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Taniya Nayak Parents: B.D. Nayak (Dad) And Leela Nayak (Mom)

Meet Taniya Nayak parents—B.D. Nayak And Leela Nayak.

Learn about Taniya’s father and mother; their jobs, and their ages in this article. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about the TV personality’s parents.

Who Are Taniya Nayak Parents?

Taniya Nayak’s parents B.D. Nayak and Leela Nayak married in May 1966. She was born in India and raised in Boston. When her father earned a scholarship to go to MIT, her family immigrated from India and started their new life in the United States.

Furthermore, Taniya cited often cited her father as the biggest mentor in her life. Talking about her parents, she shared, “Generally speaking, Indian parents can have very high expectations for their kids. You can talk to pretty much any first-generation kid and hear about how their parents expect them to be doctors or lawyers. My dad tried to steer me in a different direction than architecture for a while, but he is so happy with where I’m at now.”

Taniya had hoped to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an architect. However, her father informed her that the hours were long and not conducive to family life, so she decided to pursue a career in business.

In April 2014, Taniya’s parents and her kids were hospitalized after their car was left running in Weymouth garage. The house was filled with a dangerous level of carbon monoxide, according to fire officials. Her father went to the hospital first because he had a heart condition.

Her husband discovered her mom and her two kids inside their home.

Leela told, “They both were saying they had a stomach ache and stuff like that. The one – 10 years old – he was throwing up, so I cleaned his mess. Then little one he threw up. I went into the bedroom to open the windows and I passed out.”

“We’re emotional because when I’m thinking, thank God. God was watching us,” Leela Nayak said. “We feel like we got a second life. I’m not worried about myself, I’m worried about my grandchildren.”

Meet B.D. Nayak, Taniya Nayak Dad

Meet B.D. Nayak, Taniya Nayak’s dad. On New Year’s Eve 2022, she and her parents did a site visit on one of her  #TaniyaNayakDesign projects. There she mentioned that her father worked as an architect for over 50 years. On Father’s Day 2021, Taniya wished her dad via an IG post, “To the Fathers in my life. Love you all! I never take it for granted just how lucky I am for your love.”

  • B.D. Nayak Age

On 1 January 2022, B.D. Nayak turned 84 years old. Taniya wished him with an IG post and wrote, “Beyond grateful to ring in 2022 with my parents and to celebrate my dad’s 84th bday (New Year’s baby!). For years I would always be bartending or traveling on New Year’s Eve, so this is the first time spending it together since I was a teenager! Happy to start the year off this way with the people I love and in a place I love!”.

  • B.D. Nayak Job

B.D. Nayak is the owner and President of B.D. Nayak Architects & Planners Inc. He has been owning the business since 1985. Before that, he worked for Paul Rudolph as an architectural assistant for two years from 1970 to 1972. Before founding his own business, he also worked for J.Glenn Hughes Association as Design Director from 1972 to 1985.

B.D. holds Master of Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970. He and his business is also an award-winning business that secured the title of 2010 Best of Business Award in the Architects category.

  • Where Was B.D. Nayak Born?

B.D. Nayak was born in India. His family members are in Nagpur.

Meet Leela Nayak, Taniya Nayak Mom

Leela Nayak is the mom of Taniya Nayak. In May 2020, Taniya wrote on her Facebook post, “When it comes to moms, I hit the lottery. Between my own spectacular momma, my incredible sis, and my loving in-laws…I couldn’t be luckier.”

She added, “Cheers to all the “mommas” out there (including us pet moms!). For those of us without kiddos of our own, remember that there are people in your life that you support, mentor, and love unconditionally just like any mom would.” In April 2016, she shared on her Facebook that her mother had a terrible fall causing a severely fractured hip while visiting India.

Hence, Taniya went to India to visit her mom.

In September 2015 post, Taniya posted, “Most of you know I am from India. I attribute my happy disposition and satisfaction w whatever life throws my way to my mom and the values she always instills in us. This is a good reminder to keep our heads on straight and focus on what’s important in life. Thanks, ma! Love you”.

  • Leela Nayak Age

Taniya Nayak’s mother Leela Nayak celebrated her birthday on 7 December every year. She should be above the age of 75.

  • Leela Nayak Job

There is no information on the job of Taniya Nayak’s mom. Leela might be a housewife.

  • Where Was Leela Nayak Born?

Leela was reportedly also born in India. She has family members in Nagpur.

Related FAQs

  • Are Taniya Nayak Parents Still Married?

Yes, Taniya Nayak’s parents are still married. They have been married for 56 years.

  • Where Do Taniya Nayak Parents Live?

Taniya Nayak’s parents live in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • How Many Kids Do Taniya Nayak Parents Have?

Taniya’s parents have two kids. She has a sister named Yoshika Sherring (Nayak). She is on Facebook (@yoshika.sherring) and Instagram (@yoshikasherring). Her sister celebrates her birthday on 24 July.

  • Are Taniya Nayak Parents On Instagram?

Taniya Nayak’s mother is on Facebook and goes by the name Shagun Nayak(@shaguna.nayak.3). She is also on Instagram (@shagunanayak).

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