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Taylor O’Toole Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Mom, Dad, Siblings

Made in Staten Island has returned for its second season, and it’s called Families of the Mafia. This time, the show mostly focused on the younger generation wanting to carve their own story. And among them, Taylor O’Toole who pleaded guilty on a case regarding assault and robbery was way ahead of others.

Keep reading this Taylor O’Toole Wiki to find out more about her.

Taylor O’Toole On Families Of The Mafia

MTV’s Families of the Mafia followed the lives of four mafia-connected families as they navigated their journey for a better tomorrow. However, Taylor O’Toole had other plans. In 2020, she pleaded guilty to a case regarding assault and robbery. Fortunately, she was out on a three-year conditional charge.

That means if Taylor gets arrested again (for any reason), her case will be reopened and potentially could get locked away for as long as seven years.

This “guy’s girl” had no tolerance for attitude or disrespect and was labeled as the “muscles” of the group by castmate Paulie Fusco.

Aside from Taylor O’Toole, Families of the Mafia featured other stars like Karina Seabrook, Paulie Fusco, Joe O’Toole, Kayla Gonzalez, Christian Patterson, and Dennie Augustine.

Taylor O’Toole Age

Taylor O’Toole was born on January 22, 1999. That made her 22 years of age when she appeared on Families of the Mafia in 2021.

Corresponding to her birthday, Taylor is of the Aquarius zodiac.

Her Height, Hair

Taylor O’Toole is a beauty who stands tall at a height above 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). And her beauty is complemented by her amazing long dark hair that she often lets open or puts into braids.

Mentioning her distinct features, she has tattoos over her shoulders and chest.

Taylor O’Toole Mom, Dad

Taylor O’Toole is the daughter of Billy O’Toole and Jessica Clare. Her dad, Billy was was involved with the Irish mafia ever since birth. Unfortunately, he passed away on July 14, 2020, at the age of 48.

The reason for Billy’s death wasn’t clear. Though many claimed that it was a suicide, Taylor’s family refused to believe that he could have taken his own life.

As for Taylor’s mom, Jessica was also the cast of Families of the Mafia. In case you missed the episodes, Taylor was raised alone by Jessica after Billy left them a long time ago.

Find Jessica over IG @je.ssica431 with over 16.5K followers.

Trivia: Taylor’s parental grandfather “Wild Bill”, and her maternal grandmother Linda, both have long left this world.

Taylor O’Toole Siblings

Taylor O’Toole has four siblings, namely Joe, Matthew, Vinny, and Gianna.

  • Joe: Taylor’s twin brother Joe is Families of the Mafia star as well. Also, he is a father of two — a daughter named Joie and a son.
  • Matthew: Another reality star, who is a Tottenville High School alumnus. He resided in Staten Island, New York as of 2021 and worked as a real state agent.

Two other sisters liked to remain undiscovered.

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of September 2021, Taylor boasted 36K followers over Instagram @taylorotoolee. Most of her posts then featured her baby and baby daddy.

Find her over Facebook @taylor.otoole.54.

Taylor O’Toole Net Worth

Taylor O’Toole garnered a net worth under $300 thousand by 2021. Though coming from a family of Mafia, Taylor wasn’t a rich girl like the ones you’ve seen in the movies. She only got her first car in September 2021.

Flaunting off her car on IG, Taylor wrote, “This is a huge accomplishment for me! Makes it feel that much better knowing I did it all by myself.”

According to IMDB, she appeared on 6 episodes in Families of the Mafia in 2020.

A Tottenville High School graduate, Taylor was attending a beauty school during the filming of Families of the Mafia. Someday, she hopes to pack up from Staten Island to become a hairdresser in Manhattan.

Taylor O’Toole Husband

As of September 2021, Taylor O’Toole was engaged to a guy named Mike, but he wasn’t her husband then.

Though not much was known about Taylor’s future husband, we’ve found him to go by the name “Money Mike”, @moneymike988 over IG. He was involved with a streetwear clothing business called “Sportscrooks”.

Over a year after their engagement in November 2019, Taylor and Mike announced their first baby arriving in this world in January 2021. Later, in June, the two welcomed their baby boy named Antonio Michael Zarra. He was born 9 pounds 10 ounces.

Filled with happiness, Taylor wrote over IG, “To my precious perfect baby boy that I fell so deeply in love with… You mean the absolute world to me and mommy and daddy promise to always love you and protect you.”

Did you know: Before dating Mike, Taylor was in a serious relationship with another guy named Alec. He was often featured over Taylor IG, and just we thought he might be the one, all photos we removed.

The reason for their split was never revealed.

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