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Terence Edwards Bio, Job, Height, Age, MAFS UK 2023

MAFS UK 2023 premiered in August 2023 and one of the cast members in the show is Terence Edwards. He was paired with Porscha Pernnelle but they reportedly had a rough start. Read about his job, height, and more in this article here.

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Terence Edwards On MAFS UK 2023

Terence Edwards, appearing on MAFS UK 2023, describes himself as ‘patient’ and ‘extremely honest.’ A bunch of singletons are planning weddings, and the E4 reality series Married at First Sight UK is in full swing. Since the series’ first episode aired last week, many brides and grooms have exchanged vows of holy matrimony.

With a total of 36 episodes scheduled to air over the following few weeks, this year’s series is expected to be the largest ever. One emotional episode of the show previously included a groom quitting the process after calling it a “sham.” The father of three had been living alone as a bachelor for the previous two years, but as soon as he turned 40, he made the decision that he wanted to be married.

Terence identified himself as “very honest” and “extremely patient” before appearing on the program. He went on to say that he does not consider himself to be a “jealous” person and that he is very affectionate with women.

Terence has spoken about his journey on MAFSUK, saying: “I think I’ve handled myself very well throughout the process. I think my only regret is that sometimes I wish I probably let go a bit more.”

“I feel like I stayed true to myself and I think that was quite key.” He also explained what the dinner parties were like, saying: “When you’re in there you can’t even explain what a dinner party is like. It’s like the most intense feeling, I can’t even put it into words.”

Terence is a dad to three children age 23, 9, and 6. Terence wanted a companion who would be a part of his family life because he has a close bond with his kids.

The single dad said, “For me, the woman I was getting married to had to be really good with kids. If it was someone who didn’t really care about kids or paid no interest, that would be a big red flag for me.”

Are Porscha Pernnelle And Terence Edwards Still Together?

Whether Porsha Pernnelle and Terence Edwards are still together or not is unclear however several hints suggested that they are no longer together.

In a video that Terence posted, he promoted his business, fans noticed that he missed to mention his wife.

“Errrrrrm you forgot to mention ya wife,” one commented. “What happened to your wife?” a second chimed. “The whole crew??? What time is the event ain’t Porsha going to bed at 9 pm,” third added.

“Have you run it past Porscha? Or have you booked her in your diary too?” replied another, while a fifth said: “I see no Porsha as part of the collective”.

Terence and Porscha’s marriage had a tumultuous beginning, and soon after they moved in together, Terence called the police.

As the sole person with access to the Wembley apartment, where couples were lodged by the broadcaster throughout the TV experiment, he called the police, who questioned his wife Porscha about the shattered things. Terence protested to Channel 4 about his ripped clothes and broken watches, but as a gesture of goodwill, they replaced the damaged goods. The groom told friends: “Fair play to the show, it took forever, and it was stressful waiting, but they got all my stuff sorted in the end.”

The bride-to-be allegedly “smashed two of his designer watches” and “cut up his clothes” during a heated argument. After a contentious Commitment Ceremony where Terence decided to leave the TV experiment, it is claimed that the damage was created.

According to MailOnline, Terence discovered smashed items in his shared apartment and “had no choice” but to call the police. Porscha was the only other individual who had access to the interior of the building, but according to sources, “no evidence” was discovered as to who had ruined the garments. The bride vehemently refutes allegations that she has ever been questioned by police.

The groom’s torn clothing, as well as his Michael Kors and Hugo Boss watches, were replaced by Channel 4.

A C4 Spokesperson said: “Some clothing was damaged on location but the contributor had the items replaced or was reimbursed by production.”

Porscha added: “It is simply not true to say that I was questioned by the police. This never happened and this claim has caused me terrible distress.”

When devout Christian Porscha learned about Terence’s job, their relationship hit a rough patch early on. The DJ acknowledged staying out late at nightclubs, but Porscha had a rigorous 11 p.m. bedtime.

Prior to even asking his name, Porsha had questioned her new husband during their wedding about his religious beliefs. Terence eventually confessed that he had three kids from a prior relationship as a result.

A source close to the program told MailOnline: “Porscha and Terence struggled to get along during the process and often had different ideas about their marriage. On multiple occasions, Terence opted to leave the show while Porscha was keen to stay and so tensions continued to rise in their partnership. Terence discovered one morning that the belongings he left in his apartment had been damaged, his clothing torn up and his watches smashed. He had no option but to call the police because he suspected his bride may have been the cause.”

Terence Edwards Age

According to several entertainment news outlets, Terence Edwards is 41 years old as of 2023.

Terence Edwards Family

Terence Edwards is very private about his family members. But, he comes from a family where he has a lot of brothers. Two of the brothers we know are Gumbo Danger and Christian Edwards.

When Terence turned 40, Gumbo wished his daughter, “ig happy 40th birthday to my big bro @bigonesinsta. Lucky devil, you’ve had 37 years of looking after me. From giving me a controller that wasn’t plugged in and making me believe I was good on street fighter. To now seeing how proud u are of the person I’ve grown into and what I’ve achieved you’ve always been my number 1 fan. You’ve always looked after me and showed me the right path to take and not make the same mistakes as you. Like stealing from Woolworths and getting grounded for a whole school year. I didn’t need to learn from my mistakes I learned from yours 🤣🤣🤣 Amazing to see what ur achieving right now. You’ve come a long way from shades of black days to now Mr International. Love little bro 🤎.”

Terence likely has four brothers based on one pic from IG. He also likely has a sister named Ashlie Lou.

Other family members are Christian Edwards, James Edwards, Felicia Edwards, George Edwards, and Philip Edwards.

Terence Edwards Height

Terence Edwards’s height is above 6 feet. He has a crooked tooth on the side and a bright smile.

Terence Edwards Job

Per his bio, Terence Edwards is a youth worker, host, event organizer, and DJ. He often parties in nightclubs until the early hours.

Terence offered up his services on Instagram, suggesting that he could be booked for weddings, festivals, and private parties.

The Sun UK reported, ” It’s official my diary is back open so let’s get the bookings rolling,” he wrote in the caption. “Brunches, Club Bookings, Festivals, Weddings, Private Parties, Concerts, Corporate Events the list goes on so enquire now!!!” And not only will you get me but also I’ll be bringing a load of the #MafsUk crew with me.”

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  • Where Is Terence Edwards From?

Terence Edwards hailed from Reading, England.

  • When Is Terence Edwards Birthday?

Terence Edwards celebrates his birthday on 25 August.

  • Is Terence Edwards On Instagram?

Yes, Terence Edwards is available on IG and FB.

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