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Taylor Tomlinson Parents: Angela (Mom) And Eric Tomlinson (Dad)

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson has reached the height of success in the entertainment industry giving her celebrity status. So, fans are certainly eager to learn about her family and her upbringing. So, this particular article focuses on her father and mother.

So, keep reading to learn more about Taylor Tomlinson’s Parents: Angela and Eric Tomlinson.

Who Are Taylor Tomlinson’s Parents?

Taylor Tomlinson was born to her parents Angela and Eric Tomlinson. The oldest of four daughters born to her parents was raised in Southern California. Her father supported her when she chose to pursue comedy as a career. She grew up in a very conservative household and her experience in that environment makes up the material for her performance.

She has also spoken about her parents in a podcast. She described how things change when her mom became pregnant with her. At the time, both of her parents were in college and married.

Taylor also joked in her special that she was “an ugly kid with honest parents”.

Learn more about her parents below as you proceed.

Meet Angela Tomlinson, Taylor Tomlinson Mom

Angela Tomlinson was 8 years old when she learned that her mother had died of cancer. She started stress eating to cope with all the changes that were happening in her life. She had joked and said she became an emotional eater — probably because she was in the middle of a bagel when she found out her mother died.

Taylor makes a dark joke about her mom. Like in one of her special, she shared, “Do you think I’d be this successful at my age if I had a live mom?”

She continued, “She’s in heaven, I’m on Netflix — it all worked out. That is a real thing I said in therapy.”

Taylor has made a post about her mom on her Instagram a few times. In August 2018, Taylor posted a picture of her mom and wrote, “Stand-up comedy really did change my life and I am VERY blessed to have the career I do. But when cool stuff happens I always get a little bummed that my mom isn’t here to see it. This is my favorite picture because it’s the only one I have of me making her laugh. (And it is a TRUE candid photo taken – you guessed it – on a disposable camera.)”

Two years before in 2016, around the same time, Taylor had made another post with a picture of her mom. She captioned, “I lost my mom 14 years ago this week. I don’t want to bore you with a long, sappy post about love and loss but just remember to appreciate your parents – hang out with them a bunch and ask for lots of advice and stories while they’re around.”

  • Angela Tomlinson Age

In 2002 when Angela Tomlinson passed away she was below age 33.

  • Angela Tomlinson Job

Taylor shared that her mother was in college when she was pregnant with her. However, she couldn’t complete her college because of that. There is no information on her mother’s job.

  • Is Angela Tomlinson On Instagram?

No, Angela Tomlinson didn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms.

Meet Eric Tomlinson, Taylor Tomlinson Dad

Eric Tomlinson, the father of Taylor Tomlinson, was often portrayed by his daughter on her gigs as someone with an unprogressive view. She has talked about her father’s view on gay marriage and his strict emphasis on “abstaining from drugs and alcohol and sex and enjoyment.”

Taylor was 16 when her father introduced her to comedy through a church-based comedy class. Speaking with Bust she explained, “So we did that and he went back to making money in a real job and I decided to become a comedian and drop out of college — so, you know, very weird story. I definitely fell into it.”

But, her success as a comedian caused fallout in the father-daughter relationship, after she decided to make it her full-time profession. It started happening around the time around “Conan” set and after her first Netflix special “Quarter-Life Crisis”.

“I think that if you are a very conservative Christian parent, and your kid deviates from what is so important to you, that is very painful.” She shared. “And then it’s probably 100 times more painful when they are a public figure, for lack of a better term. I hate referring to myself as a public figure, but, you know … we got the blue checkmark. (Valium) ”

Taylor added further, “My extended family was very cool and nice and supportive and so were my siblings, who I’m very close to. My dad, as far as I know, did not watch it. And we, at this point in our lives, do not really have a relationship. It’s something that makes me very sad.”

  • Eric Tomlinson Age

Born on 8 March 1969, Eric Tomlinson reached 53 years old in 2022.

  • Eric Tomlinson Job

According to Eric Tomlinson’s LinkedIn, he has been working as a Broker Associate at Corcoran Global Living at Tomlinson Group Real Estate since July 2010. He is also a licensed real estate broker at BNI Temecula Valley. Furthermore, he has been a member of Business Network International since September 2014.

Before that, he worked at Centerpoint Church as president and board member till July 2021. He also worked for Rancon Real estate. He was a partner at Trusted Business Partners and Branch Manager at Century 21 Award.

Before delving into the real estate business, he worked as Summer School Principal at Linden High School and Assistant Principal at Linden Unified School District.

Eric earned his Bachelor of Music Education from Biola University in 1992. He also enrolled at California State University as a preliminary administrative credential from 2000 to 2002. Whereas, he had completed a professional clear teaching credential, education from the University of the Pacific in 1998.

  • Is Eric Tomlinson On Instagram?

No, Eric Tomlinson doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. However, he has a Facebook account (@EricTomlinsoninTemecula).

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Taylor Tomlinson Parents Married?

Taylor Tomlinson’s parents stayed married until her mother’s death in August 2002. A year later, on 20 June 2003, her father remarried his second wife Serina Ortiz Tomlinson. Serina is also a real estate agent by profession with over 30 years of experience and 2100 homes sold.

  • Where Do Taylor Tomlinson Parents Live?

Taylor Tomlinson’s parents live in Temecula, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Taylor Tomlinson Parents Have?

Including Taylor Tomlinson, her parent had four kids, all daughters. Her siblings are — Page Tomlinson (@page.tomlinson.39), Brinn Tomlinson (@brinn.tomlinson), and Drea Tomlinson (@drea.tomlinson).

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