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Tanyel Revan Bio, Family, Surgery, Ethnicity, Love Island

What do you do when you know you’re “confident, funny, charismatic, and good-looking” and single? Well if you ask Tanyel Revan, she’ll ask you to join Love Island because that was what she did!

Keep reading this Tanyel Revan Bio to learn more about her.

Tanyel Revan On Love Island

Turn the TV on, Love Island season 9 is here! Once again, ten steaming hot bachelors are flying to the villa in South Africa where they will be searching for love while also traversing tons of drama. Amongst them, Tanyel Revan seemed like the most confident participant who believed she could make anyone fall for her.

“I’m hard to get, confident, funny, charismatic, good-looking, and happy. I’m also a very loyal person. What is there not to love?” she said.

Also, the star was confident that her “energy and confidence” would add a lot of spice to the mix. Funny, loud, feisty, and charismatic — Tanyel was indeed one of the show’s focal points.

But as much as Tanyel was confident about her personality, she was insecure about her fear of “sharing drinks” with other people. The star was worried she could vomit in the villa. She explained, “I have this weird phobia of certain things touching me, like if it’s something creamy I actually feel like I want to throw up. Certain things can’t touch me, and I can’t share drinks. I don’t like anything milky – if milk touched my skin it would make me feel so sick! I hate it!”

Joining Tanyel for the ninth installment of Love Island were her co-stars — Tanya Manhenga, Kai Fagan, Lana Jenkins, Ron Hall, Anna-May Robey, Will Young, Shaq Muhammad, Olivia Hawkins, and Haris Namani.

Did you know: Tanyel was close with former Islander/singer-songwriter Antigoni Buxton. The duo has exchanged a string of likes on each other’s Instagram posts over the past few years.

Tanyel Revan Dating Status

It only makes sense for Tanyel Revan to be single before she joined Love Island. As for the question — did she find love on the show? We’ll just have to wait and watch.

In Love Island, Tanyel was looking for someone like Piers Morgan, the British broadcaster. She admires how “strong-minded” the former Good Morning Britain host is. “I respect him for that as well, I can’t lie, because I’m very strong-minded and I’m very direct, how he is,” she added.

But even though she’s head over heels for him, she admits that she didn’t agree with everything he says. “Just so everyone is aware of that – like, I agree with some things, some things I really don’t agree with. But I think where he’s so direct, I appreciate that and respect it in a way,” she explained.

Sadly, for her and us, Piers wouldn’t be joining Love Island. Surprisingly, Tanyel defended him, “I don’t think you can change someone’s mind when they’re like him. But that’s just who he is.”

Someday, the star would like to have a conversation with the broadcaster — “debate, arguing, agreeing and disagreeing and then I’d probably be tired sooner or later because you can’t back down in an argument with him, it’s just too much,” she fantasized.

How Old Is Love Island Star Tanyel Revan?

Tanyel Revan was 26 years of age when she appeared on Love Island in 2023.

She was one of the older contestants.

Tanyel Revan Job

Tanyel Revan is a hairstylist based in North London. In 2023, she was working at Remi Cachet Hair Extensions.

The star also often flaunts her work on her IG.

For those of you interested, an average hairstylist in London made around £26 thousand per annum.

Tanyel Revan Family

Tanyel Revan comes from a family of at least five.

Unfortunately, amongst them, we only know about her elder sister Yesmi Revan @yesimrevan — who’s a mother of one.

Promoting her baby sister, Yesmi took to her IG in Jan 2023, to write, “Guys, you’ll be seeing my baby sister in the villa soon! Bad boys watch out, my sister has landed! X.”

Also, it seems Tanyel has a twin sister named Havva @havv.m.

What Is Tanyel Revan Ethnicity?

Tanyel Revan might be born and raised in London, United Kingdom, but flaunts Turkish Cypriots ethnicity.

Back in August 2022, she even visited Kyrenia, a city on the north coast of Cyprus, to connect with her family.

Has Tanyel Revan Undergone Surgery?

Yes, Tanyel Revan has undergone surgery. To make sure that she looks perfect from every angle, the star has had several procedures done including filler, permanent makeup, and full facial rejuvenation.

According to Vix Manning (an Aesthetics and facial specialist), Tanyel has had a Full face rejuvenation (a bespoke procedure involving dermal fillers at Evolve Cosmetics clinic in North London) for £2,000, Double chin fat removal (a fat-dissolving treatment on her chin at the Evolve Cosmetics clinic) for £1,000, Permanent lip color (lips “blushed” with semi-permanent color by semi-permanent makeup artist Facify) for £500, and Permanent brows (brows tattooed on at Facify) for £500.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tanyel Revan Birthday?

Tanyel receives her birthday wishes on May 16 and is of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Is Tanyel Revan On Instagram And TikTok?

Find her on Instagram @tanyelrevan.

Also, here’s her TikTok @tanyelrevan.

  • What Is Tanyel Revan Height?

Tanyel stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

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