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Tatiana Costa Bio, Age, Partner, Net Worth, Gold Rush

After many have come and gone on the Gold Rush since 2010, meet Tatiana Costa, the franchise’s new face in recent times.

It was after COVID kicked in that Tatiana found herself in a new adventure called gold mining.

Now, we will tell you all about it in this ‘Tatiana Costa Bio’.

Tatiana Costa On Gold Rush

As per IMDB, Tatiana Costa voiced in “Parker Talks Dirty” episode of Gold Rush: The Dirt in 2021. Then, she also showed up in person in 8 other episodes of Gold Rush between 2020 – 2021.

Further, according to Reality Titbit, Tatiana was hired by Parker on the show in 2020 when he was “forced” to hire new inexperienced crew members to help his gold mining operation keep running.” Even though he said, “The big problem here is somebody with no experience is almost worse than nobody.”, he had also no other choice as he did not have enough people.

Thus showed up Tatiana.

In the beginning, Tatiana hardly knew her way around the construction vehicles as it was her first season of mining. “It’s been nerve-racking”, she would say. But by the time the season was over and she had successfully spent her last three months gold mining, she was proud that she not only learn about the art of mining and running heavy-duty machinery, but she also learned a lot about resilience and determination.

Tatiana also felt “tremendously” lucky to work side by side with some of the most inspiring people. “Even if mining sucked, meeting them would have made this journey worth it”, she shared.

Most of all, she was happy she found a place away from home that she could also call home in times of pandemic

Tatiana Costa Age

Tatiana Costa bade farewell to her 20s in 2021 saying it was overall a wild but fun ride. Now, that means, she likely turned 30 in 2021.

How Much Is Tatiana Costa Net Worth?

Tatiana Costa had less than an estimated $300K net worth in 2021.

While we do not exactly know how much is Tatiana Costa’s salary on Gold Rush her young/old fellows from the show have made millions over years from their brief to longest tenure on it.

Also, a hint on her salary would be: has it saying the general average salary for a miner is $20.63 per hour in the United States.

With that being said, gold mining is not a career she has always pursued.

A “professional gold digger” — gold mining was a fresh journey she began during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, one that she’s forever grateful for.

Tatiana, so you know, studied International Politics at Aberystwyth University as the Class of 2014 and before that, she went to St Peter’s RC High School.

Who Is Tatiana Costa Partner?

Tatiana Costa’s partner is this adventure buff with the name Taylor Matejka. However, on Facebook, Tatiana has it pranking that she has been married to IRati Gallastegi Etxebarria as of 9 June 2013. IRati is a female and likely the closest friend of Tatiana.

Anyway, it is not clear if Tatiana is married to Taylor. Even so, they seem to be pretty genuine.

A look over Tatiana’s social media and you shall find her gushing about Taylor and also their relationship. “Happy Fabulous Fantastic Birthday to my love and best friend of all times! You are in a billion and I love you to the moon and back 😘🎉❤️”, is an instance of how she wishes him on his birthday.

You may see Taylor share/talk about Tatiana on his Instagram @taymatejka in the same way. There’s more about Tatiana than of Taylor himself in the social media grid.

Also, from the look of it, they have been together since at least September 2017.

What you need not miss about Tatiana and her partner is also the fact that they are just so passionate about traveling and seeing places. With their hiking boots on and their camera brought with them, they are always on the go. And on most of these trips, they are also accompanied by their cutest, Nacho the Pug. Yes, the “mountain climbing” dog also has its very own Instagram account.

Tatiana Costa Height

Tatiana Costa stands 5’4” tall the beach lover does not mind showing off her body whenever she is on one strolling.

Tatiana Costa Family

Now and then, Tatiana Costa would mention her mother, Patricia Correia, on her aesthetically pleasing social media with something like — “No matter how much I say I love you, I always love you more than that’ – best mother, best friend, and best diving buddy”.

Tatiana also has a brother named Miguel Cardiga. From what he writes on his social media profile, Miguel, now married, studied at St Peters Sixth Form and went to St Peters high school. He is currently based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire in South West England.

Tatiana also did mentioned uncles Jose Ribeiro, Didio Correia, and Celso Correia and a cousin named Rubina Martins.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tatiana Costa Birthday?

It is on the 16th of September every year that Tatiana Costa celebrates her birthday.

  • Where Is Tatiana Costa From?

Tatiana Costa hails from Portalegre, Portalegre in Portugal. Unlike her brother, she is currently (2021) based in Bilbao in Spain.

While Spain is what the self-proclaimed “travel addict” mentioned on her Facebook profile her other social media says otherwise. So, her Instagram has it saying she is currently in California in the States as of December 2021.

  • Is Tatiana Costa On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. Tatiana Costa is on Instagram and until 16 December 2021, the account @tatiana.delmundo had 64 posts and around 2,520 followers.

Tatiana could be followed also on her ‘Tatiana Costa’ Facebook.

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