”

Related FAQs

  • Was Talia Ray Ever Charged?

No, Talia Ray was never charged for her involvement with her father although she was believed to be a co-conspirator.

  • Does Talia Ray Have A LinkedIn Profile?

Yes, there seems to be a LinkedIn account of Talia Ray, but it has no details regarding her job and career.

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