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Tara Medlock Bio, Age, Job, IG, Max, Love During Lockup

Meet Tara Medlock from ‘Love During Lockup’. She is known for her relationship on the show with Max. Learn about Tara’s age, her job, her Instagram account, her current relationship with Max, and her being on the show.

Tag along with this Tara Medlock Bio to learn more about her.

Is Love During Lockup Couple Tara Medlock And Max Still Together?

No, Tara Medlock from “Love During Lockup” is not with Max. According to her recent YouTube interview, they were never in a relationship. Tara revealed that like many inmates in prison, she also hopped on a pen pal website so she could pass time and get everything out of her head.

She talked to people from all over the world and Max was one of them. They started interacting with each other when Max reached out to her via email. She didn’t respond to him right away and one of the reasons was because of the age gap two of them had. At the time, he was 23/24 years old.

Tara even passed off max to her bunkmate cause she wasn’t interested.

However, she succumbed to his persistent nature and started talking briefly. Tara found him to be very into himself. She admitted loving the way he looked. Then the pair stooped talking with each other for a month or so. So, after a while, he reached out to her again. He pleaded to restart their friendship and he pitched about the idea of being on the show.

Furthermore, Tara also shared that Max never visited her in prison. They didn’t make any financial transactions because she knew that she was never going to have a relationship with him. Tara admitted that they were never romantically involved, on her side. Although, Max had reached out to her to seek romance. Although the ‘Love During Lockup’ portrayed that she ghosted him, she admitted that all the prison compliances that were required to be met didn’t allow her to meet her or talk to her.

Back to her relationship, Tara Medlock is currently married to her high school sweetheart. She and her husband have reportedly been married for 18 years. But, even while married, they were seeing other people and since she spent a lot of time in prison, they never got divorced, even to this day as of this writing.

Besides her husband, she also shared about being in a relationship that was toxic and abusive. Her relationship was fueled by drug use. She used the relationship as an excuse to get high cause she was beaten up all the time.

‘Love During Lockup’ star also opened up about being in a relationship with her bunkmate Heather. She might’ve dabbled in a lesbian relationship while inside the prison which she vaguely admitted. She shared that both Heather and she were looking for “companionship” and she was close to her and her family.

Furthermore, Tara admitted at the end of the YouTube interview that she was still into girls.

Tara also opened up about being in a new relationship which she is keeping a secret. The only thing she told about her new beau is he is the polar opposite of all the relationships she had been in. He lives a life far away from drugs and getting into trouble with the law.

But, Tara wasn’t the only one having a relationship with another inmate. According to the YouTube interview, Max was also talking to other inmates one of whom was locked up for murder charges and was not sentenced yet. She discovered the relationship after watching it the but it wasn’t the only thing.

Tara also discovered Max’s es—- gig and OnlyFans gig from producers and watching the show.

Fun Fact: The phone call which Max had on the show was the first phone call they ever had.

Is Tara Medlock Out Of The Prison?

Yes, Tara Medlock is out of prison. She was released on parole from prison for 11 months on paper on 4 August 2021. Tara shared with YouTuber ‘According to Amber’ that she was nine months remaining and by September 2022, she will be off of all paper and all of her stuff with the state.

Tara also revealed that her release date was pushed back because of COVID-19. According to her profile on Write A Prisoner, her earliest release date was 7 September 2021 whereas her latest release date was 2022.

Tara Medlock Criminal Record

Before he recent charges, Tara Medlock went to prison five times. She didn’t ask for any probation and took a straight sentence and did her maximum time.

Tara has been on-and-off prison since the age of 18 because she was hanging out with the wrong crowd. She was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Narcotics (x2). As the story goes, she was going home from work and at the time she was working at a bakery.

A kid asked for a lift after he shared that he lived next door. While driving down inner states, cops pulled her over. She was confident that she didn’t have anything and let the cop search her vehicle. Although they didn’t find any drugs, the cop found a straw with some residue in it on her passenger side of the car.

Tara was arrested and spent two years in county prison while trying to go to trial before she signed a three-year plea. She was kept in a Special Management Unit translation she was kept under medium-security surveillance around her.

Furthermore, she also admitted going to prison for 28 months because she changed her address and shifted 4 miles away.

Tara Medlock Age

Reportedly born on 26 December 1983, Tara Medlock is 37 years old as of 2022.

Is Tara Medlock On IG?

Yes, Tara Medlock is on Instagram. Her IG handle is (@tara_medlock) which has no posts as of this writing. She has 88 followers.

Tara Medlock Job

Before going to prison, Tara Medlock was working at a bakery. Then her recent gig was as a reality star for WE TV as support for Max to push his career in stardom.

When Max shared the idea about being on the show, Tara responded that she wasn’t into it. However, she asked for a little time to think about it discussed the idea with her family. With the family’s support, she finally decided to be on the show. As the story goes, Max had already talked with the producers of the show.

One day Tara received a letter from a producer which was sent to her prison. The producers, which she admitted, talked her into it and she signed the contract to be on the show while being locked up. Within less than three weeks, she was out of prison.

Amber from “According to Amber” asked her if she would think about getting on OnlyFans like Max. She admitted that she probably wouldn’t because she was trying to clean up her image. She was trying to get her life back to normalcy.

Furthermore, Tara also admitted that trying to find work has been hard for her because her record was as big as “War and Peace”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tara Medlock From?

Tara hailed from her hometown in Cumming, Georgia.

  • How Tall Is Tara Medlock?

Tara Medlock stands tall to the height under 5 feet 8 inches.

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