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Tanya Manhenga Bio, Family, Height, Love Island

Get to know Tanya Manhenga, one of the singletons joining the 2023 season of Love Island. Where is she from? What does she do for a living? How old is she?

Find answers to all these questions as more as you scroll down this article.

Tanya Manhenga On Love Island 2023

Love Island is back for the 2023 edition with a new line-up of hot singles. According to CapitalXTRA, The first contestant for this season to be revealed is Tanya Manhenga. Like everyone else, the sole purpose for her to join the show is to find a boyfriend. Since the villa offers options for her to build connections, she believes it is the perfect opportunity for her.

A source who spoke to The Sun revealed, “Tanya really is the whole package, she’s a smart as she is stunning and she looks set to be one this series’ most popular Islanders. She’s an Islander in waiting, already moving in the same circles as former cast members and with brand deals already under her belt.”

They added, “But her followers already know she’s got a personality to match. This year’s cast is a sassy bunch, packed with banter and a good chat, and Tanya is set to lead the pack.”

When asked about icks, Tanya shared, “Guys that don’t wear socks in the house. Why are your feet flapping all around the house? Guys have huge feet too, yuck. Also, guys in the bathtub with no bubbles, such an ick, no.” While at the villa she will be missing many things and one of them is her phone.

In fact, it will be her ability to stalk her fellow competitors. She explained to Bustle, “In the normal world, when I start seeing someone new I tell my friends and we stalk his Instagram. But here [in the villa] of course you can’t do that.”

On the strict new social media guidelines, Tanya shared about being initially taken aback by ITV’s ban. She told the outlet, “I was thinking about last season [and how] everyone’s Twitters were popping off and how good it was…so at first I was like this won’t be the best. But then I actually thought about trolls and if there’s a way to lessen that, then I’m all for it”

The other cast members joining her this season are Kai Fagan, Lana Jenkins, Ron Hall, Anna-May Robey, Will Young, Tanyel Revan, Shaq Muhammad, Olivia Hawkins, and Haris Namani.

Tanya Manhenga Dating Status

Tanya Manhenga’s dating status is currently unclear and was single at the time of joining the show. However, she knows what she is looking for in a man. Tanya told DailyMail that her ideal man is 2022 islander Dami Hope, or she would’ve also settled for Ikenna Ekwonna or Ovie Soko.

Her choice was Dami because in her opinion his dressing sense was “unreal”. She told DailyMail, “I would have also gone for Luca because he was giving mysterious vibes in the beginning, tattoos, he was really fit. Ikenna as well, love a tall guy. Ovie as well, oh my God, yes. He was unreal.”

When the phone rang for Tanya to come and join the show, she shared, “Yes! I am still single, please, help.” She added, “I was tired of dating and dating and dating and these boys just wasting my time so I was like what a better way to find love than on Love Island? Let’s see if it actually works. I put my name on the application and I forgot about it for a month. Then I was at uni one day and I got a call from someone at ITV asking if I was still interested.”

How Old Is Tanya Manhenga?

At the end of January 2022, Tanya Manhenga turned 22 years old. Hence at the time of the premiere of the show, she is still 22 years old.

Tanya Manhenga Family

Tanya Manhenga appears to be very secretive regarding the details of her family members. She has neither featured her parents nor her siblings on her socials nor posted about any of them at this moment.

Tanya Manhenga Height

Tanya Manhenga stands tall above the height of 5’4”. She has also opened up about having Vitiligo, a skin pigmentation condition. She says, however, that “you may not even notice it”. Tanya said she doesn’t care about covering up the pigmentation on her lip and in her hair, adding that “it’s a vibe”.

What Job Does Tanya Manhenga Hold?

Tanya Manhenga is currently working as a biomedical student. She is currently pursuing a three-year course at Manchester Salford in the hope to pursue a career as an embryologist. Speaking with DailyMail, she said, “I am definitely going to finish because I have just one little term left of my degree that I’ve deferred and that’s something that I wouldn’t just leave because I’ve dedicated time and effort to it and I’m not just going to stop because I went on Love Island.”

She added, “You never know what’s going to happen when you finish the show. If there are opportunities there, I will definitely take them but it will have to be something amazing for me to leave what I was doing before. It’s a three-year course that I did at Manchester Salford and I really enjoyed it, surprisingly because I did it very last minute.”

Tanya concluded, “If Love Island wasn’t there or even afterward I would have continued to finish my degree, and then I would have done embryology and working with IVF and helping people have babies. That’s the only job that I really wanted because it’s the most rewarding to me. I want to wake up and do something rewarding that’s helping someone.”

While she is not focusing on her studies, she is working as a social media influencer with burgeoning followers of above 20K. She has been able to work with several fashion brands such as Boohoo, Simmi, and Ego as a model.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tanya Manhenga From?

Tanya Manhenga is a current resident of Liverpool, UK.

  • When Is Tanya Manhenga Birthday?

Tanya Manhenga celebrates her birthday on 29 January every year.

  • Is Tanya Manhenga On Instagram?

Yes, Tanya Manhenga is on various social media platforms. Here are a few where you can find her: Instagram, Facebook: @tanyaa.manhenga & @tanya.manhenga.3, and TikTok (@tanyamanhenga_).

Surprisingly, before the show’s premiere, she already has fan accounts on IG (@loveislandtanya) and TikTok (@tm312208).

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