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Tennille Moore Bio, Selling Tampa, Age, Partner, Height

Today, on the series of articles where we introduce to you, dear readers, the stars of Selling Tampa, we have Tennille Moore. Tennille, just like the rest of the stars of the show, is a realtor based in Tampa, Florida, and working for Allure Realty.

But what about other details of Tennille’s life? Well, you can read all about her in the article below.

Tennille Moore On Selling Tampa

Selling Tampa is a Netflix series based around a real estate firm in Tampa Florida called Allure Realty. It is the spinoff series of the previous reality show of Netflix called Selling Sunset. And the creators of the two shows are also the same.

Selling Sunset followed Jason Oppenheim’s firm called The Oppenheim Group that was based in California. However, Selling Tampa will follow Allure Realty, owned and operated by Sharelle Rosado, and its staff in Tampa, Florida. Allure Realty is an all-women all-black realty firm.

The main cast members of Selling Tampa are Colony Reeves, Sharelle Rosado, Juawana Colbert, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Rena Upshaw-Frazier, Karla Giorgio, Alexis C. Williams, and of course, Tennille Moore.

Like its predecessor, Selling Tampa will not only focus on the professional rivalry and camaraderie of Allure Realty employees but also their personal lives and how they balance all those things.

Selling Tampa is set to premiere in December 2021. The shooting of the show is almost over. And apparently, the Tennille and other cast members of the show had to keep their involvement a secret. When the show was finally announced on 23 November, Tennille and others were very happy to reveal the secret.

Another Selling Sunset spin-off based in Orange County, California is also in production.

Tennille Moore Net Worth

And all of those things came into work as she made her name quickly and dominatingly in Tampa’s real estate market. As of 2021, Tennille Miller had already earned a net worth of over $800 thousand. That number might go up with Selling Tampa.

Like the rest of her co-stars, Tennille is a professional realtor and worked for Allure Realty. But unlike her co-stars, she brought a different edge as a realtor.

Before coming to the real-estate scene in Florida, Tennille was an entrepreneur and an employee in Florida’s House of Representatives. She is still the CEO of TruckingPro, LLC and CreditPro Credit Repair. She has also her non-profit foundation called The Dream Moore Foundation, INC.

And she worked as a Legislative Assistant in the Florida House of Representatives, and as a Chief Legislative Assistant at The Florida Senate.

Her entrepreneurship career gave her, in her own words, “a reputation for trustworthiness and superior negotiating skills”. And her work in state legislation helped her to understand Florida, its locale, and its municipalities much better than anyone else. She also established a connection to the “pillars of the community”.

Tennille went to State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota and graduated with an Associate’s degree in early childhood education and teaching. During her school and college days, Tennille also played basketball.

Does Tennille Moore Have A Partner?

Tennille Miller might have a partner or she might not. We cannot tell. She must have had a partner in the past because she has three daughters.

Her oldest daughter was Janiyah Moore. Janiya is 22 years old and studies at the University of Florida. In her Facebook, she describes herself as “Journalist. Blogger. Positive Influencer. Gator. #UF21”.

Her second daughter is named Cydnee. And her youngest daughter, who was a fourth-grader in 2021, is called Tiye Williams.

Tennille Moore Height

Coming to her physical features, Tennille Miller stands at a height of 5 ft 6 inches.

Tennille Moore Age

As of November 2021, Tennille was 45 years of age. And she was born on the 24th of September. Thus, her zodiac sign was Libra.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Tennille Moore Born?

Tennille was born and raised in Florida but not in Tampa. She was actually from a city called Sarasota in southwestern Florida.

  • Has Tennille Moore Revealed Her Family?

Her family members do appear on Tennile’s social media. She has posted pictures of her father on Father’s day and the pictures of her mother on her mother’s birthday and so on. (Ultram) We don’t know the name of her father, but we know that her mother is called Margaret Brooks.

Tennille also had a brother called Christopher Harp (also called Zeus King Harp or just Jigga). Unfortunately, Christopher died on 12 December 2018. Tennille dedicated an Instagram post to her brother when he died.

  • Is Tennille Moore On Facebook?

Yes, Tennille is on Facebook. She has a regular profile and a Facebook page with the name tennillemoore_therealtor. She was also on Instagram as @tennillemoore_.

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